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  1. Thanks you Xerkics, appreciate the words. I have ground to make up with you all and I intend to keep pushing hard with that. All the best, Neil
  2. Disagreement with rules changes

    Hi Meatshield, Thanks for the post. That would be a good thing for us to do. Leave it with me please and I'll get it up when I make it back to the office. All the best, Neil
  3. Reprint of older ships?

    Hi Cernunnos, I remember those.... I will see if we can move those to resin. Will be back in touch and have a fabulous Gen Con. Spartan Neil
  4. Reprint of older ships?

    Gotcha Cernunnos.... Saurian Battle Station is a tricky one as it is exclusive to the Kickstarter - doesn't mean we won't make different ones for retail. It is, however, available as an Add-On and folk can grab it easily at a great price. Dimensional Gate and Probe - they are literally going up on the KS as freebies Backers this week. Medusa is about to appear on the KS (see the Aquan Battle Force when it goes online). Civilian Ships are on the KS already. Have a look at the KS Add-ons later this week. You may be pleased. All the best, Neil
  5. Disagreement with rules changes

    Hi Xerkics, The Core Nation model images will be shown during the campaign. We did this for DW Core Nations and it worked well for us and I am happy with this method. If this doesn't suit all folk, I am sure they'll grab the models post KS in retail. We know what the Expansion models are and how they'll play out - but as I stated, they will be download stats and if you all think we got them wrong we can adjust. Given timings on the KS the rulebook will have time to be reviewed, finalised and printed for folk. We are already making amends to the rules based on the feedback we have additionally gathered. Our statistics are downloads, not printed, so are not date affected, and hence don't affect the KS. And with these community feedback is important. Timing - well we're in August already and we have a lot of things to do with FA. We're playing catch up with FA and DW, and whilst lots of things are underway we need to get it done. And doing things before the end of the year is important for me personally. Cheers, Neil
  6. Disagreement with rules changes

    Hi Guys, Just to be clear with this. 3.0 is not locked and we are evaluating your comments and some rules will be changed and your feedback embraced, be it Cloaks, Battle Shunt and so on. I have defined a number of changes in the rules and additions to the game I have requested. Not all are going to sit comfortably with all players, but while some of you think your comments are being ignored, I am telling you here that this is not the case. Additionally, I have already said that the full rules will be handed out for folk to play with before I print any books. There has been some good feedback and it has been clear that some of my rule changes have needed more consideration/tweaking with their impact. Cheers, Neil
  7. Reprint of older ships?

    Hi Guys, Just seen this thread. Nice idea for discussion. Sniddy - agreed on the Medusa. We stopped that model because of manufacturing complexities, but it would be most cool to bring it back. I'd want to revisit the 'tendrils' and make sure we did a better job on them for folk. All the best, Spartan Neil
  8. Corinthian Club Chat!

    Hi Maccabeus, I can ask for that to be done. I don't know the dimensions, but someone will! Regards, Neil
  9. Hi, Quick reply to this one: no to a Planetfall Kickstarter. That is not how we are going to handle expansions for that game. Cheers, Neil
  10. Hi Overread, They are resin, yes. New process with colour added at the point we mix it to saturate it all the way through. Core nation images will come out through the campaign. All the best, Neil
  11. November 2016 Kickstarter

    Hi, The KS you are, I think, referring to is the Modular Terrain idea we had. We cancelled the project when we evaluated it and realise idea was not solid enough. So not outstanding, just cancelled before the campaign came to an end. I am happy for it to stay on the Kickstarter page. Regards, Neil
  12. Corinthian Club Chat!

    Hi Iceman113, I found an image on my machine: All the best, Spartan Neil
  13. Corinthian Club Chat!

    Doh.....ok, I thought I had shown that. Many apologies. Let me dig you an image out. Best, Neil
  14. Corinthian Club Chat!

    Hi Iceman113, Are you talking about the DW Kickstarter model for Corinthian Club Members? Cheers, Spartan Neil
  15. Corinthian Club Chat!

    Hi Guys, Many apologies for my continued delays with the Corinthian Club newsletter. I am working on it today and will be shipping it out as soon as I can. Part of the newsletter will be informing you all that we are extending your membership period as an apology for our delays and to make sure we make up for your quarterly gifts. All the best for now and I will post back when the newsletter goes out. All the best, Neil
  16. Hi All, Firstly, apologies for not getting the Taskforce video done. I've been a bit of a wuss and off with a nasty bout of cold. or man flu as my wife calls it. Even worse Beth, she who is in charge of the video and is looking after social media for Spartan, has sided with my wife, so I'm getting hit from all sides on this! I just wanted to give a quick breakdown of what Taskforce is before the video: 1) The rules are fast and simple. This is an introductory set of rules to get folk to the tabletop quickly and cost effectively. Derek Sinclair describes them as a gateway product, with the ultimate goal to get folk into playing Firestorm Armada 2.0 and then into version 3.0. I don't see current FA players transitioning to Taskforce, that's not the intent. But they can easily append Taskforce to their gaming sessions to deliver short, snappy games, or lunchtime games or to help demo to folk. 2) I created the rules after I came back from Gencon 2015. While I was there I was asked a lot about simplifying entry to the Firestorm Galaxy, about how players could have a simple way of showing potential new players how cool Firestorm is. Get the models on the table, show folk how to roll dice and kill stuff and give a flavour of what comes from the full rule set, aka Firestorm Armada 2.0. 3) As my guys were looking at a new generation of models it became clear that this gave us a perfect opportunity to hand the rules out in a set of 2-player boxes that pitted the cool new modular models against each other and provided the bits and pieces needed for a quick game. Hence Taskforce. So we put dice, tokens and templates in the box. The 32-page rulebook delivers the basics for a game: fleet selection, move, shoot, roll dice, kill, explode, laugh, mock the enemy etc. 4) For current FA gamers we then made six reinforcement boxes that deliver the models to them. They already have a set of rules they play with, so they can elect to ignore Taskforce and keep rolling dice using FA 2.0. They can then just enjoy our new and exciting models. 5) The models are cool and I am sure players will enjoy adding them to their fleets. My guys went away and put a lot of thought into how we can improve the FA models that we create for you. Magnets and modularity were the top of the list. We don't provide the magnets, but we have factored their use into the designs and 'holes' are located in the models for folk to use or ignore. Not everyone likes magnets, so it's not like we are forcing you to use them. We're currently working on larger models using the same approach. Today I was signing off a new Terran Alliance Battleship that starts life as just that, a Battleship, but by swapping parts and adding a new piece of superstructure it turns into a bitching Battle Carrier. Gamers can magnetise the parts and have a dual function model in their armoury if they feel so inclined, or just glue together the model they want to field. Lots of choice for the customer. 6) Don't worry about the scale of the models. The whole idea is to keep choice at play here. FA and Taskforce use the same models; they'll always use the same model scale. So a single investment in models can be played anyway a gamer wants to. Your fleets, your choice. Not for Spartan to tell you what to do with your toys. 7) So why make a new set of rules? Simple answer is why not. We're fully committed to FA 2.0 and we'll be enhancing this product in version 3.0. I've commissioned a large amount of background and scene-setting writing for the 3.0 rulebook which will properly pull together all aspects of our sci-fi galaxy – taking 6+ years of info and compositing it into a core set of documents. I am informed by Spartan Alex that rule enhancements and amends are in the works courtesy of the Firestorm Focus Group, so I look forward to being briefed on those soon. Instead of trying to twist FA 2.0 into a trimmed down 32-page book that would simply confuse folk I instead took the decision to make a very simple engine that could look upwards to FA 2.0 and offer, to use Derek's word here, a gateway to the hugely exciting gaming world that is FA 2.0 and beyond. That's it for now guys. I am going to go and take another Lemsip and wuss about my home office. I'll delve into the game more next week and show more models off in the flesh. I'll try to push the new Terran Battleship through quickly to show you all as I am loving the direction of this bad boy. Keep well, Spartan Neil ​
  17. Relthoza. We had a long conversation the just other day about them and Shunts and Cloaks and I made my feelings felt on things, and changes have been made based on that. We are listening and we are evaluating as we push on with the statistics. Things evolve and we set baselines of how things work in order to get to the point where we could test if they did. If we got it less than perfect we will look at change. I concur that my push on changes with the Relthoza may not have been ideal, and I'll tell you now that we will sort the Relthoza out. Cheers, Neil
  18. Oh, And to be clear....I really don't like tokens! : Neil
  19. Hi All, Mike will have the rulebook at GenCon and will be able to run through 3,0 with folk who want to chat to him and roll some dice. The rules general release is coming, but my idea right now is to run some blogs delving into the 'why' I changed things and discuss the mechanics and why some things have changed, been added or removed. I've just asked for some 3.0 battle reports which we can prepare digitally to share with folk, so that we can share the key mechanics. I want to get feedback before I hit print on the book. The task beyond that is to pull as much game play feedback as we can from you kind folk with respect to the model statistics. There are changes and they will ripple through the statistics. The use of a living set of statistics needs to be bedded in a more structured way for the community. Something like: Release the Stats - gamers play and look and feedback via the forum. Emphasis on play here. Fix any glaring typo errors or, to be blunt, dumb stuff Plan a timeline for a 3 or 6 month review, and likely roll with that. We can collate gamer feedback that can be quantified beyond anecdotal or speculation without game play. I think 6 monthly. Set the dates in the calendar, both for a feedback delivery and the delivery by Spartan of updated PDFs for download. Keep rolling with the review. Stats are never going to please anyone and we need to find balance. August is about getting a Planetfall PDF to folk to run through so we can get that game settled. FA 3.0 will follow it, but like I say I want to get the blogs up for all gamers to digest. All the best, Neil
  20. New to Planetfall

    Hi Frostphoenyx, Great to have you on the forum and my thanks to everyone for giving you such a warm welcome! I'm with tansalus on his colour ideas. I hope you enjoy your Planetfall models. All the best, Neil
  21. Question for Spartan Games

    Thank you! And my daughter reminds me lots that she is top of the pile...
  22. Question for Spartan Games

    Hi Fracas, I have to agree with you there, that is for sure. I went into a bit if a dark space following the sad deaths of several family members and when I was diagnosed with my own illness I have to say I collapsed a little. I've always been a private person and talking about stuff like that isn't really me. April was an interesting time, but the fortitude of my wife, children and the amazing NHS have me on my feet again... and the prognosis is very good indeed. So here's to what is coming next and giving my games the love they, and you all, deserve. Neil
  23. Question for Spartan Games

    Thanks Lord Nobody, Kind words. I have to admit to not doing a good job of things for a while, but I am very much hoping that now I have control of things again I will improve things for you guys. We've had amazing support over the years, for which I greatly thank folk, and although we've had some glitches along the way, I look forward to many more years with you all! Neil
  24. Question for Spartan Games

    Hi Guys, If anyone is planning to play one of our games at GenCon let me know via email (neil@spartangames.co.uk) and we can create a blog giving out the details and if you want to send us any images during or after the event we can poist those as well. All the best, Neil
  25. Question for Spartan Games

    Thanks Fracas, most kind. Hopefully not. Cheers, Neil

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