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    I think what may be happening with the size of the book is: Us colonists really have no idea what A5 paper really is. We don't do paper sizes that way. So we are thinking that A5 is just a little smaller than 8.5 X 11. When we actually see how thrifty you Europeans are with your paper it takes us by surprise. Especially those gamers in Texas who only appreciate truly enormous things, lol.
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    Wow, the boards were so calm before I left to deal with r/l! What happened? It is stupid hard to put together an alliance fleet that includes more than one squadron of mediums from another fleet. Since the days of v1, I've wanted to run a true alliance fleet. You know, like in B5? The major powers of the galaxy coming together to hold off the Zenian scourge! But you know what? It's tough! Let's try it! I play Terrans, so they're the base. Well, they have good small ships, crappy mediums, and decent large ships. So, let's start by saying 1000 points since that seems to be the average game size for the boards. We'll start with a basic framework of the best Terran ships: 270 Titan 255 Templar x3 80 Pilgrim x4 That's 605 right there! Well, let's see. The best Soryllian Units are Mediums, and the best Aquan Units are Large. Despite the win that Skyhammers usually are, we'll go with bombards since they play nicer with our small squad sizes. 225 Bombard x3 220 Hydra Except woops! Now we've overshot at 1050. Okay, so let's see. If we drop the Hydra and the Titan, we can switch to a Medusa and a Razorthorn, at a discount of 40 points. Sounds nice, but I have reservations because of the fragility of the Razorthorn. But we need to cut corners, and the Medusa really is a beast, and significantly underpriced at 270 points. Then we'll have to drop one of the Templars down to a Hermes for the other 10...which hurts, because the Hermes, while better than the Sentinal (Thank God) is pretty bad at playing with others since it has lower speed than all the other Terran Cruisers. We have: 270 Medusa 180 Razorthorn 225 Bombard x3 245 Templar x2 and Hermes x1 80 Pilgrim x4 Now, this is a fleet I would be willing to run, but let's not pretend it's what I set out to make. And anyway, I had to accept the substandard Hermes - and the Razorthorn is a poor substitute for a Hydra. But even if I played the other fleet instead at 1050, I don't think you could say this was an overpowering fleet. At all. And this is realistically about the best a Terran player could expect to do. The fact of the matter is that 50% points and 50% Models to Cherry Pick with is restrictive, and for someone picturing a B5 style alliance it is frustrating. If you want to start throwing around penalties for playing alliance fleets once they hit the table, you should at least be softening the restrictions for creating said fleets. Also, it is helpful to remember that even in v1, if you didn't use the optional MARs or the Optional STAR Cards, there was no penalty for fielding an alliance fleet. Adding options to the game shouldn't penalize players in ways that they weren't penalized in the base game. Just saying.
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    HI, this is my first go at a Dystopian Wars fleet. Good to paint something different in the middle of a big project. More pics on my blog. Thanks for looking Gazza
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    Frigate Comparisons...

    Decided to compare the frigates for the various races, anyone have any thoughts on how I think they stack up? #1 Works Raptor Tyranny - In the lead by a long shot. 20 pts, AP3, SQ4, MV15(!), CR6, Scout and the stupendous Elusive Target, what's not to like? (ok guns are kinda meh) #2 Ba'Kash Kelor - beats the Slayer: both have CR6, but the Kelor's superior PD & AP3 (total boarding strength 15!!) win out #3 Oroshan Slayer - great guns, tough CR6, enormous SQ6 and AP2, fairly fast as well, an excellent ship. #4 Terran Pilgrim - Best Core frigate, honorable mention for best designed frigate. Can stay out of danger close range and still do damage, particularly to other small ships. #5 Xelocian Karn - good multidirectional firepower, shields, AP2 and MV12 make this a solid, if pricey, choice at 25 pts. Can be very heavy hitting at SQ5 though. #6 RSN Bulwark - tough at CR6, great guns and a decent squad size. #7 Sorylian Scythe - A workmanlike frigate, good guns and very fast, also AP2 can be nice (especially en masse at SQ5). Well worth 20 pts. #8 Directorate Enforcer - tough, good short range firepower but handicapped by SQ3 #9 Dindrenzi Hammer - tough, great guns that are easily employed by it's high speed, notably high PD as well. Worth it's 25 pts but also handicapped by SQ3. #10 Relthoza Drone - powerful but limited-arc guns, unremarkable otherwise. #11 Tarakian Tarl - great long-range firepower but slow. Also, while cost was errata-ed it wasn't errata-ed enough... (30 pts? huh?) #12 Civilian Aries Liner - MV9 and weak guns, but weirdly tough at CR6, SH1, and HP3. I would take them in squadrons over Poo Sticks if I could. #13 Aquan Poo Stick - mediocore hull, speed, and SQ for a race that is supposed to be fast, tough, and with larger SQ. Still stuck with mediocore Aquan guns though in addition to badly designed Aft guns on a frigate (which should never need to worry about something in it's rear arc) PROTIP: Look for the Tyranny to get nerfed right after all you suckers buy the models that come out for it.
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    Hello, again a rule question :-) Unfortunately I only owe the 1.0 rulebook and only checked the 1.1 update in the resources. My quesitons is concerning some boarding clarification. Example: 3 John Henry robots are making a boarding attack against an COA Dreadnought. JH: 18 AD against Dread 10. Supposing the JH win the boarding assault, what exactly happens? In the rulebok is written that a robot can't allocate AP's to prize the Dreadnought. So normally the Dread would only be a derelict. But a derelict can't be prized.... So I only left the dread with 0 ap? Am I right or did I just make a mistake in the interpretation of the rules? Thanks for the clarification (again) Edit: May I capture the derelict Dreadnought with AP's from another ship iduring my next activation?
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    Invader Rules Pdf

    The Invader Rules PDF is now available to download. Here's the link: Invader Rules PDF
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    Mr Lee's Empire Of The Blazing Sun

    So I took the plunge and picked up a starter box of the Empire of the Blazing Sun, plus a spare blister of Cruisers and Bombers. Was trying to figure out the best color scheme for the bunch. Looking online and on the forums here I saw lots of different styles, but in the end went with a more neutral color scheme. So the above is a test frigate of the fleet. Base coated in greys, and then gunmetal for the cannons, and brass for the tanks. With the red paint on the nose piece, which I hope to continue on with some fleet markings ( yet to be decided on ). Windows done up in a bright blue. Some thoughts are to add some rust to it to give it a bit of a weathered look. Nothing over the top, but just a bit along the bottom waterline, and from the p/s cannons. And a bit of dirtying up on the smoke stack as well. Tiny fighters were a complete bugger to paint up. I had first attempted to paint up the flooring in a brown, but it just was not looking good with the bronze rims. So went back and painted them blue to match in with the sea sections ( to be made in the future ). Painted them in 2 separate colors so that I can differentiate between the units, or to also say they are different type of flyers. So.. how do they look? Am currently now addicted to them, and will be painting up the rest in time when time allows.. but very inspirational to paint up something in this scale. Am more used to another maker of models that sit in the 28 heroic scale. So the change of scale was a welcome experience. Cheers Mr Lee
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    It was an inside joke from the Prop. Department. When filming the new BGC pilot they suddenly had their prop budget cut and were told to do absolutely everything they could to save money, "Cut corners! Cut every corner you possibly can!" "Cut corners!" over and over, so the frustrated prop team decided to have a little get-back fun at Production and literally cut the corners off of every last book, printout and page of hardcopy they made for the show. The results of which stayed throughout the series.
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    Great looking fleet man. Thanks for hte detail pics on the Icarus. I picked up 4 more.
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    Well I for one am thankful they are out.
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    Hey wait a minute, that second wave doesn't look very penguin to me....
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    Just A Question Of Fighters

    Magic 8-balls says: "Concentrate, and try again"
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    Sry but thats wrong, the RSN Destroyer has 6AD as well at RB4, plus its 6AD Torpedoes.
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    Thanks guys! Yeah, I was thinking the same the other day and saw that there wasn't anything on the web, so it kind of sounded like the perfect opportunity. Here is our first podcast's shownotes, just so you know what's coming up. Episode 1: Flight of the Nubs First Act: 1. Why a podcast about dystopian? 2. What have we been up to? Painting projects, games, etc. What are we working on? 3. Getting into Dystopian Wars: where to start. Rules or models? Boxed sets pros and cons. Naval, air or land? What kind of a gamer are you? Act 2: 1. Storm of Steel Second Campaign Book and the introduction of infantry tokens: Initial thoughts, etc. Plans, blah blah. 2. Discussion of Tiny Flyer rules: how do they compliment your force? How to use them effectively? 3. Discussion of Air units: Why are they good? How do the mechanics work for or against them? Conclusion: Next time we'll discuss list construction and how to create synergies between your squadrons and play to your nation's strengths.
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    Hmm might be me remembering 1.0 where you had to have 1 AP left. Interresting. If the attacker is a robot the ship is destroyed not derelict. Therefore there is no sabotage
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    Marauders Of The Rift, Anyone Got It Yet?

    How is the Syndics fleet? Like, are they dindrenzi with less fixed guns, or more like terrans etc? is there only batship, cruiser and heavy criuiser?
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    If the boarder is a robot the target is left derelict, if the target is a robot the target is destroyed. Regardless of what is boarding what, if the boarder scores more hits than the target the boarder can opt to sabotage, even if the target would be derelict anyway. Robots don´t actually damage the ship, they just kill the crew, they can only sink the target trough sabotage. A distinction between a giant man hammering a ship with his fists and tiny men killing other tiny men to conquer the ship would be appreciated. p. 73 Boarding Assault success boarding table If the target and the boarder are left with 0 AP, the target is derelict, or, if a robot, destroyed. It´s a strange rule, but it´s the rule nonetheless.
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    that's incorrect. If the attacker is left with zero AP he doesnt derelict anything... You have to overcome the defenders, not just draw with them as a 0-0 situation would essentially be... you need that at least one AP to do the derelicting... edit: wil get page ref when i have the book in hand...
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    Both Dreads would not be derelict, only the defender would be. The attacker would only be sitting at 0 AP, and hoping another vessel's AP doesn't get though their AA to prize them with ease. Another case ot "It pays to be aggresive" EDIT: to address angleshard. Boarding results are based on the target of the boarding's assaults AP. If their AP goes to 0, it is derelict. If the attacker has some AP remaining they can prize it, if not, or the attacker is a robot, it is derelict.
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    Almost. If both your Dreads are left with 0 AP after you board him you don't win the boarding, and both of your Dreads sail on with 0 AP each, meaning they are very easy to capture.
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    Ok, so in summary if I make a successful boarding action with my JH on his COA Dread the Dread will be destroyed. Would I make a successful boarding action with my dread I could prize it. Would my Dreadnought and his be left wit h0 ap (after my boarding action) both dreads would be derelict. Hope now i'm ok .-) Thank you for the help! I'll definately buy the 1.1 version of the rulebook on saturday.
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    Sorry Averlorn My fault. I wasn't very clear. The point is covered in the Boarding Summary part of the Boarding section in 1.1 [p73 See 'Boarding Assault Success table'] The table states that a target vessel taken down to 0 AP by Robots during a boarding action is considered to be Destroyed. (.....I was wrong as I thought it was made Derelict instead) Sorry about that. Hope I'm right now!? d.
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    Hi Averlorn I hope I can answer your question correctly. I dont have my 1.1 with me at the moment so I might have to edit this later, but.... One of the weaknesses with robots is that they are not permitted to Prize vessels (.....something which I am quite relieved about considering I play against Ikas and John Henrys a lot! ) So this means when they successfully wipe out the defenders in a boarding action they can only Derelict thier target. Derelict vessels are essentially out of the game. This means you couldn't Prize it later, in much the say way as your opponent couldn't re-crew it (...unless he/she had a Die Hards card in their hand and the Derelict vessel is part of a squadron). Its an important point as it means that you probably shouldn't use Robots to go for an enemy Fleet Commodore vessel if you are operating under fleet order 6 - Capture the Commodore!....
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    The robots cannot leave AP aboard, so the dreadnought becomes a derelict. The wording is much clearer in the V1.1 book Once something is derelict, it can't be taken by either side- unless there is a MAR somewhere I've forgotten about...
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    frigates and a-17 should allways be bought in full squadron for full effect. Drop the valley, it's pants (imo), keep both battleship and DN in the same fleet, it's brutal. Get a carrier, FSA love big expensive ships, and you need the activations, besides FSA torp bomber are awesome at sea. my standard fsa for the time being (this list is a powerbuild, that won't get you any friend, but in my meta no quarter is given, and you play for keeps: multiple couronnes, double dreadnought, double ika, CoA powerlist with orb - you name it.) - DN, 2 shield, sometimes use escorts if i feel i need anti boarding over shield - Battleship, 1 shield - 2 lexinton, 1 shield each - 4 frigates - Savannah sky fortress - 3 john henry - 3*5 torp bombers TT - 1 recon TT 10 activations, 1000 pts.
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    I picked it up tuesday. pretty cool book. fluff for the factions is pretty good. I think the Syndicate will probably be one of those uber popular fleets and will get the full line treatment. The fleet builds have an additional category: looted, which means you can have a percentage of your forces from models you already own or pick up some of the core factions and paint them to go with your pirate fleet. Conversely, there are also patrol fleet builds that allow you to take marauder and civilian ships with your core factions. capturing ships makes a return in the book. the last section in the book deals with 8 scenarios that can be played individually or as a campaign. The scenarios, while having the rift story arc in mind, can be adapted quite easily to fit most situations in other parts of the storm zone. over all, I wouldn't call it a must have, but a really nice supplement to add a little spice to games.
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    A Taste Of Dystopia

    Adapted from some other work I've done, but I think it works here. September 10, 1872 Chatham County, Georgia The clacking of the train down the tracks beat a rhythm in time with the gently swaying cars. Rolling through an indigo morning heavy with clouds and the promise of rain, the train made its way toward Savannah, transporting the last of the crews and vehicles of the 3rd Georgia Territorial Armoured regiment ever closer to the naval base and their destiny. Alone in one of the private seating booths reserved for officers and gazing out the broad window was the regiment’s commander, Colonel Jefferson Barlow Aries. He was a tall man, even sitting; his immaculate grey vest and trousers were custom tailored to fit his long and barrel-chested frame, and of the finest quality. The colonel’s iron-colored hair was also finely cut, short and in a military style that contrasted the prodigious muttonchops and mustache decorating his ruddy face. There was a soft tapping at the door to the booth. It opened a crack and a stewardess poked her head just inside. The soft glow of the teslic light illuminated her moon face. “We’re about thirty minutes from the station, Colonel. Is there anything I can get for you before we arrive?” Colonel Aries turned to face the stewardess and her smile slipped just a little. The colonel’s left eye, pale blue and twinkling with mischief, winked at her. His right eye, an orb of black glass and set with a glinting, pale blue gemstone, stared unblinking. "Thank you kindly, young miss, but no. I’m just fine with my coffee and grits,” he said, indicating the simple breakfast on the small table before him. A growling drawl pronounced his local origin. With just a slight nod, the stewardess retreated, closing the door behind her. Colonel Aries chuckled lowly at the clear discomfort he never tired of eliciting with his unusual false eye, and tucked into his buttered grits. * * * * * His breakfast settling comfortably in his belly, Colonel Aries sat back in his opulently upholstered chair. He was considering lighting his pipe when a glint of reflected morning sunlight caught his eye. Looking out the window, he could see the complex of cranes and warehouses of Port Savannah come into view. “My sweet Lady Fate,” he whispered. The colonel’s heart beat faster in his chest and his breathing sharpened. Perched at the edge of a massive launch into the harbour was his command vessel, the Federated States Land Ship Henry L. Benning. She was a wonder to behold, as lovely as she was terrifying. On her sturginium-reinforced tracked wheels, she towered over the transports still loading the rest of his regiment. Gazing upward, past her half-covered paddlewheels and slate blue beveled hull, Colonel Aries’ eyes rested lovingly on the command complex. Cunningly designed as a fraternal twin to the Georgia State Capitol, it was much less fragile than it looked; beneath the stately façade was a heavily armoured and reinforced frame. In direct and thunderous contrast to the graceful command complex were the main guns, fore and aft. With nearly the offensive and defensive capabilities of a battleship, the Benning was a superlative expression of American combat engineering. Colonel Aries sat back in his chair, unaware that he had half stood, and exhaled loudly. His breathing returned to normal. He straightened his posture, then his vest, and then returned his gaze out the window. * * * * * The train hissed loudly, the venting steam adding to the morning fog as Colonel Aries stepped down from the luxury passenger car. He now wore a large Stetson decorated with the gold braiding of a cavalry officer and a double-breasted wool greatcoat, both in the same grey as the rest of his ensemble. Under his arm he held a polished hickory swagger stick, capped with steel at each end. Stout black boots with thick steel buckles rose to the colonel’s knees, hugging his calves tightly and blousing his trousers. A shining silver spur jangled from each heel. A porter came forward from the station, craning his neck up. At six and a half feet tall with a broad chest and shoulders, the colonel was positively heroic in scale. The porter gulped as he took the man in. Colonel Aries pulled a gold watch from the greatcoat, examining it briefly before snapping it shut and returning it to his pocket. “Right on time, my boy,” he greeted the porter. “Colonel Aries, sir, it’s a great honor and pleasure to serve you,” the porter said bowing deeply. “I regret to have to inform you that while we were quite ready for your arrival, sir, the team of horses drawing your carriage has been badly spooked by an accidental gun discharge a short time ago.” The porter winced. Colonel Aries nodded. He had lived most of his life in the saddle and knew horses well. “Don’t you worry none, my boy. Let’s spare the horses any further distress. Just load my baggage aboard and make your way to the Benning at a gentle pace. I am perfectly content to walk.” The porter fairly goggled at the colonel. “Walk, sir?” “Yes, walk. You’re not deaf, are you, boy? It’s a fine crisp morning and a brisk constitutional is just the thing after sitting so long on the train.” Before the porter could protest, Colonel Aries brought his swagger stick from under his arm, and marched off. “A gentle pace for those horses, mind,” he called over his shoulder as he entered the station, headed for the street.
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    Ruckdog's French

    Well, it took me a few months to get back around to it, but I've finally finished up some reinforcements for my RoF fleet! First up, my Couronne-class Battle Carrier: Next up, a squadron of Epaulard class subs (I'm really partial to these little guys!): I tried something a little different and gave the water bases on these models a coat of GW's 'Ardcoat, a brush-on gloss varnish. Overall, I think I like the effect quite a bit! And finally, a squadron of Chevalier-class destroyers: Whew! I should really have gotten these guys done a long time ago, but between video games and a couple of non-gaming related model projects, I just now got them done. Next on the list is a dreadnought, a squadron of armored cruisers, a squadron of support cruisers, and a squadron of medium flyers. They will have to wait until after my impending move, though.
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    Adjusting The Hachiman?

    I was just considering fleet make up the other night and I noticed an interesting fact. FSA DN plus 3 cruisers 460 points EoBS DN plus 3 gunships 460 points Will need to do some tests but looking at tactics and fire power, it looks very even. There is a very good chance that the EoBS boarding from three gunships would be decisive. I'm not saying that the DN is not the worst DN, but changing it would affect the balance of the Fleet.
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    A Taste Of Dystopia

    Running Wolf activated the switches to divert power to the massive dish mounted to the roof of his heavily-modified Fighterplane. His was the only one of the new, experimental, mobile RADAR that didn't burn out its relays after a few minutes of use, so that meant he was going to have to be the one to relay Thunderwing's movements to the rest of the airfleet. "Bad Wolf One to Thunderwing, systems are online, you are go for full Bravo Echo Mike protocol. Quetzalcoatl, prepare the rest of the fleets. If they make the Japanese mainland, they'll be able to set up another one of those machines like they tried to in Fiji, we'll never get enough firepower into it to crack its armour." "All fleets! This is Quetzalcoatl Actual! Full Battle Protocols! Keep your support vessels guarded at all times, and keep your anti air guns primed! You saw the images relayed to us by Huginn Station, over the Atlantic, and Muninn Station, over Persia. They don't care if you're military, or civilian. They want something on this planet. But they also want us gone first!" "Air Marshal Smith. This is Commodore Gunma. Permission to deploy the 'special' early. I don't want to risk it getting trapped inside, if we get hit by one of those energy weapons they have." "Do it. Use your other Ika to shield it if necessary. I wonder how the Empress will react, though if she realised you were working on building that thing in secret, and hiding one inside every Hachiman in her fleet." "I think she'd be more concerned that over a third of her shinobi actually work for you lot in one way or another." "Bad Wolf One to fleet! Contact! Two Niner Zero! Repeat, Two Niner Zero! Distance Five Zero miles!" "All squadrons! Battle stations! Launch all Fighters! Watch out for Swarm Pods in their wake! Thunderwing! Get that thing of yours shrouded!"
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    Capn Blackheart

    Wrong Game?

    I agree that the redesigned ships were a vast improvement on the original range, that isn't to say I didn't like the original range just that the new designs are far superior. Reading all this is like a time warp. Go back one year and you will find a thread just the same as this one, well you would if the forum hadn't collapsed. In that one we were asking for the new rule book, why was it late, what was in it, when was it going to be released? Silence from Spartan. We moaned about the silence and asked again. Come on a couple of months have passed, where's the rule book you said would be out in the summer, then September, then November, then January then... oh I give up release it when you want. No new rules, I remember a post from Spartan, don't worry says Spartan Neil, you don't need to buy the new book it's just to update the stats cards, finish off the fleet list and add new pictures of our new models. Average Joe, that better than average Colonial chappie, posted at the time "Read my lips, there will be no new rule changes". Promises of a big relaunch that was so poorly handled it must have driven gamers away. They have the model for a succesful launch, so why screw it up? launched with a fan campaign using previous rules, well that's good advertising. No wonder it was narrative driven rather than an explanatory look at the rules, either they didn't have them or were at just as much of a loss of how to play them as the rest of us. Lets not mention the weeks of begging for a response to the very limitted FAQ we put together. God bless twitter and public shaming is all I can say. What gets me most when I think about it, isn't the fact that we are all, except the Spartan Vanguards, feeling mightily peed off, it's the fact that however peed off we feel, however we express that, whatever comment we make about the game, about Spartan, about the treatment of the game we love or the treatment of the fanbase, represented by us the vocal minority, it illicits absolutely no response from Spartan. Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch. Diddly Squat. Not even a please stop dissing us we are tying our best. Please stop dissing us we are trying our worst haven't you noticed? Please stop dissing us because we really don't care and you are boring us now. Please stop dissing us and go and buy our lovely new ships. Where are the campaign rules? What the heck happened to them? Why did they get down graded from a book to a pdf to then just disapear? If you, Spartan, don't support this game, how do you expect us to? Have your sales plummetted so badly for Uncharted seas that it is no longer worth your while? Then have the damn courage to say so. Fans can keep games systems afloat and we can do it without flooding your official forum pages with damning criticism. There is such a thing as bad publicity and frankly this is it. If I was reading this contemplating getting into the game I'd save my money and go elsewhere. It wouldn't be to DW or the nice new 28mm cash cow it would be to a different game system, a different company. What on earth would attract me to spend my money here where such comments are met with silence? The silence from Spartan is chuffing deafening. Listen to it, it speaks volumes. What are the plans for uncharted seas Spartan? Where are the campaign rules? Where do you see the game in 6 months time? A year's time? 5 years time? What do you have on your development board? Why haven't you found the time to engage with your customers? I await an answer, but I won't hold my breath.
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    Basic Boarding Tactica (Pic Heavy)

    Kabbage: Be my guest I'm only an engineer in Guild Wars 2. So yeah :>
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    In Marauders, unless i missed an earlier rules update, our cruisers are now listed as fore arc, no longer fixed! Thank you Spartan!
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    Adjusting The Hachiman?

    But even the people who are arguing for a buff admit the Hachiman is worth its point cost. If its worth its points then its worth taking (maybe not a default choice but hardly a door stop). Compare this to units that really are door stops, they are either totally outperformed by another unit that fills the same role in the same size class for the same faction or they are simply not worth their point cost. Neither of these are true for the Hachiman, its the best big unit the EoBS have, its easily worth the extra 55 points over the battleship. The only justifiable complaint is that its not as good as some of the other Dreadnoughts.
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    glow painting guide The color palette : - white for highlights base - greenish yellow - turquoise for low light diffusion step 1 : - yellow and turquoise are mixed on a dry paper towel - large surfaces around the light source are drybrushed with the mix step 2 : - a very liquid wash (around 60% of water) of white is applied on the model gaps to make the greenish base still visible on the edges - after a complete dry time, a second application is passed if necessary - a very thin brush is used to gain a good detail definition step 3 : - 50/50 mix of white and yellow + 40% of water - I apply a large amount of the mix on the towel, then wash the brush and wet the towel on the color stain - I can pick the mix on the palette and brush it on the towel to only keep a thin amount of color - this preparation is applied on the gaps of the light source and the edges near of it, to make the transition between the green and the white - if necessary, a point of white points the light source That's all!
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    Wrong Game?

    All in all, I prefer this over having the game discontinued. I have received an answer for the times I needed one on rules questions. They do have stuff in the pipeline to have us drooling. I much prefer this game over either of the other two as this is purer tactics and less emphasis on the arcane rules.
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    average joe

    Wrong Game?

    Since when did they give you some rat bones to eat. I want some rat bones to eat too.
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    Capn Blackheart

    Wrong Game?

    The fact that we are a small but elite group playing a much better game is obviously why Spartan feel we can be left to our own devices, while those who play DW must obviously need the constant feed of new toys and updates. It's not at all that Spatan doesn't love us, ignore us, never listen to us or treat us like an unloved unwanted misbegoten child that's sat in the corner gnawing on rat bones or any thing. Boy I seem to have developed a complex.
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    Second wave! I wanted a quite simple painting scheme : - airbrushed Red Leather (Prince august) on a black base (still brushed PA black PU) - airbrushed Agate Deck Tan (a light gray) on the prow - dry brush with large flat tool : Ivory PA - decks are painted with Khaki yellow - metal parts are based in Gunmetal ande Copper - ALL the model is washed with Devlan mud (Games workshop) I'ts the most important phase of the process : all the solid colors were raw and this wash gives all the depth to the modelling - PA Air Burned Earth diluted and washed on the decks highlights the woods - drybrush aluminium matt PA air on the Gunmetal and Copper PA air Copper PA - Badab black GW mixed with black is washed on the smokestacks : first, using pure badab on a large surface, then adding black as reducing surface covering - a final glaze of ivory highlights the nose of the hull Cheers! (Nasdrovia!)
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    From the album: painting comp

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    Painting Decks?

    I'm just wondering if anyone ever paints the deck 'planking' to look like metal? (Because each plank is about 5 scale feet wide - I just measured some...)
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