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  2. What are the benefits and penalties for the 'Massed Melee' & 'Massed Fire' rules please? I can see that you pool your dice together based on models in the Hand units that have the rule, but other than 'The Quick and the Dead' changing slightly for 'Massed Fire' what else should I be aware of with skills and how things are resolved if that makes sense?
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  4. Why would we need 2 different templates? From my understanding, we have 6 arcs instead of 4, so each would be a 60-degree arc from that hex facing. Fore, Fore P/S, Aft P/S, Aft, instead of Fore, P/S, Aft.
  5. I just realized this means we will now need two different arc templates. I'm starting to dread what the complexity of a single template is going to look like, or if we'll have multiple templates to deal with.
  6. It is the one one the left. I can't find the quote on Facebook with the arc names, but I think the arcs are something like: Fore Aft Port/Starboard Fore (or was it Fore Port/Starboard?) Port/Starboard Aft
  7. So which way is the facing of the hex base going to go ?
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  9. at this point it is the only way to go . i believe we will have something to work with . i've been wanting to get to gencom for a while and i should be retired and can spend a bit of time there by next year
  10. It is a sad note. So...who else is in for 2021? We ought to even have a working beta version by then! ZS
  11. GenCon 2020 is canceled . Hope to see you all in 2021 .
  12. Agree 100% That the rules are written for and support our old classic models is a must for me too.
  13. To dedicate a life to the sole purpose of gaining knowledge is a righteous path to excel down. Often, the need to find answers becomes an unhealthy obsession. Yet some seek the truths in their world to dominate others mentally. It becomes a powerful weapon to push inferiority onto weaker-minded beings. This path is a dangerous one, and it is the Path of Chronozon... a life of which Chester Barreman was suited highly to. Chester Barreman may have chosen this life, but the Path of Chronozon chose him. When he was younger, Chester excelled in knowledge in history, excelling further in his interest in ancient civilisations and their religions. He became engrossed by the belief system and its connections between its acolytes’ world and reality-wide. His studies into the depth of knowledge matured at an alarming rate and his thirst for knowledge became a harmful obsession. He was quick to sacrifice his sanity that he made a subconscious bargain to dig deeper. He was now unrecognisable to himself in his reflection, all that stared back at him in the mirror was the dark soulless eyes of the Chronozon. He had become stronger as the mark began to settle on him. He was renewed and reincarnated with an abundance of information. His soul still remained intact within his vessel, but he walked the life of the demon. He walked the Path of Chronozon. Led by Barreman’s protege, Lydia Heron, the followers of the Path wear masks and wear the symbols of the abyss proudly and with honour. Not only does this superficially hide their identity for the gazing eyes of others, but purges their own individuality to become one with the Path. The Path of Chronozon is home to many followers. All of which harnesses irreplaceable knowledge. All of which serve a purpose as an integral cog in their faction. Barreman has taught them that Chronozon’s function is to destroy the ego, which ensures escapism from themselves, their independence and their individuality. To gain the ability to see beyond two dimensions and drift beyond the abyss of occult cosmology. Chester has harnessed many skills to excel his knowledge and power, including mastering the art of summoning through a demonic ritual. By the sacrifice of a servant’s lucid state - a spawn of Chronozon enters into this reality. This horrific abomination is not dumb, it recognises Barreman’s mark of Chronozon and follows closely to his demands and needs. The spawn is no pet, it follows instructions from his master… it serves as an integral part of the team, just as much as his followers. A demon of the umbra, the spawn is the embodiment of the abyss in cold blood and fury. Its versatility allows it to sweep through any environment with ease and stealth with the aid of its vorpal teeth and claws. A powerful ally for a powerful team. As Chester guides his way through the Path of Chronozon, he is not naive to the fact that there are more factions are arising, as The Shadow War looms overhead. They too have hope of success and harnessing the power of Mythos. His grasp and understanding has opened his eyes further to the larger skirmish between the imminent awakening of the Gods of old, and their mortal pawns. This is no battle like those of men. This battle is due to be something more sinister and insidious. The servants of the Chronozon are prepared for the creatures that lurk behind their Gods… and wish to gain supremacy in the constant struggle of this war. The Path of Chronozon Faction Set is available now, from Wayland Games and your FLGS, so be sure to find your closest store with our store locator. View the full article
  14. Some other stuff for those of you who don't facebook: 8th Faction is Stormzone Coalition, and it is essentially the Mercenary faction where every other league/alliance faction goes. Can build a fleet composed of helixes from any of the coalition races, allowing you to mix Kedorian, Terquai, Tarakian, etc. Stormzone Coalition is allied in order to stay on even power terms with the main factions, but that doesn't mean they have the same goals or even like each other. Many internal power struggles. Ryuushi still dislike the Kedorians and only remote in to their Coalition meetings since their city ships are used as sites for those. Each race within the Stormzone Coalition has different preferences for the main factions, meaning they will work with some main factions and not others. A fleet from the 7 main factions can include 1 helix from a Stormzone Coalition race that will work for them. All factions have Shields to some extent. Shields are not dice based, so they are no longer like a save, but we do not know exactly how they are represented yet. A'quan are now living ships that are born in space and feed on stellar matter, no longer having their aquatic species fluff or any crew. Over time, A'quan collect material that they use to increase in size. The young are fighters, the juveniles are equivalent of frigates, adults the equivalent of cruisers and other mediums, and Elders are equivalent of battleships/carriers. Dreadnoughts are called Ancients. Aesthetic is split between at least two types, the Vo'Narr and the Ce'Sara. Ce'Sara Battleship design is essentially like the Poseidon-class, and the Vo'Narr Ancient is like the Medusa. A'quan are the oldest of the races and have a line of though and culture that is beyond most other civilizations understanding. This makes it hard to communicate with them; they are capable of having an exchange with the other races, its just that their perceptions of time and space, concepts like territory and family, etc. are so different that they have problems reaching a satisfying understanding. Humans made the mistake of treating them like space whales to be hunted for generations, so as a result they will attack all Terran and Dindrenzi ships on sight. Soryllians consider defeating them to be a major career booster so they are also not on good terms with them. Relthoza no longer cloak. They are doubling down on nanotechnology self repair and space folding/shunt. Each individual Relthoza helix can select from one of several ruleset themes based on their ability to do a trick with their hull or the space around them. We don't know what the Relthoza tricks are yet. Veydreth are the main cloaking race now. Classic Terran Alliance is a sub theme of the Terran Directorate, called Kurak Engineering. Classic Directorate is a sub theme as well, called Sabulon Systems. Rense System Navy is a sub theme of Dindrenzi, unsurprisingly. Long term plans for the Firestorm universe currently only involve Armada. There are currently no plans considered for Planetfall at this time.
  15. My newly found Hex, beginning with a Hex Beast and Marie Laveau.
  16. While we are at it How about a Grizzlegator
  17. Salut tous le monde. Le projet continue, nous avons créé un groupe Facebook : Wild West Exodus & Lost World Exodus France. Vous y trouverez les réalisations des membres en terme de peinture et décors et y poster les vôtres. De plus dans la sections fichiers y sont hébergés les traductions en français (non-officielles) des cartes aventures, de l'errata de la version 1.09, des cartes règles communes et traits d'armes et des cartes de factions (incluant l'armurerie et les thème de bandes). Les factions suivantes ont été traduite : Enlightened, Lawmen, Order, Outlaws, Union et Watchers. Seront finis sous peu les Hex et et la Warrior Nation. Et comme le dit l'ami Greenblade : "Venez nombreux !"
  18. I would li,e to make a request. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  19. Latest tidbit out of Warcradle is that each Helix will consist of a command squadron (BB, BC, DN, or CV), cruiser squadron (or equivalent), and a frigate or destroyer squadron (or equivalent). I'm assuming that says more about the models in the box than exactly what miniatures you must take in your fleet.
  20. He dared not look. It was ridiculous, he was a Professor for heaven's sake! He’d spent most of his life looking at things. Searching, investigating, experimenting… But no more. Professor Francis Whyte was now quite terrified of something as simple as looking. It had all started with that book, that accursed tome. Found on a dusty shelf in Somerville Municipal library, it was unremarkable to look at, though it was certainly a hefty volume. The curiosity in him had been immediately awakened and that had been his undoing. As he pored over the book more and more mysteries revealed themselves, fueling his desire to unearth answers. Before long he was reading phrases from unfamiliar languages and even speaking some aloud, though he had little idea what they actually said. One word resonated: Tyndaly’th. All too late he had discovered that some knowledge is best left undiscovered. Some words left unspoken. That had been the definitive moment, a flashpoint. Of that he was sure. As he had uttered the guttural syllables of that one particular fateful phrase, the temperature had dropped noticeably, and hoarfrost had formed on the rims of his glasses. He had immediately slammed the book shut and placed it back on the shelf, his desire to know more quite sated. It had been too late. He cursed himself, he should have known better, but he had felt compelled to read. Not exactly against his will but certainly influenced, though by what he knew not. Everything seemed fine, he thought he had escaped with no serious effects. That had been until he looked in the mirror. It wasn’t him though, he was unchanged. No, it was in the reflection, something was there. In the mirror. He had to look twice, he had thought he was just tired, but no, there was something there, indistinct, like some kind of shade, but becoming clearer. Sinuous, with claws and fangs. He’d shuddered and looked away. There was nothing in the room with him, it was definitely IN the reflection. Looking back in the mirror there it was again, and it was getting closer. Reaching for him. He’d screamed and left the room... View the full article
  21. without warcradle giving us a look at what they call a helix and how to build a fleet around there system . all of this is just a guessing game . will warcradle be willing to shed some light on this ?
  22. Looks like the new helix system will be quite flexible.
  23. This is where I am. I was playing back in 1.0, I liked it enough to get into it & buy and paint models, and then my friends and I gradually stopped playing because we'd worked out a bunch of problems with the rules (particularly with balance, as point values didn't really line up right). By the time the next edition of the game came out, we'd moved on to other things. Now that things are as they are, I've taken my ships back out and started touching up their old paint jobs. I'd love to give it another whirl when in-person tabletop gaming becomes a thing again. If that happens, it's going to be me buying a new rulebook and putting my old models back on the table. If that goes well, I'll start buying some new models based on what I'd like to paint and play. If I either can't find anyone to play with or the rules don't support a fun game, the new rulebook goes back on the shelf with my 1.0 rulebook. The chance to sell me on the new version of the game - and to help sell the other people I'm playing with - is going to be better if we can look at my models and know what they do intuitively (layout and number of guns / generators) in the same way that we can the new models, and if they're a fair buy on their point value.
  24. I have played Dystopian Wars Armoured Clash since it was first released by Spartan Games using KoB and CoA armies. I recently obtained some Prussian figures, but cannot find any Game Stats for these Prussian forces with AC v2 whilst i wait for Warcradle to release their version of Armoured Clash. What I am wondering is if anyone can tell me where I can get the Game Stats for Prussian forces awaiting Warcradle?
  25. Battletech normally uses a hex map, but there are quick conversions used for non-hex set ups that have been around for almost the same length of time.
  26. There is no indication of hex maps. Nor are you actually required to swap out the bases; if you don't want to, there is a movement/firing template that functions with the old bases. The fact of which readily implies no hex tile maps.
  27. Actually, we're on the good side of that cycle. v1 Good v1.5 Bad v2 Good Spartan v3 Bad WC v3 Good...? Seriously though, they have never said that they were going to do a hex map. That's conjecture from someone with a pretty big axe to grind, so I wouldn't take those statements as nearing reality. For the hex bases, yeah, I can see that is an expense. Let's see how it's implemented before freaking out too much.
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