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    Table With An Airfield And Harbour

    It took me and a friend nearly three months to finish this table. Here some pics We have used two wooden plates - each 24" x 48". It is possible to connect the two plates with the short or also the long side. All in all we have deployed 33 buildings and the Uncharted Seas jetty on the board. Hope you like it...
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    Beer Ogre

    4 Player Games?

    Hey guys, things went well! Played two 4 player games and got some more converts. The store sold out of rulebooks and sold some more ships. Conveniently, we now have at least one player collecting each of the Core fleets! Another bought the Marauders book and plans to do a mixed pirate fleet. Very pleased with how things are going!
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    Anyone Use Homebrew Units?

    just for flavour
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    To Waterloo Under A Duke Again!

    Inspired by Storm of steel, I sat down trying to write "To Waterloo under a Duke again!", the marching song of Richard Dukes men prior to the scond battle of Waterloo. So I wanted to show you my first draft of the lyrics and wanted to share some of the things I´m doing. First of: I am not a native speaker, so feel free to comment on my lyrics. Second: I am my own worst critic, so please don´t ask me for some early recordings. If I do not like it enough (and liking my own work enough is a hard thing to achieve) I will not share. If I feel confident in my work, I will share. Third: I´ve never tried somethng like this before, so please don´t expect the next "Rule Britannia". Fourth: I´m heavily influenced by "Over the Hills and Far away" out of the Sharpe series - I know this, and it´s partly intend as to achieve something "realistic". My lyrics (first draft): To Waterloo under a Duke again! Around the world we sailed in haste to keep the French from laying waste to the land of Flanders and its queen We sailed in in a steam machine Meet me in Flanders all you fighting men it´s to Waterloo under a Duke again! The rain of steel comes pouring down we hold fast to defend a crown (We fight at see, the sky and trench) We fight on sea, in sky and trench we never stop fighting the French Meet me in Flanders all you fighting men it´s to Waterloo under a Duke again! We rule the waves, we rule the sky our (muskets) rifles let their bullets fly to tear our foemen limb from limb to shot down the prussian blimp Meet me in Flanders all you fighting men it´s to Waterloo under a Duke again. As of now, I am experimenting with the tempo of the piece - british marches are usually in the range 88-112 bpm, and I try to find the right tempo. Since its raining I will not go out with my metronome to try matching the song to a marching beat (lazy, I know). The song is a simple melody in C major, easy to sing and play - appropiate for a marching song.
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    The spectre by itself is undergunned. But it's not supposed to be used by itself. You put it with Sirens, and suddenly, in terms of useful AD output, it becomes effective. Also, Mn3 is pathetic. Mn5 is more reasonable and tbh it should probably be houseruled that way.
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    Welcome to the game! just to expand on what don_mondo said, I will try to explain the mechanic used (and give you page references, the rulebook takes a fair bit of digesting to make sense of - you will find that until you have several games under your belt that you will spend a disproportionate amount of time hunting the "I know I saw that someplace..." rulings). Each turret uses the appropriate stat line on it's card, and will have a clarification on the card/model entry in the book regarding the total number of turrets on the model. (to carry on your example; the KoB Ruler battleship has 4 main turrets, each with an Initial Attack Dice (AD) stat of 9/7/5/2 in Range Bands 1/2/3/4 respectively [or you may replace any one turret with a Generator, leaving the model with 3 Main Turrets]. From V1.1 rule book, pg. 89). Each turret may fire individually at a target (the same or several different models) using the listed number of AD (after any adjustments for damage on your Model - see Attack Dice on pg. 61, or the result of Collisions - see pg. 53) each (dependent on measuring each turrets Range individually - see Line of Sight and Range on pg. 21 and the graphs on pg. 22.) as long as each turret can engage the target without loss of effectiveness by having a clear Line of Sight and Open Arc of Fire (Targeting, pgs. 58-60). Once you have determined the total number of AD you will be using, you will use the Ordnance to Hit numbers on pg. 64, adjusted by any relevant conditions or MAR(s) on the target Model(s) (common adjustments are Primary Weapon in RB1, Small Target, Fast Target, Elusive Target, Obscured, Submerged, etc.), using a separate AD pool for each turret and the Exploding Dice Mechanic (explained on pg. 19) to determine the number of successes (hits) you have achieved on targeted Model(s). Let me try an example; your KoB Ruler Battleship (with 4 Turrets and full 8 HP) is passing my FSA Independence Battleship (with the Kinetic Generator option) broadside to at a range of 13"(RB2). Models are for all intents and purposes lined up fore and aft, and there are no intervening Models or Terrain. Since each of your 4 turrets has a 270 degree firing arc (2 forward and 2 aft, as illustrated on pg. 32) you will see you have clear line of sight, open firing arcs, no MAR's affecting your to hit numbers, and a distance of RB2, this gives you 4 separate Primary (P) Main Turret Attacks at 7AD each, a torpedo attack of 7AD, and a Secondary (S) Broadside of 4AD, each requiring a 4,5, or 6 to hit. Now, (and don't ask me to prove this, there are several different threads on this site by people who are far more effective mathemagicians than I that show how it works out - but it does work fairly well) each die using those to hit numbers will average .8 of a hit. This means (7 x .8) each one of your turret gunnery attacks will average 5.6 hits, your broadside will get 3.2 hits and your torpedoes will also get 5.6 hits (before I defensive fire Auxiliary CC at them). As each Attack in Dystopian Wars is resolved independently (see Damage, pg. 70), if you look at the Damage Rating (DR) of the Independence on pg. 105, you will see that you need 7 hits to inflict a single HP of damage (or 10 hits to exceed the Critical Rating (CR), causing a roll on the critical chart and typically 2 HP of damage) to me, and your attacks do not stack together - on average, you will result in doing no damage whatsoever. This, of course, is totally unacceptable (and was just used to show the basics of targeting a single weapon system). Which brings us to the next (and yea, verily, perhaps the single most important) game mechanic - Firing Options (pgs. 62 and 63). Specifically, Linked Fire (only a few models and tokens use Combined Fire, Split Fire is very situational, combining Linked and Split Fire almost always results in a net loss of potential AD {plenty of threads on that in this section you can search}, and Indirect Fire will typically only be used a few times a game). Linked Fire is probably the single most important game mechanic you will encounter, pay particular attention to the examples on pg. 62 (particularly example 14 dealing with squadrons linking with themselves, then the squadron). Lets return to the above example; using Linked Fire, you now have the option of declaring 2 forward and 2 aft main turrets linking for (7 + 3.5 [rounded down]) 2 attacks at 10 AD each (plus the torps and broadsides which cannot link due to being secondary or explosive type weapons), which should (10 x .8) average 8 hits each on the Independence causing 1 HP per attack (2 total and reducing my CC by 2 which gives you a better chance of a lucky torpedo shot - it is almost always advantageous to perform rocket and torpedo attacks after gunnery to take advantage of this - never forget you declare ALL attacks before rolling ANY dice, but you resolve attacks in any order you choose). Or you can go for 3 Turrets (7+3+3) for 13AD and 10.4 average hits. Maybe (should be JUST...) enough for a critical (again, typically 2 HP + some kind of negative effect), and still leaving you one turret to troubleshoot other targets. Or go for the gusto, use Linked Fire on all 4 Turrets for (7+3+3+3) 16AD! This should give an average of 13.4 hits - even if I had a shield generator, this should still result in a critical hit (and almost without fail what I would attempt if the situation were reversed). Hope all that makes some kind of sense and helps a bit... BTW, I believe there is a fairly active DW community in Denver if you are new to the area - you can check out the Roll Call on the main Dystopian Wars page to confirm, and I am down in the Springs myself if you are interested in some learning games (although I usually only have weekday days available...)
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    Help With Linked Fire

    The only thing you can't do is link and split fire simultaneously - that is to say, you can't link four attacks together for the 14 dice and then split the dice between two targets. Either you link fire at a target or you split fire at multiple targets. This only applies to one arc, though. So if you link your 14 dice in your starboard arc at the target you've got there, you can still do whatever you want with your fixed-fore attacks so long as you have targets. You can fire them all individually, you can link them, you can link two against one target and two against another, you can split-fire one and link the other three... So with a Sorylian cruiser squadron with a target in both the port and starboard arcs and the fixed-fore in RB 2, they can put out 20 AD at the target in their port and the target in their starboard and 16 in the fore-fixed, or 12 AD two times in both the port and the starboard and 10 two times in the fore-fixed, or any permutation of cruisers linking fire or deciding to stick with their own dice pool or split their dice pool.
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    The sky fortress looks very tempting for the RC. Not only does it plug a gap in their air fleet, but it has a good profile and provides the RB3 firepower (not much, but some). First up, it's statline. DR6, CR10, Mv8", HP8, AP6, AA6, CC4 and obviously no RR. The main turrets (of which it has 4) are mounted two below and two above. What was unclear from the picture of the sky fortress in SoS (it's not in HS Kallas!) was how this 180 degree firing arc is aligned - forward or to the port / starboard sides? These guns fire at 8/6/4 - so you can see that if they DO face front that is 10 AD at RB3 which is not too shabby. The flamethrower does 6 AD at RB1 only and is also redoubtable, but is a fixed channel weapon. The model has an internal shield generator. It can take combat drop MAR for 30 pts (two infantry regiments) or for 50 pts can upgrade this to carry 4 small tanks instead. It can only carry 5 tiny fliers initially (it comes with a complement of 5), and has fuel reserves, limited availability (only one per 1000 pts or part thereof), is a major resource for the RC only, has swift ascent and the security posts MARs as well. All in all, it is a nice add on for any RC players, and gives that little bit more range. Now, about these turrets and their arc of fire?
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    I Just Cracked The 10K-Mark!

    Bad Dog......outside....go to your kennel
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    If you're asking this question, chances are you don't play many tournaments, let alone tournaments that have out of the area people. Rules are rules. They're there to be followed and are the same for you as the next guy. If something if unclear or broken. The company should have an errata and/or FAQ for official clarifications. You have to remember that one guy's 'common sense' is another guy's cheating. House rules are fine if you're just playing with a couple buddies locally. They're going to cause you a ton of grief if you ever compete. So yah. Rules are important. Black and white rules that you can apply as written avoid a lot of arguments. I'll glady trade a few odd situations for rules without a ton a holes and weaseling.
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    EIC Dreadnaught Red Dragon
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    The Black Wolf

    No, you aren't.
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    Official Thread: Dominion Of Canada

    I may be excommunicated for divulging this Most Secret information, but: Once every seven years, all adult Canadians travel to the North Pole to mate with the Queen in a ritual called the Big Bang. From this comes millions of little black eggs known as pucks. Custodians sort through the pucks and any dead ones are sent to the NHL for use. The rest are stored in igloos and kept warm with hot maple syrup until they emerge into the larval form called Canuck. Canucks are born blind but with skates, and we spend our formative years skating around and crashing into each other. Any illnesses and injuries are covered by provincial MediCentres. Between epic hockey games we receive our subsidised and superior education, including trilingual studies of French, English, and American. At the age of 18 or 19, depending on the province, we are allowed to drink...which we do - in quantity - in preparation for a fight to the death with the creature of our choice. The bigger the creature, the higher our adult status. Some fight salmon, girls mostly; some fight beavers (gays, usually) or cougars (the younger guys). Some fight elk or moose or polar bears. The real champs fight other Canucks. But once that opponent has been defeated...and only then...we can call ourselves Canadian and claim the right to mate with the Queen.
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    Advice Please

    with Tribals, it's best to think of the 3 possible configurations as "Knight" (fore turret + shield) meant to aggressively surge forwards, and get into the thick of it "Rook" (dual-turret) meant to be parked sideways, as a mobile wall "Guard" (shield + aft turret) a highly-situational configuration, more to protect the rear of a convoy
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    Official Thread: Dominion Of Canada

    Flyers coach: "Hey, that Russian guy's pretty fast on his skates, eh?" Bobby Clark: (missing front teeth) "Yeth, coach." Flyers coach: "I want you to go out there and break his f*cking ankle."
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    Rulebook Island Scenario

    From the album: DW Terrain

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