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    First model a Merian class frigate
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    Ulysses vanguard cruisers finished!
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    All covenant mass 1 ships and SRS finished, next step the Ulysses Vanguard Cruisers
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    Magnets and Modularity (updated)

    Hello all, I have been assembling my 3.0 fleet from the Promentheus set and am working out how I will go about making these ships fully modular. Magnetizing everything like I did for 2ed is nowhere near as simple as it was before (drill hole, add glue, place magnet). I had the idea of using sprue pieces to make an internal frame or spine on which to mount magnets. This has worked fairly well, though it takes more time, and the ugly parts are hidden under the hull. I ordered 2x1mm magnets to make some of these work in the tighter areas. You will notice on the pics that many of the magnets are colored blue, this is sharpie markings to ensure I get the correct pole in the right direction. I keep one turret on my work area to act as a guide, all magnets I use get attached to that guide first and the side facing me gets marked with a sharpie. That way as I go to mount each magnet the markes side always goes down towards the play surface. In doing this I don't have to worry about which part belongs to which ship, so long as it is in the right area it will stick. On to the work: The first are fairly simple, the small and large 'eyeball' turrets have a magnet sunk into the bottom where they were attached to the sprue. The other pieces are the same concept except for the removable rear turret mount which required two magnets one to hold the mount under the back of the upper hull and the other at the bottom of the mount to both hold the turret and hold to the sprue placed underneath it. Second is the frigate, a simple piece of sprue angled at the front to fit under the bow and notched in the back to fit against the interior of the tail plane. The magnet is mounted under the sprue by drilling away a hole just deep enough to hold the magnet and not scrape the play surface. The cruiser is the real trick, the body needed 5 magnets, 4 underneath and 1 on top, with either one long spine made of sprue or two small cross pieces under the turrets. Thats fairly easy, it's the add ons of the upper hull that are annoying, each of the clam shell pieces requires three magnets to sit properly (I tried fewer, only 3 worked) fortunately the rounded pieces that attach to the front of that shell can be glued to that shell so more magnets arent needed. The pics are attached, hopefully they are clear enough to help any of you intrepid (or like me stubborn) enough to modularize your ships. Next up the Russians (I pray they are easier).
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    Phant Mastik

    Magnets and Modularity (updated)

    I hope, but honestly I think not. I plan to do the same, as soon as my set arrives - I haven't seen the sprues yet. But from the pictures it seems the Russian Cruisers differ in (long & short) prow and (long & short) stern. I fear, this will be a pain to magnetize. Please keep us informed and thanks for the pictures.
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    Not sure which side of the pond you are on, but I picked up my copy of the Prometheus starter at my FLGS (Atlanta). The old ships are still allowed, being treated as equivalent to one particular type of new ship or other. The bottom of the ORBAT will tell you what those are. Right now you only have Bears and Penguins to look at but it's a start. Thr Rulebook itself doesn't seem to be available in PDF. I don't know how much they changed from the playtest rules, if you somehow find one of those. I have seen they are releasing a 'Rules and Gubbins set' that should have all you need to run the game with the Classic Dystopian Wars units. One note however, assembly of the cruisers from both sides is a massive pain, see my post on Magnets and Modularity.
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    Murder of Hellions - 555 Caym - 180 Vladimir Ursul - 110 Whitewing - 105 Apex Hellion - 80 Apex Hellion - 80
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    13-The End.

    From the album: The Noble Orcs vs the dirty Ralgard

    My plan has been successful. I have allowed them to sink my entire fleet (except my troll ship which sailed triumphantly off the board). I have him just where I want him. Next time .. oh yes next time ... you, and your sky pirate friend, will regret ever meddling with the mighty Orc Raiders of the Broad Blue. Muah ha ha ha!
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