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    Cas's Soryl

    Restarted this topic because my old one no longer has linkable images due to dropbox. As with my veydreth, finished the painting on my Sorylian armada to commemorate spartans fall to the persians. Posting here to celebrate firestorms return.
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    Loads of reasons Look we understand it is easy to post a remark to say these should all be in production right away. But there are lots of reasons for not just pouring resin into some of the molds and selling it. Amongst others: We want products we sell to be of a high quality. Some of the molds and masters are simply not present. There is a significant outlay involved in remastering and remolding items, and that doesn't include packaging. If an item is only going to sell a handful it isn't worth the time and effort. We have a significant amount of construction taking place between March and April which will quadruple the size of our manufacturing facility. While it is going on it will have an impact We do not want to follow a direct only model. It alienates retailers and partners.
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    Pierre's Enlightened

    Still some minor details and the bases to do, but i'm pretty pleased so far.
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I'd like to present the recolor of my fleet, all laid out on my table in their space police splendor Carrier, the RNV Augur Battleship, the RNV IronBreaker Dreadnought, the RNV Unyielding Justice Cruiser Group Destroyer Group Frigate Groups (working with what I could get model-wise) And finally how it looks to play these beautiful ships
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    Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    I prefer the game be designed with the idea that I bring my models, dice and book and I am good to go. I dislike having a pile of cards off to the side of the table to track stuff (especially if I bring a fleet of 20+ ships, that's a lot of cards), I don't want the expectation to be that I go and buy a printer so I can play this game, I don't want the expectation that I have to bring a tablet to the table. Plus there is the difficulty of your opponent seeing the state of your fleet if it's tracked on a tablet or an app. They'd have to ask to see the HP, crits, etc. of every ship unless they memorise them as they won't be able to - at a glance from across the table - read your tablet/phone screen. If you want to look at Apps then I suggest looking at the Corvus Belli 'Infinity Army' which is great for list building, great for making stats quickly accessible, links directly to the wiki detailing the special rules, weapon stats, etc. but is only used for reference of those things and model state is tracked on the table with the models.
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    Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    As someone who likes to play FT as well, I would far prefer static defense that you can rely on than rolls. Most importantly, you can price shields/PD much better this way, as they always give the same effect, and criticals that cut them in half also work better. In FT, I will always pick armor boxes over shields, because they make the ship plain more durable with no luck element. Loss of "interactivity" might be an issue, but with alternate activations, both players stay "in the game" so to speak, so it's not like one player sits for 5-10 minutes just watching his ships take it before it's his turn. And with stable values, you can even have weapon mars that pierce shields and so on, making weapons more interesting to use.
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    Awesome Nullifier's Bessemer completed very quickly too. I take it your plans are to do the whole force in a month and not 1 unit per month like me. So I have had very little painting time. I have made a bit more progress on my test ship I have decided to continue with the Red panels over Black. I can see myself doing more of them. I have added the old Brass for contrast. I will be doing a few more highlights with it. I still need a thruster colour and maybe another panel colour. Thanks for Looking and it's not too late to join in WA
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    Warcradle Sam

    Posse Previews!

    In case you missed our post yesterday evening on Facebook, I thought I should add these upcoming beauties here... We have images of both the Infernal Investigations posse and the Ranger Showboat posse below - which one would like to get on your tabletop?
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    @alextroy has impeccable math, but we may have a (very respectful) disagreement on: is the tradeoff worth it? For me, and the many demos I have run where people complain at at halving dice & low player retention, yes it is worth it. First, the goal of the Combinator is that any ship should retain a reasonable (~50%+) chance of damaging a ship of equal value in apples-to-apples combat (e.g. two 60pt cruisers vs. each other). If that % chance is reduced compared to 2.0, then that is ok IMHO so long we don't make a Taskforce where ships are powerless without their squad. Secondly, I think firing separately in 2.0 slowed the game down, even though sometimes it was a good idea, and I don't see it as a bad thing necessarily that separate-shooting tactic becomes slightly less common and effective. Even the 2.0 rulebook states that linking dice is a good idea under most circumstances, so the intent is there from the beginning. @Wolfgang Jannesen I agree that near the end of the game not only it is frustrating to have a hard time finishing opponents, it can make games less conclusive as to who is winning. That's why 1/2 damage = 1/2 AD does not affect Torpedoes. In general, I think that torpedoes should be slightly more effective, which makes the game fun in early-game and conclusive late-game. @Xystophoroi I think that a AD stat of 8(4) works, but it may be unnecessary and is a little intimidating and confusing for new players IMHO.' Thanks @all for your comments and feedback, by the way, to this idea.
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    Bit of a delay, but Nulifier's down!
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    Warcradle Daren

    Posse Previews!

    i'm glad i have kids - plenty of organs to harvest so i can buy ALL the posses.... this will be a fine year for WWX indeed
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    WestAustralian's FSA Fleets

    Thanks for the great comments guys. So just getting a quick update in on general painting progress. I have been putting brush to Dindrenzi trying to get my Patrol Sized Force Finished. These are the frigates I had done previously: I have also gotten some undercoat on my Xelocian T3's. Bad Planning has left me at the start of the month with an almost empty spray can. So I could only paint 2 ships. But as I usually fully paint a ship to test a scheme, then follow up with the rest of the squadron, this should not be a problem I am looking forward to the Painting Challenge next month, hopefully lots of Painters take part. WA
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    Ok, where are we. We literally had all the molds and masters etc chucked into pallet containers. When they arrived with us. When a company enters administration usually it isn't an orderly and organized process. So we had this huge amount of stuff that we have had to work our way through. Including an additional 25 pallets found in another location, that though it had no value, was really an important thing for us to be able to control the disposal of. Then we have had to back up and protect the huge amount of data for the assets. Well over 16TB, that wasn't well protected. So we had to build the local storage solution, then ensure it was backed up and safe whatever happened in transit. Lots of issues with the files... We had to audit them to remove any items related to Halo. Then we have to start looking at SKUs. I know it seems simple to say here is a mold, that must be a single product. But it isn't like that at all. Most of the molds are not labeled in any way. We have mold labels at Warcradle which are actually molded into the mold making process. So we have to identify what constitutes a product then start finding the molds for them. We already have an ERP system at Warcradle to put the data in, but though there was an equivalent on the Spartan kit we acquired, It had been deactivated months before administration due to non-payment so we didn't have access. So building assembly lists for products takes a while. Add to that there being almost no Studio minis present... Despite them being photographed everywhere in packaging and books, and then lots of missing equipment that had managed to vanish between going into administration and us visiting... amazingly it was a selection of equipment that would allow manufacturing of a wide range of products. One of the 3d printers vanishing. The list of frustrations goes on. So since then, we have been building data, assessing molds, getting data into our ERP and expanding production facilities. Had all our creative guys work on design libraries for the games and various factions too. Making our facilities safe etc. For example, we have proper ventilation and air quality infrastructure for casting environments and resin residues are dealt with responsibly. We have proper health and safety plans. As opposed to just chucking out empty resin buckets at the back of the factory like Spartan did. Loads of meetings and investment in how things are going to be arranged moving forwards. It is important that we do things properly.
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Couple more shots of the table nearing completion. I am not an artist in the traditional sense, my wife did the planet and I pretty well spent my day off splashing colours on. Just need some cleanup and topcoat!
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    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm fluff

    Really trying to move the conversation onwards from 'Firestorm's lore isn't as good as everyone else's' to what we can do about it. Your points are strong but this thread should be for ideas and concepts we're excited about and would like to see
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    3d Models?

    So, I've been trying to recreate some ships from the Firestorm Universe in the voxel game (still in development, might never release, but whatever) Starmade. It's a long process because I admit, it's a game I have to be in the mood to play. I love building, and when I get in the mood, I play it for weeks, but eventually lose steam. Because the game is still in development, I've just been focusing on making the hulls, with no interiors. I've been pretty proud of what I've done so far, but I always hoped I could get my hands on 3d models to just directly import into the game. I never really looked into it, because I figured releasing 3d models would be perhaps problematic, with 3d printers being more common. I did get hopeful however, when Spartan Games started showing off upcoming models in an online 3d model viewer. At the time, they claimed they had plans of going back and uploading their older models as well, and looked forward to seeing if I could get them to work for my purposes. So, does anyone know if Warcradle has plans to upload the 3d model viewer again? Perhaps one of the staff will even see this thread and is willing to help? Even with 3d model data, getting them to work in game will take time, and especially with fixing things that don't transition well, but it'll be a fantastic resource to have, and would make getting all those details for these ships perfect. My original goal is to get Frigates, Cruisers, Battleships, and Stations for the Dindrenzi, Sorylian, and Terran factions. Those ships would translate best into a voxel game, especially if I'm making them by hand. The other factions would be great sure, but would be nearly impossible with my skill level without 3d models to import for sure. If anyone is curious, here are some pictures of my work thus far. I haven't touched these ships in months, but I'm still proud of how they've turned out.
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    WestAustralian's FSA Fleets

    It's time for a restart. I painted through the first few months of the breakdown but in the end group interests changed to another game. I still have the other stuff on my painting spot, but time for FSA to rejoin the mix. Those of you who know me, know I have lots of stuff scattered in various stages. When I get time to paint, I sit Dow and pick something from the mix. I am preparing for the "Painting Challenge" or "Paint Along" that is being discussed in the FSA hobby thread. These are the Factions I am picking from. STL Traders: Very few miniatures, so easy to paint them all. However I have always planned a worn Battleship Grey look, it is a bit boring for a challenge. Oroshan: Extra T2's and T3's mean that if I don't include them in the challenge, I might not easily return to finish them. Also I think the Oroshan will need more time spent getting it how I want. Xelocian: Too many Escorts.... Again, will I paint them all. Dreadnought for the T1.... Well I am still thinking it through. Still plenty of time to decide. Thanks for looking WA
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    Hi Guys, i'm here to look after everyone who's picked up their shooting irons and got themselves all mixed up in the world of Wild West Exodus! In fact, if you've got into Wild West Exodus through one of our Trailblazer Events then there's a very high chance we've met already! i'll be happy to provide support in the following areas - Choosing a Faction - Where to start - List building - Hobby advice - Painting advice - Building a Community Can't wait to get stuck in and get you guys shooting each other in the face as soon as possible! So what's the first conundrum?
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    Thing is that's either going to mean every faction has access to tiny robotics or players are going to have to start scrubbing aircraft off the flight decks of their airstrips to replace them with new decorative models. It's a neat idea, but I wonder at the logistics and viability of an upgrade kit - I also worry that it is invalidating original models and meaning that gamers have to cannibalise the models in order to make them work in the new game. I'm certainly not opposed to rocket troopers and all those fancy themes, those are great ideas. It's just that I can see this plan backfiring with the existing fanbase. It's one thing to merge factions and change some visual designs of the models; one is purely practical and the other is something we'd seen happening even with Spartan Games (models evolving and designs changing along the same asthetic designs is something most gamers consider normal). But the scale change is seeming to not just change the scale ,but the design and indeed you could even say the appeal of the game. I'm not saying that the concept is bad, just that the joint effort to try and deliver this idea whilst keeping old models valid is going to result in very strange design appearances on the table. The more I think of it the more I'd say it might be better to actually totally abandon the original models and to let the new scale change be design free to make itself its own game. That allows it to shed the shackles of former models that, really, won't fit well into the game design. It also leaves the gates sort of open for, if in the future, returning to the original scale as an add-on to the sea game if/when Dystopian proves super popular; or just leaving that area as a dead game. I'd rather think that a dead game might be better than one which takes very odd design choices (and thus risks the chance of not cornering a proper identity and appeal of its own); and which might have not just a cool, but a very cold reception by existing fans of the franchise.
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    Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    @vorman87 I think this is valuable feedback, and you'll receive no backlash (from me). If anything your opinion (and willingness to share it) illustrates is the diversity of opinion in the forum community about "is FSA 2.0 a good game (or not) and why"? To your story, it's interesting that another poster just the other day stated how much 40k players liked alternating activation, and that was the BEST thing about FSA they could see. How's that for diverse? :-) But the forums are just a tiny fraction of the (most vocal) people exposed to FSA... And oh yes, Battletech! Many many hours have been spent by myself in that chart-fest of a game. I now play Alpha Strike, when I want to dust off my mechs, if that tells you anything. If Warcradle want FSA to be more popular than it is or was (and it never was that popular) they would be greatly served in sending out a real survey/poll of folks who have been exposed to FSA at all levels: from people who've played dozens of times to folks who just tried a demo. The forums are an echo chamber. The poll can start big picture, rather than asking "how do we fix SRS"? ask first: what they like best & least about FSA, how long it takes them to play, how many games of FSA they've played ...and what other games they play. I'll be the first one to volunteer to help. For a game with a dwindling community I don't think we can afford to have sacred cows, we must be humble and try not to let our preconceived notions blind us. I often wonder if I can't see the forest for the trees, myself. Focus groups/demos of "gamers" with no prior exposure to FSA would also be great, I did a lot of these demos and the Warcradle people would learn a lot by doing 2.0 demos as well.
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    Merlin, our average game lasts 3 turns - forcing tinny fliers to land before being released again is kind of pointless. However, I do hope that in 3.0 average game will last at last 4 or 5 rounds, so it might be more relevant.
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    Is the 3.0 in the pipeline scrapped

    I hope they just entirely get rid of the proximity vectoring stuff. Let people remove models from their flight stems when things get in close. Just treat the base footprint and flight stem as what matters mechanically. Let people change their flight stem height to suit their preference. If you need to then make the base size an actual model stat to keep it consistent (like Wrath of Kings does).
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    @CDR G it looks like the most likely occurrence will be the "Geier" as we know it will become an Armoured Clash aircraft, with a new "Dystopian-scale" version as the bomber we're seeing on the ice maiden.
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    Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    I'd rather stick to damage dice if possible. I tried DropFleet, and the pegs damage system was used once before we went back to the more convenient and quicker dice damage tracking. Apps are fine...until the phone battery dies, which as we all know, happens at the worst of times. Cards are a fine solution, I don't mind them at all, and best option would be to have a simple program to prepare a fleet list, and print it out with all hardpoints accounted for. It also gets round the "1st ed cards packed with models when we're on v2" issue that come with pre-printed cards.
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    Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    A few thoughts 1) There's a big risk in wargames of following that MOBA games have sort of done to RTS in the computer world. That is speeding and simplifying things and cutting out complexity. It makes for faster more competitive focused games; but it often makes for a very fast very throwaway experience. I think there's a risk in taking out too many steps that soon you end up playing battleship rather than a wargame with dice. You can still have weapons that punch through and ignore shields or such even with dice rolls. The other aspect is that with a defensive dice roll, yes its more dice rolls, but it also throws in a second layer of random into the attacks. This helps to make the game more complex as the attacker cannot fully predict what their attack will do. Otherwise an attacker could easily go after weaker ships with impunity, the only thing they'd have to worry about is hitting, once hit the enemy ship would be going down without question. With saves you add an element of chance that the small frigate can survive that round of fire from the dreadnought - that "epic" moment in the tabletop game that is what we are trying to achieve more so than realism. Dice rolls are also one of those things that, correctly controlled, don't get out of hand and shouldn't take too long. An official dice-tower or dicebox to roll into and the dice situation is already contained. Also Firestorm is unlikely to have 30 frigates to a squad (as one might get in Warhammer) so we shouldn't have the vast numbers of dice that warhammer can generate (though honestly I would not be opposed to larger flight groups at all)/ 2) Cards. Cards for units stats are in an odd place right now. Firstly the community likes them in general, even though they add another product to the roster that the manufacturer has to take into account*. In addition gamers today want faster and more regular updates to game balance; however if the developer is changing the game balance to improve gameplay those cards are almost worthless as soon as they are printed. If they are included in the game box then suddenly stock goes out-of-date and either has to be returned, refilled and then shipped out again or the company runs the risk of old stock confusing newer customers. Indeed this has resulted in Privateer Press gving up with stat cards in the box (and they were the one who really pushed this as a feature early on). So a stat card that flips over for critical damage is a neat idea, but if we also want Warcradle to balance the game we've got to consider how they deliver cards to us. Pre-made packs that we buy as an extra which will have X number of cards for each unit within them; etc... Also lets not forget that cards also work best when each unit is unique or near so - however if youv'e got fleets with the same units within them cards separate to models can be an issue in remembering which goes with which. Cards I think are a feature that has come and almost gone for the modern wargame as a core feature. An optional extra or rpelaced by an optional application on a mobile device. 3) Lets consider flightsticks. In a space game we have the joy that EVERY ship will be on a flight stand. I think these are the future for a space game. Halo and Dropfleet are both games which have made use of custom bases which allow the player to track more stats. In addition bigger ships (that might have more status changes possible - eg a wide range of crippled statuses) even have bigger stands so can hold more detailed information. The other bonus is that flight stick based data tracking stacks well with game size. Got 5 ships or 50 ships and the stats track the exact same way - on the model and easy to keep note during the game. Once you've learned what the colours/symbols mean its easy at a glance to keep note. Far easier than tracking a dozen or more cards on the edge or counters strewn on the map (counters on the map itself are a pain as they can easily get jumbled up with each other or forgotten to be moved with their host ship e tc..). 4) I think that crippled status on ships is important. We don't want to play battleship where each ship takes X amount of hits and then just blows up. That's fun, but I think its more fun - especially with larger battle and dreadnought ships - to have the ships capable of being crippled in various ways through the game. It lets you make those bigger ships more powerful and able to take more damage, but at the same time lose performance so they will last longer, but not be the powerhouse. A ship with crippled engines that can't stop ploughing into a terrain feature or another ship; a ship burning on fire and taking damage/losing crew each turn; a ship with its weapons fried but its engines good making a last ditch ram attack etc... It also ties into the use of repair ships (a feature Spartan were going to roll out with the new rules but never got too get there). I think if Warcradle can work on custom bases that can allow players to track varied stas on each individual model through the game we can have our crippled ships. It also allows for variety of crippled status rather than just a flat "everything is crippled" flip of the card. Bases that track stats are also better than cards since any rules update only updates the ships core stats rather than updating cards that the manufacturer has to worry about getting to gamers in an affordable manner. 5) Critical hits. Honestly I think these should be super rare. Crippling status is one thing through regular damage; and if you've got random to hit and random defence rolls and such then there's already a good layer of random damage in the game. Critical hits should thus be the super rare event that happens maybe a handful of times in a decent sized game. Those chances that are "one in a million" kinds of affair that players can't bet on happening. Thus they are damaging when they hit, but not so often that the player feels beaten down by them. In the end I think what most players want is a game that feels epic. Where you've got frigates that dodge or just survive a barrage of fire from a capital ship; where combined fire cripples a capital ship that keeps on fighting till the biter end, even when its flame, its engines are shot, its port weapon banks are gone and its bridge is mangled. It's far more fun to fight with that dogged damaged ship that it is to just have a straight hit-point stat that counts down until the ship blows up. Thrown in are those handful of tine chances of something critical happening - the super rare hitting of the magazine etc... - that moment that happens once in the game that everyone talks about after. "Yeah I was so winning then you hit my dreadnoughts magazine! Whole thing blew a huge hole in my army and set my battleship on fire with the explosion wave" etc.... Happening once like that is great - happening 5 or 10 times and its a pain (yeah that army always does well they score so many critical). Honestly I feel the issue isn't about taking dice out; its about tracking stats and keeping the level of detail in the game deep enough that frigates feel small and nimble; whilst battleships and big dreadnoughts (or heck those leviathans if they ever appear or space bases) feel like BIG powerful ships. Things that take a huge beating; can dish it out; stats that change over the battle to force players to adapt to the changes in their fleets capabilities. And which all in the end provides for an epic game of waring spaceships rather than battleships with pegs stuck in them *you can argue that home-printed cards void this, but home printed will never have the same quality as manufacturer printed; and only a fewer number of people will make use of home printing.
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    Just my two cents, but I really don't like this idea. I feel like dice rolls are my other source of agency after movement and attack declarations, but more than anything it's just more fun throwing more dice. I find critical hits fun, I find it fun rolling point defense against torpedoes, I don't see the game improving by removing either BUT this is subjective opinion. I can understand why you might not like the amount of rolls per turn, and maybe it oughtta be a homebrew set f rules rather than an official set, because it sounds like the rest of the playerbase isn't crazy about losing dice rolls quick edit: this game has two tables you'll have to look up regularly, that's nothing compared to some other games. You can quit your complaining there
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    Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Stuart are you saying that each TFT can operate how the player wants and change its role without having to land and launch as a different configuration or that you can launch whichever configuration you wish to use. Ergo a single token would be a bomber OR a torpedo OR a fighter until it lands and is rearmed. Or are they all three in one (combined weapons) which are then chosen for use each turn (ergo it can attack with its torpedo or its anti-air guns but not both)
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    Warcradle Tarnya

    Posse Previews!

    Have you seen the latest Wild West Exodus posse previews? We've two more posse's to show you! Feast your eyes on Countess Byron's Galvanic Mysteries and Wicasasni's Dark Nation Posse. And for those wondering about the immense Vor Khet, don't worry, he's so massive he needs to be released separately! Both The Dark Nation Posse and Vor Khet will be available later this year.
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    When it comes to the tiny fliers changing to some sort of token and not a model as ShafferDK has said I would expect them to resemble the aircraft. To have the carriers modeled with the tiny fliers and then have us use a token to depict the tiny fliers that does not even come close to resembling what is modeled on the carriers is just silly. That being said I would not be surprised if the new rules did not use the current tiny flier tokens. Changing the tokens to something new isn't inherently bad as long as they resemble what they are supposed to be. Personally I don't want them to change since I have a bunch of painted tiny flier tokens and trays.
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    The problems with the Combinator is that it increases the dependency of ships on their squadron to allow a simplification of the math. Let's take two of the core Cruisers as an example of the problem. Both the Dindrenzi and Sorylian Cruisers have 8 AD with their best weapon. The Dindrenzi Cruiser is converted from 8 AD to 6 AD because it comes from a squadron of 3 ships, gaining the full squadron 2 AD to 18 while two ships still combine for 12 AD The Sorylian Cruiser is converted from 8 AD to 5 AD because it comes from a squadron of 4 ship. The full squadron of ships retains 20 AD, but 3 ships lose 1 AD (15 instead f 16) and two ships lose 2 AD (10 AD instead of 12). Furthermore, the effectiveness of a single ship is greatly impacted. Let's take the typical Cruiser with DR 4/CR 6 and 1 Shield (assuming 1 Hit reduced for the shield) as the target (go Terrans!). Under 2.0 these two cruiser firing at this target alone have a 70% chance of reaching DR and a 44% chance reaching CR. The Combinator removes 1 DR to give the target DR 3/CR 6 and 1 shield (assuming 1 Hit reduced). This means we get: Dindrenzi Cruiser with 6 AD has a 65% chance of reaching DR and a 23% chance of reaching CR Sorylian Cruiser with 5 AD has a 52% chance of reaching DR and a 15% chance of reaching CR This represents a marked reduction in effectiveness of squadron based ships when firing alone, especially those in large squadrons. Still, I wonder if there could be a simpler way of calculating AD that doesn't degrade single ship effectiveness. One idea have been mulling over is to give ships of certain classes a fixed bonus to the lead ship, regardless of weapon AD or range. What if Linking in a Large Capital ship added 4 AD, a Medium added 3 AD, and a Small added 2 AD? The pools available at various ranges would change, sometimes significantly. But that could always be compensated for either by accepting the change (4 Sorylian Cruisers do 17 AD instead of 20) or adjusting the ship's stats (remove 1 AD attacks from ships so that they can't turn 3 1 AD shots into 7 AD when linked).
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    But we're all making that bastard son's child support payments. I'm looking at this topic less as a "hint-hint Warcradle" and more as a way the community can move the game forward and fix what we've seen as problems while we wait for Warcradle to publish. My gamer group and I have already gone over the old 1.0 to 2.5 books and piecemeal our own rules and tweaked current units and factions in a way we see as sensible. But it is just a stopgap attempt while we wait. And before anyone says we made on faction too French, nope, my group is split half coalition, half bond, with mercs thrown in, and two players share a faction.
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    Twilight years? I thought immortal space vampires were bad, not sure I can cope with sparkly romantic ones!
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    New Ship previews/renders/photos

    Yep there's some new renders up on facebook of the mighty Celestial battleship! A very interesting hull design choice as its almost primitive in how its designed. No turreted main weapon, instead its fixed at the fore; whilst the rear of the ship doesn't taper but instead spreads out wide like an older warship. A very curious design and this battleship would appear to be the kind suited to either hanging back and lobbing artillery shells from afar (thus not needing huge turns to aim its guns) or charging in as that prow looks like its harbouring a flamethrower or close range type weapon. Then again with the paddlesteamers it might not need to worry about a main turret; being able to turn on the spot to face toward the enemy I'd say its a very fantasy design for a ship, be interesting to hear the rules and design thoughts behind this ship.
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    Firestorm fluff

    But this seems more a rules/point issue more than a model issue!
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    I have picked my Xelocian T3 Shaniri Frigates. My plan is to keep rolling for 3 months and get my whole Xelocian Fleet done. The whole raw fleet This is the start of the Red/Orange And a Bit of Blending my second colour is probably going to be a light grey blend. Hopefully we can get lots of painters joining in and posting
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    We are very excited to announce that 24th February 2018 sees the first release of terrain from Warcradle Studios! There are five new buildings available for pre-order including the Red Oak Residence, the Red Oak Cartwright's, the Red Oak Jail, the Red Oak Metal Smith, and the Red Oak Post Office; all of which are supplied primed for easy painting. With these buildings, you can further immerse yourself into the Dystopian Age and add a special dimension to your Wild West Exodus tabletop gaming experience! Alongside the release of the new Red Oak buildings - great for setting the scene when playing Wild West Exodus - the highly anticipated Fortune Chips & Dice set including four special ten-sided dice is also available for pre-order! The Fortune Chips & Dice Set, released 3rd February 2018, includes four special ten-sided dice, each featuring their Critical Success and Critical Failure values, and a stack of ten Fortune chips that let you keep track during your games as you tempt fate, push your luck and bend Fortune at will. RED OAK RESIDENCE These homes are of a common design found throughout the settlements of the West. Cheap and plentiful timber is supported with steel joists and copper conduits so that homesteaders have access to all of the modern conveniences that the RJ-powered Dystopian Age can offer. These modern homes are always in demand, so act quickly to secure your very own piece of the West! This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Residence Building Assembly Instructions RED OAK CARTWRIGHT'S The advent of the Iron Horse has been a boon to the scattered settlements of the American Frontier. Of course, even these wonderous technological marvels require maintenance and recharging from time to time. Cartwrights, like this one, offer affordable services to the good folk of Red Oak - certainly preferable to dealing with the Enlightened as their assistance often literally costs an arm and a leg... This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Cartwright Building Optional signage for a Red Oak Delivery Office Assembly Instructions RED OAK JAIL This distinctive structure is ideal for securing ne'er-do-wells and other miscreants in secure surroundings. The Jail makes a superb strongpoint for Lawmen and other agents to uphold the Law in Red Oak and beyond. With the Jail in your town, you can be sure that Outlaws can be kept out of sight, but never out of mind! This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Jail Building Assembly Instructions RED OAK METAL SMITH Steel and steam are the foundation of the Dystopian Age. Businesses like this Metal Smith ensure that both are in plentiful supply - especially for a fair price! From simple repairs to steel-shod shelters to more advanced metalworking, the Red Oak Metal Smithy is always busy! This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Metal Smith Building Optional signage for a Red Oak General Store Assembly Instructions RED OAK POST OFFICE While for the very wealthy, near instant communications can be achieved through radio and other more esoteric means, for most the Post Office represents the only means of communicating with the world outside the town limits. Typical delivery was between a month and ten days, depending on the importance of the letter or package and of course the cost. The Post Office is an important place to not only send and receive messages but also for the local community to meet and share news as it arrives from the Union and beyond. This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains 1x Red Oak Post Office Building Optional signage for a Red Oak Doctors Assembly Instructions FORTUNE CHIPS & DICE SET Fight the battles of Wild West Exodus with these superb dice and Fortune chips. This set includes four special ten-sided dice for use with Wild West Exodus. Each die features their Critical Success and Critical Failure values with easily recognisable symbols. The stack of ten Fortune chips will let you easily keep track during your games as you tempt fate and push your luck by bending your Fortune to your will. This product contains 10x Fortune Chips 4x Dice ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS View the full article
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    Bessemer's Painting Log

    More Xelocians! The casting on these was pretty poor, but before I gave these a good look over, SG went boom. The Photos do me some justice here Anyway, freed up for this painting challenge thingy!
  38. 2 points

    Firestorm fluff

    My impression is that its a single army, so the niche units from different nations within the army are nestled within the single army itself. As a result they shouldn't be left out to dry since they'll form part of the core army. They'lll just be built to a similar but different asthetic As for the issues you raise a lot of that was the result of confusion and a lot of promises from Spartan about how niche factions were being handled. Many games have alliance nations that are always smaller and which are used either together or with major factions. Handling them isn't an issue until the parent company tries to make all of them full factions - that's where you get a lot of model bloat; players waiting for armies to get fleshed out (ergo not buying); confusion over when the updates are coming etc... A clear line of communication; clear short and long term goals and also a clear balance and design approach should resolve those issues.
  39. 2 points

    Galeria naszych prac.

  40. 2 points
    Richard - many thanks for the reply - sounds like a lot is happening indeed at the Warcradle end of things. Out of interest any chance of a once a month or bi-monthly "behind the scenes update" on the forums side of things (and other avenues as suitable via social media) update on the behind the scenes side of things? Not model sculpts but how things are gearing up and what's happening and how plans are going. A little behind the scenes would be great as it lets us know what's going on; plus if there are any delays or stalls in things then the loyal (rabid?) fanbase are more aware in advance of the pace of things and that stuff is indeed going on. (which is not to say that Warcradle isn't competent, but that many creative and major projects often hit one or two snags that slow things down somewhat; esp when setting up something new. Heck I suspect many active members online have been involved with or followed more than one model Kickstarter to be aware of delays and unforeseen issues). It's also a nice bit of news for those who might only be Firestorm/Planetfall/Uncharted fans and thus are expecting a much longer wait until Warcradle is in a position to do justice to those games (after Dystopian Wars and WW ) I think its more the case that they are, it seems, fully rebuilding and building up their own factory. So its not just a case of Spartan sculpts, but of Warcradle gearing up, teching up and training up (where needed) so that what comes out of the production line is quality in a repeat manner to which they can put into commercial production (not just one offs or using a method which results in too high a failure counter quality control wise).
  41. 2 points

    Firestorm fluff

    It does not stop massive number of people from playing these dead games. There's a million and half cottage companies making knock-off Trek models. Yes, the stuff is not licensed, but ST setting has a massive pull as far as gaming is concerned. Probably more than anything else around, including all the "alive" games like DFC. Obviously I don't expect WCradle to come up with something as extensive as ST, but coherent storyline is a must if the thing is to be anything more than flash in the pan on relaunch.
  42. 2 points
    Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Finally, a proper staging system comes together for my good little RSN Captains to fight over
  43. 2 points

    Firestorm fluff

    Seems it is up to warcrafle lots of change to the lore maybe necessary, but will likely ruffle many feathers not enough changes and it’s the hohum of lost opportunities
  44. 2 points
    Warcradle Richard

    Updated Cards 1.05

    This is the issue with printed cards. It is simply uneconomical to update the physical cards every time the digital ones are updated. The rate of change will reduce but we would suggest using the online versions all the time as they will always be the latest versions.
  45. 2 points

    Rulebook downloads?

    Here you go! http://voidstorm.space/forum/preserving-archive-firestorm-related-20-materials/20-rules-and-fleet-manuals-google-drive
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    "Old Man Rob" had a long and productive career in the Directorate Naval Command Consortium, before retiring to the life of a Privateer. Born to wealthy and influential Parents Rob Greyson was given a Full Corporate Education. He grew up in luxury, wanting for no material possessions. His parents felt that discipline and boundaries were more important than emotional attachment. At the age of 8 Rob was selected for Advanced Training & Development. Rob Graduated early at age 16 with full honours. He was accepted for a position at the Resource & Personnel Division, He showed a strong aptitude for Predictive Market Analysis and Product Distribution. At the age of 24 Rob became the youngest analyst to be given control of a distribution team. After a few months his quarterly results were setting new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across the Division. At age 33 Dr Rob Greyson was transferred to the Department of Human/Nonhuman Resources - Productivity & Development. Utilising a newly created Strength, Weakness, Oportunity and Threat Analsys (SWOT) formula, Dr Greyson Increased Productivity and cut losses. Works Raptor Assault Troop modification and re-training centres were optimised by Dr Greyson's business development techniques. At age 42 The Naval Command Consortium (Influenced by the Works Raptor) transferred Dr Greyson to Zenia where he quickly used his influence to set up a series of Private Consulting Firms (including, Facilitation Process Inc, Strategic Resources Consulting , Strategic Human Resources Development Group), he used his skills to provide Planetary Acquisition Analysis, Personnel Redevelopment Programs and Resource Distribution Plans. Dr Greyson developed an Advanced Contractor Incentive Program, allowing him increased access to Privateer ships. By utilising Contractors, Dr Greyson was able to conduct his less moral missions without fear of audit. Dr Greyson Authorised development of many new weapon Technologies including an experimental fusion of organic and inorganic material forged together by a Directorate-engineered military nano-virus. Final Approval and Distribution of the nano-virus was not under his control. During the following decades Dr Rob Greyson Accumulated Companies, Wealth, Allies and Influence. Dr Greyson worked with Directorate Personnel as well as Allied and Independent Contractors. He found it much easier to achieve his goals through Independent contractors such as Captains Zymen Danseker and John Ward. At the age of 78 Dr Greyson tired of the Restrictive and Short sighted Policies of the Corporate Personnel Research & Development Committee. Rob Greyson sold off ties to Zenia and utilising contacts in the Department of OmniDyne Special Operations Shipping & Transfers, acquired a Foundry class Dreadnought. The Dreadnought "Swift Decision" became his mobile base of operations. "Old Man" Rob began working with several independent shipping groups and offering his services. This was when "Old Man" Rob was introduced to Admiral De Veenboer. The two men were from vastly different pasts, but they had the same vision of the future. Veenboer also introduced his X-31 ally John Ward to the "Old Man". Rob has begun providing John Ward with advanced Intelligence on targets he selects. Rob gathered Corporate and R&D personnel he trusted and built facilities in Admiral Veenboer's Germinon Class Repair Station, "Cartagena Station". Old Man Rob's Personnel Development Teams began improving the operational effectiveness of Admiral Veenboer's staff. Rob uses Predictive Algorithms to develop Bussiness plans, his skills at Market Analysis and Product Development is rapidly growing their combined businesses. (Picture above; Old Man Rob and Admiral Ivan Dirkie De Veenboer meet to exchange valuable intelligence) Although Rob has invested considerable resources into upgrading Cartagena Station as a joint operations base, his true base of power is his Dreadnought, the "Swift Decision". He keeps it mobile and well defended, it is frequently seen supporting his operations in battle. The forces of the Alliance of Kurak are dedicating resources to finding and destroying the "Swift Decision". Old Man Rob's skills at Strategy and Dis-Information has left many Terran Captains believing the ship is a ghost that can appear anywhere in the galaxy without warning and disappear just as quick. (Picture above; Rob Greyson re supplies the Veenboer Corsairs) Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Likes and comments are appreciated. WA.
  47. 2 points

    3d Models?

    Thanks for the praise. I enjoy the Dindrenzi faction the most on the table top, but I am more proud of how the Sorylian and Terran frigates turned out. Both of them had moments where I wasn't sure I could quite replicate some designs properly, but came up with some solutions that worked splendidly. Even if I don't get my hands on some 3d models, I do plan on continuing the project, but like I said, I have to be in the mood to really get something done, and it hasn't struck in awhile. As far as the interest into Starmade. I both recommend it, and don't. The game has been in development for a long time, and they have a very small dev team. I love the idea and hope some of the more significant features I'm waiting on get released, but the devs have revamped some older systems recently that's caused a pretty big rift between them and the community. I hope they are able to make it right, but the idea that they spent months rolling out a reworked system to have it so badly received can't be a good sign. There's plenty to do in the game now though, and it's been fairly optimized over time. There's a universe that spawns in planets and resources, you can create your own custom factions for the AI to control, and there's even a mechanic to control territory and space. Where it lacks though is the AI of the NPCs. They really don't have tactics for their ships besides "Fly towards enemy, shoot." It is something that will be worked on eventually. Eventually, there will be physical NPCs that can man stations on your ships to emulate a more RP friendly game. There will be a scripting language admins can use to create custom NPCs, quests, and missions. There will rework planets from how they currently are (which are basically small things right now) to more large planets you might see in No Man's Sky, with a robust flora and fauna system. Weapons wil be reworked at some point, including new visuals. There's a lot they are promising, I just hope they get to these things and roll them out. As it stands, at their current rate of progress, I don't see any of those large changes coming out until a year, maybe more, so the game still has a long way to go, even though it's been out for a much longer time. The two things that keep me coming back though, are the advanced build modes, and logic systems in the game. Unlike in Minecraft, you can enter an advanced build mode that allows you to build ships within a physical body. You can drop down several blocks down at once, copy/paste areas, create and insert templates and patterns. It makes for making large ships possible, because without it, you'd just be placing down one block at a time, and that'd be unbearable. The logic system is also robust, allowing for some impressive builds limited only by imagination. I've created hangars that auto sort ships into docking bays based on how full they are. I've created doors that are made by normal blocks but physically slide open and close, that even can be locked out if you aren't a certain player, part of a faction, or even a certain rank in the faction. I've created extendable docking ports so anything Frigate size will be able to dock with any other ship. Activating different levels of alerts, that could put the ship into different states of battle. Escape pods, are flush up against the ship and automatically launch out once inside. A crafting factory that outputs particular items and amounts by typing what you need into a terminal, which finds the necessary components in your storage area, sends them to the crafting blocks, and makes what you requested. If you can imagine it, odds are it's possible with work. It's seriously impressive. So, as a creative game, I can't recommend it enough.If you want to build some of your favorite ships with some cool features, you can have a lot of content. It's just not there as a game beyond that yet. There's still some missing components that can really make this a real game. But if you love build projects, just enter creative mode, and go to town. I just hope eventually they'll add and rework the other content to make the ships you build worth using. Oh, and currently they have no weapon systems. I did test having fixed firing arcs on the Sorylian, but it was only a test to make sure it was possible. Here are some more random pictures, including showing off the Sorylian firing beams, and a small taste of what the Logic system is like.
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    Alternate Targeted Strike rules

    The entire 2.0 Critical Effect system is garbage, which is why it’s often a lot of dice rolling (and time) that doesn’t impact the game. Cruisers highlight the shortcomings best, because they’re at 50% or 75% HP when they suffer a Critical Effect, and likely die or repair it before it impacts their next Activation... and most of the time, the Critical Effect has zero impact on their next Activation anyway.
  49. 2 points

    Prussian Imperium future

    It's a really important that the older Models will be Fully compatible with the new ones. otherwise I just think that a very large part of the player base will ignore the new game. As others have already said even only a look based approach will be enough. Another fondamental issue will be balancing and Fleet flavour. Fleets need to play different and have different way of playing which is a thing that the spartan has always missed
  50. 2 points

    Firestorm fluff

    Fluff should support the game world, but neither fluff nor the game benefits being too closely entwined with the other. It's the same reason why alliance on the tabletop should rarely (if never) be based upon alliances in the game world. It often leads to an utter mess (unless the game was designed for it from the start) as you can easily end up with two "Story allied" factions which actually have such complimentary forces that together they end up very broken. Similarly you can end up with one faction having loads of allies and another without a single ally. I've always held the view that in wargames alliances should be allowed, but should be an optional set of rules and should mostly just be generically structured so that anyone can ally with anyone; but shouldn't be formal for competitive games. It makes balance a lot easier to manage because you don't have to balance each army and then each alliance army (which will generally result in most armies having very few differences) . I also think that when allies become a formal thing it can break the faction identities down. You end up with way too many mash-up fleets/forces appearing because they are the most competitive in stats, which means pure armies start to lose popularity - even though pure armies are likely what get most people into playing the game And yes, story wise you shouldn't be trying to justify every possible battle the player is going to have - civil wars; odd alliances; etc... - let the players come up with their own justifications for those if they want too; but keep the games official lore simpler and to a single story line that makes sense. If anything many fans hate when companies do "mash-ups" of factions that hate each other in their lore to try and justify it tabletop wise. (Gw provides a couple of great examples - Blood Angels allied with Necrons wasn't that popular - and Tyranids wound up with 0 allies when GW made some formal alliance structure and only recently gained genestealers).

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