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  2. Burson_Carpathian

    Some issues we found during 2 games last night.

    I replied to you over on Facebook, but for everyone looking over here for answers, i post it here too. 1. Walks Looking is right. You'd normally force an enemy unit to reroll one attack via <Parry>, yes. But Walks Looking cancels this out because of <Soul Strike>. 2. You played it right, although the Third Man might had the chance to reroll those unmodified grit checks (see <Impervious>) by using Fortune or by Kreechur taking the hits with <Loyal Companion>.
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  4. Confederate Hex

    Some issues we found during 2 games last night.

    1. Soul Strike allows you to ignore parry with a critical hit. It basically is a rule that blocks other rules. 2. Not sure I get you, but with Mettle you can avoid a Wound by instead becoming Disordered. You cannot use Mettle again as long as you are still Disordered. So if the Third Man gets hit by a weapon with Disorder again, it becomes Lethal instead. If the Third Man fails his Grit Check for the first hit, he is dead or he can re-roll the Grit Check for one Fortune. If the re-roll is again a failure, he is dead. If it is a success, he is safe since no re-roll can be re-rolled. Lethal plays no role. If the Grit Check for the first hit was a success, The Third Man must re-roll it because of Lethal. If he fails, he is dead and cannot re-roll by using Fortune. If it is again a success, he is safe. But the same starts again for the second hit.
  5. Duetzefix

    Model availability

    I've got another question about the available models: There's two types of Terquai torpedo cruisers (the old and new one) and only the old type of Dindrenzi gunship available. Is that a labelling mistake and they're supposed to be Aruals and Spathas instead? Because if yes I might have to spend some money.
  6. Lex Orion


    Hola a todos: Bueno, parece que esto está bastante parado en nuestro país. Pero aún quedamos algunos irreductibles que disfrutamos de este fantástico juego; lejos de los juegos mayoritarios. Es un poco triste ver cómo, teniendo tanta variedad, unas miniaturas de diseño tan espectacular y detallado y un buen reglamento, no cuaja. Un amigo y yo jugamos desde hace algo más de 3 años y tenemos 2 flotas cada uno; a la espera de poder comprar algunas naves más para completarlas y añadir aún más riqueza y variedad a nuestras listas. ¡A ver si os animáis y difrutáis como nosotros de este fantástico juego!
  7. Burson_Carpathian

    New profiles for Dystopian Legion Troops in LWX?

    Keep in mind that there's a big rules update underway (v1.09) which incorporates the current feedback on v1.08. There's still time to submit feedback via the feedback-form. https://blog.warcradle.com/wild-west-exodus-card-feedback
  8. Evening All, We played 2 games last night., and came up with a few things, the 2 main things I can remember and seemed strange. 1, Wyatt Earp was in combat with Walks looking and She attacked me and I wanted to use Parry from my Iron Asp Baton to make her re roll her attack, but Walks card stats has under special rules Soul Strike : This unit cannot be made to re-roll successful Aim or fight checks in combat. Who is right and who is wrong. 2. Second Game different players, Blackhoof 20-20 (Lawmen) made a charge on Third man (Hex) Rolled critical hit and pout the Disorder token on Third man. He Save but has the weapon condition disorder. Blackhoof 20-20 attacked a second time and then made 2 hits and was unable to save both. So because he was already disordered he was killed outright due to not being able to use the Mettle Skill. ? We looked up and if you have the disordered effect twice it goes to Lethal, Lethal means you much re roll successful check, and Mettle say if you have the disordered or weapon with -4 it cancels the mettle skill. So he then is dead. Did we play that right?
  9. ShapsyTheMad

    A few last questions before my first play

    Thanks for the Info Altcap, I have joined the facebook group. We had some rule issues come up. I will still post here but I guess facebook is the easier then forums.
  10. ShapsyTheMad

    Mounts for models.

    I have not kit bashed yet and want stuff that is not available on the store. It would not be to hard and I hope someone at Warcradle is working on releasing models that are not currently made or have not been available since Outlaw had the game. I have a Gyro Copter and I want 2 more Gyro Copters for my Lawmen to have a full unit. I have one and it is amazing most games. Also I have 3 interceptors and the heads, but I want 6 of the Deputies on Iron Horses, I notices they are 2 minimum on the stat card. but no models available to buy. I not sure how many models are unavailable for every factions but people will buy if they are available. They have different heads just need the bikes. I think if there is stat cards available for models, The models should be available. If not people will make there own or use proxy models from other games and that down not help Warcradle make money to keep staff paid or the lights on so this does not disappear. I am someone who wants to buy the correct model and support the company. They need to make money to keep producing these beautiful models. Also packs of stats cards would be amazing, I do print them out. but Wyrd (Malifaux) has factions packs each edition and they sell in my store like hot cakes. I would buy the cards for my factions I play every edition. I play that much WWX these day. The other thing I think Warcradle needs to post a idea on what they are looking to release or make available over a 6 month or for the year. To help people know weather to kit bash models or wait for the releases.
  11. ShapsyTheMad


    Normally I use Vallejo Surface Primers if airbrushing, But lately in hurry and on all my WWX in last 2 weeks or so have been either GW Mechanicus Grey Spray or LeadBelcher Spray. Also Army Painters are good but I warm Spray cans under tap before spray and normally do 2 or 3 very light coats. This year using grey has been my favorite base colour.
  12. ShapsyTheMad


    Same, looking for more WWX. Looking to boost the current player base here locally. We just hit 16 players...
  13. ShapsyTheMad

    Hail from Australia! New(ish) Players

    Where are you is Aus? I am Mackay Qld. I been playing and collecting since kickstart one 2012/2013, only 3 of us playing. but now we have distrbutor here, i am stocking and selling in my miniature business for the past month or so, we have in my store games thursday night and Saturdays every week. We have about 80 players accross 7 or 8 systems that come in once to 6 times a month. We have painting night every 2 weeks on a tuesday to keep people motivated. We run mainly gw, some malifaux, guild ball & flames events. And now adding WWX.
  14. ShapsyTheMad

    New profiles for Dystopian Legion Troops in LWX?

    I agree with RuleBritannia also. They need to fix WWX first and release missing models, Also make system faster as there rules are better but slower games and harder to get new players to enter. I have a miniature store in Australia and we have about 16 new players over last month. But people finding much harder then GW Kill Team and Malifaux skirmish games. I been a collector since Outlaw release with Kickstart in 2012/2013. I am trying to build a larger community here as I now have an Australia distributor. Make a second system like PP done with Warmachine and hordes is not the answer. Make rules smoother games faster and grow the player bases. We are working on Reference sheets and clearing up rule issues we have found this past month. I will be posing some stuff over the coming months on the forums to help grow my WWX local community here.
  15. Last week
  16. Lex Orion

    Warcradle Classics?

    Hi admirals!, I play Firestorm Armada, but I am very interested in this fascinating game. I love his aesthetic and background, and I want to acquire one fleet (at least). My questions are: Will Warcradle make all the classics? Many ships are missing now and it is impossible to get a good fleet. Unless the second hand market. Is it proper to wait to the new ships? I am expectant to the new rules, but the 2.5 rules are so interesting. If I decide to play the 2.5, will be better the classic ships (because of their stats)? Waiting for your help.
  17. Lex Orion

    Model availability

    It would be good to have some news. I am waiting for the stock of some Soylian ships (usually, I only buy items if they are in stock). But, most important for me is to know if some ships that I want, like the Dindrenzi Praetorian battleship, Sorylian Harvester Warwolf gunship, etc. will be available. If I can wait, or I try to find them in other ways. And my beloved Tarakians! Warcradle: Will you realise them? Waiting for news!!! Edited - Sorylian Warwolf gunship I wanted to write.
  18. Wolfgang Jannesen

    smack talk

    After playing stellaris its a little disappointing that space parrots or hyper aggressive mushroom people never became a meme instead. I mean the Ryushi are literally that blue thing in Monsters Inc. We can do better
  19. murphy'slawofcombat

    smack talk

    there are some thing I love about 2nd ed. but not crappy space cat. lets all get behind Capt. K9 and chase that screwy feline up the nearest nebula....
  20. RuleBritannia

    Classic model rules

    No problem. I think its an issue those of us with larger collections are very interested in having answered, and I can't wait for Warcradle to get something official out to reassure us all.
  21. Lord Nat

    Classic model rules

    I hope its a case of all the ships that can't count as against current stat lines..... although what are they going to do with the avenger carrier I have no idea! ps thanks RuleBritannia for asking this as this is the question thats made me dust off this account (not used since before Spartan went)
  22. Lord Nat

    Introduce Yourself

    <cough cough>... excuse the dust! Didn't expect this account to still be live! Name is Nat, Been playing DW since v1... and was part of the community online team that helped with the transition of v2.0... stopped playing slightly before 2.5 was released due to moving and the new club in Essex had even less players. Still with the link to the beta test onthe wayland games email thought I'd give it a look, like the look of how the game flows, need to give it a try when I've got time.
  23. RuleBritannia

    Classic model rules

    Thank you! Not going to lie, heard it second hand and hoped for more detail! Various is rather vague...
  24. Burson_Carpathian

    Classic model rules

    I guess you mean the following..? But no word on how much will be covered. It's just this snippet.
  25. RuleBritannia

    Classic model rules

    I can't access the Sturginium Lounge, but there has been chatter I've heard about a booklet with stats for Spartan's awesome range of boats, robots and airships. Is there any official statement on how much of the range is covered and how?
  26. RuleBritannia

    new rules set

    They still have Dystopian Legions sorry Lost World Entrancodus to sort out, along with actually releasing Dystopian wars.
  27. Small Mek

    new rules set

    Soooooooooo... DW Beta is coming to a close at end of June. Anyone care to speculate about the timeline? Anyone hoping for Q3? Or will the finalisation of the actual DW profiles take much more time and developer resources? Do you guys think that the FSA beta can be similar to the DW in that can be concluded without seeing actual profiles for the fleets, or the distinction between them will require stats closer to the intended final versions (Shunting, shields, cloaks, Cyberwarfare etc.)? Too early to speculate? Shall I wait a few more months? Ok ok. Patience. I know. I'll see myself out.
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  29. Toxic_Rat

    smack talk

    Describes most 2nd edition combats, don't you think?
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