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  1. Salut a tous ! J'inaugure cette section par un lien sur les vidéos de ma chaine sur dystopian wars ! et bientôt je l'espere que Dystopian age vous y trouverez des open the box, des sessions peintures, des rapports de batailles, des news et des traductions notamment de l'annonce de dystopian age par Warcradle studios bonne vidéo les barbus !
  2. Hehe pas de la pub juste permettre au gens de pouvoir avoir un peu de matière en attendant de voir des news !
  3. Thx ! i have a lot picture for create a new videos
  4. Hi guys ! I make a vidéo a little different. This video as effect a old movie begin 20 century. Good video !
  5. Introduce Yourself

    First ! I'm very old gamer to Dystopian wars, six ou seven years maybe I'm live in france, near paris (Gif sur yvette :D) I play a lot faction, french, english, Italian, Black wolf, american and HEC My favotire model, actually this is Crown battleship I also a french youtuber, for wargames miniatures, I make a tutorial for painting, create scenery and presentation of game here is a link for my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ZBJWNIuMAE7gE4KXkD-eA?disable_polymer=true
  6. Bonjour les barbus ! voici une vidéo résumé et traduite de celle de Warcradle pour les français Hi everyones, here is a vidéo to resume and translate the vidéo : Dystopian age unveiled in french
  7. rho my old vidéo ! nice !
  8. [tuto] Make a wave for base

    Hi guys ! I make a tutorial in video for create a wave for my tiny assaultcraft good vidéo !
  9. Hi ! good idea ! My english is not very well but i using reverso for subtitle ! good idée for the explosion too ^^
  10. Actualy i use two program, Adobe after effect to create effects and Adobe premiere for making the vidéo
  11. League of Italian States Colour Scheme Database

    thank you Spenno
  12. League of Italian States Colour Scheme Database

    Hi ! here it is my Italian fleet !
  13. Mortimer's caribbean fleet

    good job !
  14. Update of World map

    Hi all, I wondered if there was a putting has update of the current world map? Indeed certain information on the map is not any more good and a lot of new nation is missing. Thank you in advance for your answer ps : I'm a french player, my english is not good sorry ^^
  15. Hi I am French and thus I have decidé to put my text also in French, J'ai choisi les deux nations ci dessus au niveau de la beauté des figurines et le background, aucunement sur leur puissance, mais je ne doute pas que les deux nations pourront s'averées redoutables sur le champs de bataille I chose both nations this above at the level of the beauty of figurines and background, not at all on their power, but i sure with both army is powerful Du coup j'ai decidé de peindre une unité Anglaise en parralelle d'une unité Française ! I decided to paint an English unit in parallel of a French unit voila les premieres fig peinte ! Here a fist model painted ! L'ambiance est Coloniale pour l'anglais, et "bleu" pour le français English is colonial scheme and "Royal" for the French au depart je voulais les faire les deux armées sable (pour faire une campagne africaine) mais j'aurais peut être saturé ^^ at the begining i wish make a both army in desert camo (for my first campaign in afrika) but i would have can be saturated ;D I finish my first squad of french army, steward is almost finished.
  16. AC - vonHymack's Облако сталь

    Amazing ! it's beautiful von ! good job !
  17. [KOB] Royal Morrocco Navy

    Hi Everybody, I make a COA (Choice of Arms) on my Club, a challenge : make a 1000pts of naval/aerial army. I used a Thargol hobby manager for manage a challenge. Every session lasts one month. Global view of projet view of session 1 here is a picture of my work global view of red squadron and his air cover. Squadron consist of : HMS Lion, HMS Spartiat and HMS Argonaut. Wing of Bomber and his cover, the fighters wing
  18. [KOB] Royal Morrocco Navy

    hehe yes good eye's Youenn
  19. still painting too :)

  20. [KOB] Royal Morrocco Navy

    heres is my pitctures of my S3 and my fleet (I have 3 hawk rotor and a frigate for the session 4). I have In few 750 pts paint. for a pleisure :
  21. Brothers enemys ROF vs KOB

    Thanck you ! I centred for my scenery, but it is really necessary that I finish a bases for my tanks ^^
  22. [KOB] Royal Morrocco Navy

    Thanck you My Admiral ship is almost finish (it miss the Shield generator). Here is a global view of my challenge, I have three week ahead of schedule. I am going to be able to go to my other project and finish my last building for my urban scenery ^^ I make a Hawk rotor and undercoat (i'm not sure...is a good word for : Sous couché?) ;P I make a picture of my S3 and my complete work when I would have finish my shield generator.
  23. [KOB] Royal Morrocco Navy

    Yep ! I have a 500pts here Has the end I would have 1000 pts ^^ But I have a hunter pack and a support group to paint then
  24. Brothers enemys ROF vs KOB

    hi ! I have not finish my bases of my terrier On the place, I began an English fleet and I continued my work on my scenery.
  25. [KOB] Royal Morrocco Navy

    I Begin my sesson three ! I think that this session is going to be quickly finished The Frigates will be ended during the next session of painting

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