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  2. This is more of a measure of how badly we can Yoko this topic now that it feels as wasted effort and just to talk old games now. Really don't think my chances are high in retaining a post, but after my posts here, and on the beta, and the reply I got from both, don't care. Farewell Providence, Toyokawa, Gustav, and Marans, I never got the chance to meet you.
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  4. sorry that's Murphy's marauders on face book
  5. you can respond to murphy's laws of combat on face book.......thanks
  6. No, but thanks for the idea, I will try that.
  7. Have you tried the facebook group for Firestorm? They've been doing the work on collecting the images of various ships.
  8. Update ; - Kurak minor factions completed - Some more Directorate ships completed - I requested adoption of the wiki, which has been granted, giving me full admin rights. (Yay !) - I asked Warcradle if they had any ressources from Spartan's era (images for example) that they could give me, and they answered negatively. Have a nice week :D.
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    The Warcradle Studios Team have enjoyed their experience at AdeptiCon so much that we are heading back in 2020. If you're looking to join our team, and over 100 exhibitors who attend AdeptiCon every year, you'll want to stay tuned for more information about our Booth. When will we be there? We'll be at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois from the 26th to 29th March 2020, giving demos, sharing tips and showcasing our latest releases and games. Keep a lookout on our channels, nearer the time, for more information about our booth. Registration for AdeptiCon is open NOW. For more information, please visit: https://www.adepticon.org/
  11. look I don't know what I may have said that got the answer deleated . Yes, I do think a little constructive criticism is good. we are all hear to make the game better. I will continue to call it as I see it and let my view be known. I also would like to say that I am not mad at what has happened . I would like to what was said so I my respond in kind . Thanks
  12. The train tracks are an impressive technical achievement but they detract from the sense of Prussians as sleek modernised hunters and make them look lumbering.
  13. Exactly. Constructive criticism is very good for Human Being and for Companies (they are built for persons). Persons and companies need other points of view to grow, or we can stay in self-complaisance and then, we can collapse...
  14. Some of that Prussian chunk is because of their new train system. Don't forget they basically shoved two railway tracks with engines (which have impressive detail on them from the photos) running right through the middle so that they can move different weapons to the fore. It's actually something that would work great with some Prussian themed docks and terrain features showing trains pushing and ready to load other weapon types toward the ships; or even deploying them on their own warfs and docks for defence.
  15. Somewhat disappointed with the Chonky Prussian, the less cluttered Chinese ships look better apart from the radiators rather than stacks, and the fact that the battleship has no command deck, and the turrets remain near universally awfully.
  16. Let's see how long this lasts: I am the walrus, I am the walrus. Kukukachu
  17. It doesn't help that Warcradle only bothers to put up pictures on Facebook forums these days. If they don't care about these forums they are a bit of a waste of time.
  18. It's more likely that as the forum doesn't see much attention they don't focus on viewing it every day - whilst facebook they likely check along with their own personal social media accounts. In the past I've reported posts to bring them to the attention of WC staff since the volunteer mods don't see any of the back-end of the company so company focused questions we cannot answer (save to repeat what WC staff have already said).
  19. Warcradle Studios are attending PAX Unplugged 2019 right now in Philadelphia, USA. So what does it mean for the Studio to participate in shows around the globe? Chris Pond gives us some insight in his Diary entry. We here at the Studio attend several gaming shows every year across the globe. There is a lot of work involved in arranging the logistics, people, equipment and the stock needed to get us all there and to build an appealing stand with demo tables and lots of goodies to sell. As I write this I am 30,000 feet in the air on my way to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia to run demos of Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars and Fog & Friction, leaving the work on our upcoming and existing games in the capable hands of the rest of the Studio for a few days. So why do we do it? What does our attendance at these shows mean to our games and our existing and future community and fans? Gaming conventions are a great place to meet and greet our customers from all over the planet. In today's age of social media we engage with a lot of our customers digitally on a daily basis but meeting up face to face and talking about the games, rules, events, etc is a great way to improve on that relationship. We also get the chance to meet new customers and to introduce them to one, some or all of our games. There are many ways to attract new players to your games. Have awesome miniatures is one thing, but actually giving players the opportunity to have a demo is so much stronger. Getting them to experience how the game plays means that they will walk away already knowing the fundamental basics of the rules and hopefully a hunger to play it more. I am touched at how readily most people who play a demo of one of our games are happy to pick up a starter product to take back to their friends and their club to show it off. Hopefully, many of those players will start communities as others pick up the game and start playing. There are many repeat customers that we see at every event, some of them are regular community participants (you know who you are!) and it is great to see them regularly, form friendships based on a shared interest and to have some in-depth conversations about the games we love! We also get the chance to speak to new distributors or retailers and show them our games in the hope that they pick up the range and increase the exposure to new customers. Conventions often have a footfall of thousands of customers and we, therefore, have the chance to present our products to as many of them as we can. We have a fantastic community of Warhosts and each and every one of them give 100% to every demo they run and to every chat with a new customer. As ambassadors of the games we produce they do a cracking job and the shows wouldn’t be the same without them. My plane is coming in to land and I now have the inevitable fight to get my luggage but I hope to see you at the next show. Feel free to seek me out and have a chat about your favourite, or possible least favourite parts of our games. This coming year we have a lot of extremely exciting new releases to show off and conventions are a great way to unveil them, so I am looking forward to a busy 2020 bringing all those lovely new shiny games to you lucky people. Over and out. Chris View the full article
  20. The preference seems to be facebook where they seem to feel more in control.
  21. And even not a reaction by the wayland guys here in the forum, like the other sides before... so sad.
  22. The alliance books are fantastic. Mine are currently being lent out, but I'll try and get them back and send you the amazing fleet details.
  23. Yes, that would be the main idea. Something like that, or simply several sections one above the other, with the most recent one above. Yes this is clearly for completeness' sake as you say, if I had any info on FA 1.0 i would write that down as well. By the way, I simply cannot find most of the fluff from Spartan's era. Any leads you could give me besides trying to find an old book for sale somewhere ? I can't seem to find anything besides the rulebooks. Recent Changelog : - Some more minor factions completed - Pages regrouping unreleased ships by factions and projects that didn't see actual production.
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  25. No, no harm in doing it. As the developer of the Firestorm Fleet Manager, I've sunk plenty of time into trying to help the game along. I personally wouldn't spend much time on the old system, but you are of course free to update as you see fit. I just don't think there is much demand for it, other than for completeness' sake.
  26. So more like Wookiepedia's legend canon divisions? That could work with the tabs, for example here https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Mitth'raw'nuruodo
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