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  1. Your Firestorm Fleet Count

    Now I don't feel so bad about buying all my ships. I feel like I should be buying some more!
  2. Your Firestorm Fleet Count

    Terran: Titan Dreadnaught Apollo Battleship Tyrant Battleship Palisades Station (3 platforms) Ares Carrier Solar Carrier 4 x Hauberk Heavy Cruiser 5 x Aegis Shield Cruiser 2 x Teuton Cruiser 3 x Harpoon Cruisers 3 x Assault Cruisers 3 x Artemis Destroyer 4 x Missionary Frigate 8 x Armsmen Frigate 4 x Nadir Frigates 6 x Wayfarer Light Frigate 3 x Squire Escort Terquai: Alkonost Assault Carrier 3 x Arual Assault Cruisers 3 x Turale Torpedo Cruisers 4 x Sular Frigates Veydreth: Predator Battleship 3 x Prowler Gunship 3 x Carnivore Heavy Cruiser 3 x Stalker Assault Cruiser 3 x Savage Destroyers 5 x Reaver Corvettes Hawker: Excelsior Battleship Regent Carrier 3 x Resolute Cruisers 4 x Endeavour Frigates 3 x Stalwart Escort
  3. Terran's and Allies

    Starting my fleet Hawker Industries Patrol Fleet and Carrier (primed gray, air brushed base coat khaki, dry brushed off white, umber wash) Terran Patrol Fleet (primed gray, air brush base heavy ochre, dry brushed, ivanden darksun, jokaero orange for Trim, delvan mud wash) Everything on hand (not in the mail ) painted. Planning on adding some more cruisers, battle cruiser squadron.
  4. Terran's and Allies

    Frigates from the reinforcements box
  5. WestAussies FSA Fictional Universe

    That's nice, I have a small corsair fleet coming, I really like the look of the ships. I was thinking of black and yellow as well but the entire ships.
  6. WestAustralian's FSA Fleets

    I really like the color of these as well. Definitely makes omni more attractive looking than the stock colors.
  7. Terran's and Allies

    yeah I don't know, I am new to painting flashy bright colors so am at a bit of a loss on painting terquai, aquans and the like.
  8. Clifford's fleets of fancy

    Looks good, what color is that green/blue, looks almost verdigris?
  9. Terran's and Allies

    Terquai torpedo cruiser air brush experiment
  10. Terran's and Allies

    Charter enforcement fleet
  11. Terran's and Allies

    Done with the Veydreth.
  12. WestAustralian's FSA Fleets

    Looking good!
  13. Terran's and Allies

    More Veydreth. Have a patrol fleet left to-do but need to get back to my Terrans for a while.
  14. What is it you want to see?

    Same here, I like to support the local stores. However there is nothing carried locally here anymore (Northern California), I have to get all my stuff from Game Nerdz... That doesn't help attract new people to the game, if they don't see it on the shelves.
  15. Terran's and Allies

    Veydreth gunships completed.
  16. Terran's and Allies

    So I started fiddling with my airbrush and went with this color scheme very close to whats on the Veydreth gunship box. I Not sure what color I want the engines (or nacelles or whatever you call them ), was thinking of blending them back to dark green. I was also thinking of the opposite extreme some brighter contrast like khaki or even more extreme.
  17. Me and a friend finally played our first big game. A border skirmish between Terran/Hawker forces and Dindrenzi/RSN forces. We didn't have alot of terrian, so there was a plantoid, two asteroid fields and we used the diminesional gate at a debris field. Turn 1 - Terran initiative. I decided to keep my Apollo and Regent with its cruiser accompaniment in reserve. I was hoping the dreadnaught + Aegis would soak up fire until the reserves came in. Turn one pretty uneventful, a few long range torpedo hits on one of the Dindrenzi Cruisers, and gunships, my armsmans did minor damage to one of the enemy frigates, at the loss of 1 armsman, Near the end of turn one I noticed my opponent had no tier 3's, since we're still learning we decided he would replace the battleships accompaniments with frigates and break it into two small squadrons. Turn 2 - Begins with the Dindrenzi getting initiative. The enemy makes the Terran dreadnaught a priority, with a withering assault from the RSN dreadnaught and battleship. I don't recall how many 6's my opponent rolled but he easily crit'd my titan, then lucky me he rolled 2 on the crit table and did 5 hp to the dreadnaught. Further attacks from the RSN dreadnaught and Zin battleship did 2 more points to the dreadnought and sweep it's escorts. I failed to take a turn 2 before and after picture. Turn 3 - Terran initiative. The Apollo arrive's, with a truncation error, however it ends up moving randomly closer to the rear of the enemy carrier. The Titan is extremely ineffecitve even with weapons shielding, however the apollo caused heavy damage to the Zindrenzi carrier 4 HP and 2 CP. Turn 4 - Terran's get initiative again. Using perfect timing the Regent shunts in without issue. The titan avoids death again. Two of the enemies escorts are picked off allowing a full wing of bombers and the Apollo to kill the enemy carrier. The carriers/cruisers direct fire and the titan broadsides and turrets kill the remaining gunships. Torpedo attacks kill off one of the Dindrenzi cruisers. I rolled very well that turn. I lost the last armsman in one squadron, and my shield cruisers finally starts to take damage. Turn 5 - Terran's once again get initiative. The Dindrenzi finally kill off my Dreadnought which is was going to die anyway as I had turned it to close to the planetoid to get one last shot and it was doomed to hit it turn 6 anyway. The last enemy gunship and cruiser dies, the enemy battleship and dreadnaught avoid damage. But he finally has them turned around to face me. Turn 6 - Terran's get initiative once again. They focus fire on the enemy battleship doing 5 HP, while the Apollo takes a crit and raging fire. At that point we're done, The store was closing so I didn't tally the battle logs, but it seemed like a very close game.
  18. Planetfall Box Set

    Got half of my box set painted. 
  19. Planetfall Box Set

    yep I am still not sure what I will do with the rest of the helix, I am leaning towards the brown undercoat though. The basing came from a box set from Galeforce, there are all kinds of grits and grains up to little slabs.
  20. Planetfall Box Set

    Thanks! I really liked the illustrations in the Battle for Proteus prime campaign book so I tried to emulate that color scheme. Still not sure which faction I will build up for planetfall, I really like sorylian's. Actually I like all of them lol. For the base I used this gray and black grit from Galeforce for the first layer and then just plain old static grass here and there after that dried. I painted a dark brown first, although not sure that was really needed, probably could of left it black like i did on the infantry bases.
  21. Terran's and Allies

    It never ends, some aegis's
  22. Terran's and Allies

    Finally got around to painting the Hawker SRS tokens A new arrival, Ares carrier built on contract by Hawker industries (not really liking the blue trim, might go with my old standby orange)
  23. Terran's and Allies

    Thanks. I find the opaque paints a little hard to work with, not sure I will go that route again, but for my first fleet I am happy with the outcome.
  24. my Terran fleet

    I tried it just comes up with a closed group for FSA.

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