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    At last, after years of pause, I'm going back to Dystopian Wars!
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    A request for the Lost World

    I would li,e to make a request. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
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    Dystopian Wars por fin en español

    Hola compañeros de fatigas. Imagino que ya os habréis enterado, pero si no es así os dejo este enlace ¡Dystopian Wars en español! . La verdad es que han tardado tanto en sacar la nueva edición que no me sentía nada atraído por probarla. Pero esta noticia cambia bastante mi pensamiento inicial. Ya iba siendo hora de que alguien se diera cuenta de que existe un nicho en la comunidad de habla hispana (porque el español no sólo se habla en España), que siempre hemos sido ninguneados. Merece un aplauso para Warcradle y espero que no sea sólo flor de un día, porque esto puede suponer crear (y revitalizar) comunidades de juego que de otra forma ni se acercarían al juego. Un saludo
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    Hi guys ! I make a vidéo a little different. This video as effect a old movie begin 20 century. Good video !
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    Le jeu tournera bien en France si les livrets d'ordre de bataille sont traduits correctement. J'ai l'intention de bosser un peu dessus. Je vais contacter Warcradle Studios pour leur demander comment ils comptent procéder à leur sortie en Français. Je suis partant pour constituer un groupe de trad en ligne afin de monter un document drive pour compiler les infos requises et les traiter. S'il y a des intéressés, je vous invite à me le faire savoir!
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    [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets

    An Augustus Bombardment Cruiser with its Gustav Heavy Bombard :
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    [DW V3] Veloran's Fleets

    I'm starting an Imperium Fleet. In the last edition i really liked the Full Spectrum Dominance's Prussian Fleet and i use his paint scheme as an inspiration. First step the Arminius frigates :
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    And more progress with my Covenant fleet. The generators, like the turrets, are magnetized and swappable.
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    Les règles Française présentant quelques erreurs de traductions, j'ai regroupé et corrigé ses dernières dans une "Faq" non officielle. Edit 01 : ajout d'un errata sur la règle obscurcie (14.04.2021) Faq Non officielle - Livre de règles VF 1.09.pdf
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    Bonjour à tous, Vous trouverez la présentation du background par faction et la 1ère lecture des ORBATs disponibles à ce jour... Si vous avez des commentaires à faire, j'implémenterai chaque post au fur et à mesure! http://forum.laforgeludique.fr/discussion/1685/dystopian-wars-background-et-gameplay-des-factions-en-v3/p1?new=1
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    Dystopian Wars por fin en español

    Pues ya tengo en mis garras la edición en español. Primeras impresiones muy buenas, parece que merece la pena el precio por el contenido de la caja de inicio ... y sus calidades
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    Dystopian Wars por fin en español

    Hola,¡ Me he interesado por Dystopian wars en español! Tenia americanos pero solo pude jugar a dystopian cuando fui a Reino Unido porque poca gente que conozco domina el ingles como para leer las cartas que se supone debes mantener en secreto y que no podia traducir durante la parida! Ahora con las cartas en español todo cambia y estoy expectante de poder comprar el nuevo dystopian wars en español
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    I understand that Outlaw and Warcradle aren't trying to build a Historical or Alt-Historical game but to my mind its tended to draw upon more recent cultural references and 'steampunkify' them, or some more Americanised references that don't make that much sense for the setting. I'm not suggesting these references need to be removed, but the setting would be enriched by delving more into both contemporary Victoriana and Victorian Science Fiction. For example the British Infantry of LWX draw a lot from the 18th century of the American Revolutionary war but with a Pith Helmet, rather than say Zulu or the Crimean. It would fit the setting better and also evoke popular culture of the Film Zulu or similar. In terms of characters I'm surprised that Warcradle have steered away from a consulting detective or explorer detachment. Quartermain is out of IP as a big game hunter. HG Wells Food of the Gods would be great as an excuse to have giants which would be different. With the Vault being Alien a Barsoom or the Cosmic trilogy of CS Lewis themed lists would be fun with some very different looking aliens. Also a Selenite war force. Jules Verne provides examples beyond the Nautilus of adventurers from Phileas Fogg, and the hollow earth that does seem to inspire Warcradle's vision for the Antarctic.
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    Game Sizes?

    Hi guys! Very excited to be jumping into Wild West Exodus. My gaming buddies and I all picked up starter sets and a huge amount of Wild West terrain at Salute this weekend and we're going to have a blast with those I'm sure. Looking ahead to the future, though, I'm curious if there's a community standard for 'normal' game sizes. The starter sets will keep us busy for a while I'm sure, but it never hurts to plan! Obviously in the core book there's the 3 categories for 0-999, 1000-1499 and 1500+ - I'm mostly curious as to how the game changes at higher points values, beyond the probably-obvious 'game will be longer'. Looking at my Tribal Retribution posse, for instance, it looks like I could easily fill out 1500+ points in there if I wanted to because of the large number of Hands and Support slots available; but again, I'm wondering if that's actually a sensible move or if you want to be trying to get multiple Bosses in big games so you've got more Fortune points. I guess that probably comes down to whether you want board control or rerolls for your guys?
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    New company...

    @Grand-Stone the Chinese and Japanese fleets do play fairly similar. They both have fixed-channel "broadsides" their rockets are incendiary, and their flamethrowers are also corrosive. The only "real" differences are Chinese crews are mostly conscripted, Japanese ships have Sharp Turn, and the Primary weapons use different Ordnance (concussive for China, incendiary for Japan)
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    New company...

    Well, as for the Latin alliance, I assume Prussia is a threat to France and Italy, as proximity and power goes (maybe I am wrong, I confess again being a newer initiate to the history of the era and area). As for Latin America's inclusion, I suppose that is weaker, but figured it might be more like them as colonies of France and Spain and the like, you know, as a source of further resources for the perpetration of their war with Prussia. As for the Celestial Empire, it is true currently that weakened China benefits Japan, but bear in mind that Japan is an island, and they have to import a lot of things in order to feed their populace/keep up with the world's industry. In our modern world, post-WWII led to a strong alliance between America and Japan, but in the Dystopian Era, perhaps China is Japan's greatest source of importing necessary materials/technology/foodstuffs. Just a possibility, and even in that case Japan might want China weaker so they can seize those goods before the import process, but who knows. I do agree with sentiments you and others have expressed in that I am interested in seeing differentiated national sub-lists (DW turtle ship sounds like it might be awesome) and I definitely think the Blazing Sun logo shouldn't be plastered on the more clearly non-Japanese vessels. Then, as you have said, players can build their national lists and fight it out or ally as they see fit. Since no one can tell me how to play at my actual table with my friend group, then I don't have a big problem with Warcradle's narrative choice being a Singular Asian Empire in their minute to midnight scenario, as I can always say that two minutes later the alliance evaporates for whatever realistically motivated reasons I want. I think you ask good and thought provoking questions, Mr. Fracas
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    New company...

    If I can just add in, for right now I dislike this idea of what they are doing with the faction. A 1000 year alliance? The oldest alliance in the world is the Portugese-British Alliance, and there are a few times the Portugese have not really stood up with their allies. It is poor and lazy writing. Grouping in every other Asian nation so all the nations are all friends together is a borderline racist treatment, not that I am accusing anyone of actually being racist. Considering that from 1000 to 1900 China was remade several times it also unnecessarily complicates the history, for Russian as well which largely absorbs and colonizes the former Mongolian Empire, thus the size of Russia. Also that is why Mongolia tends to have more to do with Russian politics than. I like the Blazing Sun thing, it is reminiscent of the actual Imperial Japanese thing, where all military weapons would have an Imperial Chrysanthemum stamp and navy vessels would have it on the prow of the vessel. However I can see why if you were not playing the Japanese you would really not like it that much, I would not like it if I was playing a Chinese or Korean fleet, who had their own navies and pride.
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    Terrain Pieces

    My terrain album!
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