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The Warcradle Team

Resolute [Hawker Scheme Test]

Xenon Fire

Lighting's a bit dim, and yellow, but that's probably what she's going to look like on a gaming table.

That said, in person she's actually a bit more tilted toward the blue on the main hull colour, and the red's more of a deep crimson.

Thinking of switching out the red, but I did start out wanting to do them in Kurak colours, and then modifying that so that they'll fit with my Terrans.

Suggestions on what to replace it with, alternate shield vane colours -- very welcome.

Thinking of greyish-blue-mixed with a lot of white, or some sort of gold/amber.


Black primer >

Dawnstone(Citadel/GW) + German Grey >

Dawnstone > Dawnstone + Ulthuan Grey >

Ulthuan >

German Grey wash (weak) >

Druchii Violet(GW) wash>

Drakenhof Nightshade(GW) - Nightshade's a blue-purple wash.


Cavalry Brown (Vallejo:FoW line) >

Cavalry + White >

Carroburg Crimson(GW) wash - Carroburg is red-purple.


Crystal Blue(Army Painter) >

Temple Guard(GW)

Lothern(GW) >

Drakenhof Nightshade(GW) wash.

From the album:

FSA: WIP & Needs Commentary/Advice

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