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  2. Here is a more complete picture of the fleet
  3. Thanks I'm not quite sure if I got the glow right :). I think, either it is too dark, or too bright. But it's actually quite easy, even if time consuming a bit. After the ship is ready, I take thinned down VGC Livery Green and start applying that in several layers on an around the places I want to glow. The farther I get from the glowing point, the less layers I apply. That what you see on the last picture is like 3 layers. At the brightest points I also add a bit of white to it.
  4. That is a stunning fleet. I am in awe of the Camo on the TFTs, as a technical feat its stunning. The whole fleet just looks fantastic. What is your technique for getting the glow right?
  5. Following on from our overview of the Imperium, we’ve had more than a few of you asking for a look at another of the Great Powers of the Dystopian Age. This time we thought it would be of interest to look at how military might and commerce have uniquely shaped the Imperial British Crown and her Dominions. One of the most venerable and dominant global powers of the past three hundred years, the Imperial British Crown spread from a small island grouping in the Atlantic Ocean. Establishing colonies and annexing nations as it grew in strength, at the height of its power at the dawn of the Eighteenth Century the Imperial British Crown claimed almost 25% of the population and landmass of the world. What was even more remarkable was that much of this dominance has been maintained despite losing control of the thirteen colonies that would later form the Union of Federated States. But the bitter cost of holding onto such power has defined much of how the Crown appears in the Dystopian Age. Vessels such as the Victory Class Carrier allow the Crown to project her military might across the oceans of the world. The major territories (known as Dominions) that comprise the Crown are the homelands of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Australia, Canada, the Indian Raj, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea and over fifty islands, realms and colonies scattered across the globe. Because of this, the Crown enjoys the ability to project its military and economic might to an unparalleled degree across every region of the world. This has resulted in a series of alliances and agreements that hold the Great Powers of the Dystopian Age together in an uneasy and often fractious peace, known (often ironically) as Pax Britannia. For two hundred years Pax Britannia saw the Crown hold the expansive Russian-led Commonwealth, the wealthy Ottoman Sultanate and the isolationist Celestian Empire at bay. Between these four mighty blocks were consolidated the lives of almost a billion souls and the destiny of the world. The secession of the thirteen American colonies coupled with the subsequent rise of the Imperium and the Latin Alliance at the heart of Europe proved the Crown was no longer the unassailable power of the age. By the time the technologies of the emergent Covenant of the Enlightened began to proliferate the battlefields of the globe, Pax Britannia was over. From the view aboard an Avalon Skyfortress, the sun never sets over the Crown and her Dominions. The line between mercenary and soldier of the Crown is a blurred one. As the Crown’s power and control began to wane towards the end of the eighteenth century, a greater reliance was placed on the services and successes of enterprising military commanders. Nowhere was this more clearly seen than with the dominance of the East India Trading Company (EITC) in the Crown’s foreign affairs. During the seventeenth century, the focus of the EITC was establishing trade in India. Company interests turned from trade to territory during the 18th century as the EITC and the Crown forces deployed with them fought against their French equivalents, the Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales (CFIO). Battles between the two groups resulted in a victorious EITC in control of Bengal and a major military and political power in India. In the following decades, the Company gradually increased the extent of the territories under its control on behalf of the Crown, bringing the majority of the Indian subcontinent into the Crown Dominion of the Raj via local puppet rulers under the threat of force. Though still reliant on the British Crown for naval support, by the dawn of the nineteenth century, the East India Trading Company had a private army almost twice the size of the Crown’s own land forces and was the de facto representative of Her Majesty’s interests around the globe. By acting as agents of the Crown in this matter, the EITC accumulated vast wealth and personal fortune for its officers and board members, such as the corpulent Benedict Arnold III (great-grandson of that famous Crown patriot). This position continued to be enjoyed throughout the century, though the declining influence and fortunes of the British Crown has caused serious consideration by the British Government into passing an Act that might bring all the wealth and might of the EITC into Parliament’s direct control. There is a concern that this state of affairs has been allowed to continue for too long and that even Her Majesty may now lack the authority to bring the Company to heel. Elsewhere, this mix of nations, commerce and military prowess has legitimised groups such as Captain Rani Nimue’s band of privateers. Operating from the legendary submersible, Nautilus, this largely Indian crew raids shipping and settlements around the globe under license from the Crown. These exploits take them as far away as the streets of Lagos, the Gold Coast of Australia and even the Antarctic interior. In Wild West Exodus, a surprise attack from the Nautilus crew makes for exciting allies to the Outlaws and a thorn in the side of the Law and the Union. Each of the Great Powers in the Dystopian Age has a unique character and structure to them. Hopefully, this gives a sense of how the Crown is represented across Dystopian Wars, Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus. But there is so much more to the Crown and future Studio Diaries will delve deeper into the nature of her Dominions as well as the other Great Powers of the Age. Until next time! Stuart View the full article
  6. Here are a few pictures of my CoA fleet, I hope you like them: There has been a lot of time between painting the first and the last modell, therefore there are differences, mostly on how I experimented with the energy glow.
  7. Thank you. I started off with VGC Plague brown and mixed that with VGC Sun Yellow. That looked too clean to me for a ship, it wasn't battered enough, so I applied a layer of Liquitex Transparent Raw Sienna towards the bottom and patches of VMA Olive Green for a kinda mossy feeling.
  8. Those are stunning. Yelloelw is a devil to paint, how did you get them looking so great?
  9. In the summer I started to paint up my Chinese fleet, which has been gathering dust in my drawers for quite some time. They are exc ellent models and it was a good fun to paint them. Here are a few pictures:
  10. Yes, we have been playing the beta as well and the core mechanics worked quite well, even preventing one friend of mine to completely jump off the DW bandwagon. He didn't like the complexity and slowness of the old rules, which is better in the beta. But it's desperately missing the faction diversity. I do agree, leaving the playing DW generation behind would be foolish and arrogant. I also have a large amount of painted minis in several fleets. Those ships look great and I'd like to see them in the new DW world as well. I could use most of them with the beta rules, so I'd expect it to stay like that. I don't actually need separate statistics for them, I just would like to have the same categories being kept, so I can still use most of them. It's not about introducing new models, but rather keeping the old ones, just like they kept a good portion of the rules as well.
  11. I hear your pain and that isn't right they should be a little more careful .
  12. Well, I've now been waiting 7 months for an order from Warcradle via their parent company - and at this point I am thinking Wayland should knock the 'available to order' for firestorm models on the head until they have them in hand, as it seems they have no intention of honouring this purchase. For the two companies to not have communicated a reasonable timescale for production of something 7 months after they have taken customers money for it is more than unacceptable, it ought to be embarrassing.
  13. They are going to be staggering releases they can stagger the updated stats. Either way leaving a generation behind seems foolish and somewhat arrogant after the time taken.
  14. I would mainly be worried about balancing an incredibly large range of models right on release, @RuleBritannia. A new system would need time to settle, balance wise, before new models are introduced that might upset it. I am mildly upset at the very, very large amount of painted miniatures I cannot call upon when I would play 3rd edition, but I would understand them not wanting to create statistics for "unreleased" units. At this point, though, I really would like to get my hands on a complete ruleset. I've done some playtesting early in the beta, but it is hard to get people to play a game without faction differentiation or a solid army building mechanism. PS., please get my black wolf in there again soon, I miss them so
  15. I don't think that not releasing rules would split the community worse since you'd have a lot of fans with a ruleset and fluff that's a big adjustment and then making their fleets unplayable would produce a natural jumping off point to stick to 2.5 or 2.0 and grumble worse then they are already, If there is a current gap in WC's range then they should aim to fill it once the moulds have dried up.
  16. From what I can gather many older ships will get updated designs in the new game. For example the core sets are already featuring battleships, cruisers and frigates as standard. So you should be able to swap-in many of your old ships as counts as under the new ships. Of course some specialist units might not return; others might take a long while to come out and some might change quite dramatically in size and scale from what they once were. So I don't expect it to work perfectly, but I think old fleets will still be viable; just using legacy models. I don't expect WC to release rules specifically for the old designs. It would split the community and also the rules would either be on the whole weaker (thus old ships would feel redundant) or could end up better which would feel like old players have an advantage over new customers who can only buy the newer ships (I don't know how long WC will keep legacy casting going for).
  17. Hallo veehrte Revolverhelden und -heldinnen! Aktuell planen wir für Januar das erste deutsche Gunslinger Turnier in Köln im Top Tables abzuhalten . Bestünde hier Interesse seitens der Community auch von weiter weg eine Reise anzutreten? Daran würde sich entsprechend die Teilnehmerzahl orientieren.
  18. While I'm excited to see what the new version of DW by Warcradle is going to look like, I'm quite concerned about my amassed DW fleets. I don't want to throw them away and I would really like to be able to play them with the new rules. I know, if they do choose not to support them anymore, I can keep playing the old rules or come up with house rules. But I still hope that's not going to be the case.
  19. Join Warcradle Studios at AdeptiCon in 2020! The Warcradle Studios Team have enjoyed their experience at AdeptiCon so much that we are heading back in 2020. If you're looking to join our team, and over 100 exhibitors who attend AdeptiCon every year, you'll want to stay tuned for more information about our Booth. When will we be there? We'll be at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois from the 26th to 29th March 2020, giving demos, sharing tips and showcasing our latest releases and games. Registration for the event opens in November, so be sure to bookmark the AdeptiCon website, especially if you want to join us at the event. Staying Up-To-Date: AdeptiCon 2020 Keep your eyes peeled to find out about the US Gunslinger Masters at AdeptiCon. Following us on Facebook and Twitter will ensure you never miss an update. We've set up a dedicated Facebook Event for AdeptiCon 2020, and you can join it now. If you're not on social media, you can sign-up to our newsletter or check the community calendar on the Warcradle Studios forum to see information about events we're attending View the full article
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  21. I understand that Outlaw and Warcradle aren't trying to build a Historical or Alt-Historical game but to my mind its tended to draw upon more recent cultural references and 'steampunkify' them, or some more Americanised references that don't make that much sense for the setting. I'm not suggesting these references need to be removed, but the setting would be enriched by delving more into both contemporary Victoriana and Victorian Science Fiction. For example the British Infantry of LWX draw a lot from the 18th century of the American Revolutionary war but with a Pith Helmet, rather than say Zulu or the Crimean. It would fit the setting better and also evoke popular culture of the Film Zulu or similar. In terms of characters I'm surprised that Warcradle have steered away from a consulting detective or explorer detachment. Quartermain is out of IP as a big game hunter. HG Wells Food of the Gods would be great as an excuse to have giants which would be different. With the Vault being Alien a Barsoom or the Cosmic trilogy of CS Lewis themed lists would be fun with some very different looking aliens. Also a Selenite war force. Jules Verne provides examples beyond the Nautilus of adventurers from Phileas Fogg, and the hollow earth that does seem to inspire Warcradle's vision for the Antarctic.
  22. After announcing that you could help claim the 2019 festive miniature for your faction by playing our New Campaign: The Great Train Heist and collecting Clues, submissions came in thick and fast. Now, as the campaign has officially ended, it's time to announce the winning faction. Drum roll, please. The winning faction is: Outlaws Claim The Loot! As Outlaws collected the most Clues, they are the faction that will host the 2019 festive miniature. Will you see a jolly Jesse?A festive Felipe or bauble sporting Billy? You'll have to wait a little bit longer to find out which Wild West Exodus character it'll be this year. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the miniatures of Christmas past, returning this December. Kyle the Red and White (2017) Kyle the Red & White was the special edition miniature for the festive period in 2017. This merry version of Kyle the Black also comes with "Max", Kyle's faithful K9 Attack Dog curiously sporting his own festive reindeer horn. Krampus Rex (2018) Krampus Rex was the special edition miniature, for the festive period in 2018, and can be used as an alternative sculpt of Carcosa Rex in games of Wild West Exodus. Leaderboard Summary To see how close your faction came to claiming the 2019 festive miniature, check out the leaderboard updates below. Continue The Adventure Although the campaign has ended, your adventures can continue. We've released The Great Train Heist campaign and added it to the Wild West Exodus website as a free downloadable resource - you'll find it on the Resources page under Extras, here. Don't forget; you can also play and enjoy the Badlands Adventures (extension to the five Common Adventures provided in the rulebook) and the Gunslingers OP (designed for new players / for learning the models in their force at a reasonable pace). You'll find these on the resources page too! Wild West Exodus Events If you're looking to take part in Wild West Exodus events, be sure to check the Wild West Exodus Facebook page to find events hosted by official Warhost Volunteers. If you’re interested in becoming a Warhost Volunteer and running Wild West Exodus events, you can register your interest today to find out more about the programme. View the full article
  23. At Adepticon this year we announced Lost World Exodus, the exciting sister game to Wild West Exodus. While the game is due for release after Dystopian Wars next year, we promised that players would be able to see the first releases for the game from this year. So how does that work? Lost World Exodus (LWX) uses the same compelling and fast-paced rules set as Wild West Exodus (WWX). Not only does this mean that a Force from one game can be played against a Force from another, but that compatibility even extends to units being usable between each game too! There are new unit types in LWX such as Commander and Specialists, but in many ways, these units can act like units that are recognisable in WWX. Rani Nimue, for example, is a Legendary Face in WWX as well as a Commander in LWX. Expect to see many more products like these released in the run up to the LWX Gubbins Box and rulebook next year. So when it comes to our forthcoming releases, we are able to begin exploring the Lost World Exodus setting early with the release of a number of units that can also be directly taken for Wild West Exodus. There are several reasons for doing this. We want to keep the interest and excitement for LWX in the gap between announcement and eventual release (in the same way a movie might use trailers!). It also means that when Lost World Exodus eventually arrives, there will already be a number of units available for players to get stuck right in straight away. A couple of years ago, in the development of Wild West Exodus, we began to push the boundaries of the setting to try and explore some of the wider Dystopian Age. As we realised that this was removing the ‘Wild West’ aspect from WWX, we knew that there was another Exodus story to tell elsewhere and that led us to the Lost World. That journey had developed a number of exciting ideas that seemed to resonate with the community as we revealed them. Once we had decided to release Lost World Exodus many of these concepts actually made a lot more sense to have LWX as their main home. Of course, as there were narrative reasons for them to pop up in WWX, so we wanted to make sure that the game would support that too. Below you can see the concept art for the Soul Hunters, as conceived for Wild West Exodus. Now you can call them into battle earlier, thanks to Wild West Exodus! Detachments are specifically designed for Lost World Exodus, but as these special groups of units can also be found in the Wild West, we created a Theme Posse card too! The other reason for releasing these gorgeous miniatures now rather than waiting until later next year is the fact that they are, well . . . gorgeous miniatures! We just couldn’t bring ourselves to keep them in containment up any longer. As we continue to weave the rich tapestry that is the Dystopian Age, every new set of miniatures we release adds another layer. So don’t forget to check out the descriptions on the website, as each one gives you more information on the factions and world as a whole. Keep your eyes peeled for more Lost World Exodus detachments and miniatures over the coming months that you can use in Wild West Exodus. Chris View the full article
  24. I have a few questions about reactions. What all is considered a reaction? Is any action taken in response to your opponent declaring an initial target a reaction? Such actions as: take one for the team, the quick and the dead, indomitable, amber clade, blessings of the allshard. Or are these unit abilities and not reactions unless specified as reaction such as fight or flight and meat shields? Also it says a model can only take one reaction per action. So if a unit of models shoot and doesn't use massed or combined fire could one target take a reaction for each model in the unit that shoots at it. Or is the unit shooting considered one action and only allow one reaction?
  25. No need to, if a rule implies an action of any kind then it would be listed in the rulebook. I.e. strike (combat action) for a normal action or for example charge (special combat) action. There are two types of actions, combat and move actions and some of them declared as special move/charge actions. In addition there may be special rules/abilities on Statcards which describe wether or not a certain ability is some kind of action, like <Sky Leap> for example. Actions are always described as such, if a certain ability isn't, then it isn't an Action. Don't hang yourself up on the word 'Special' regarding the 'Special Rules', it's just there to distinct those rules from the 'Common Rules' above.
  26. Soo here are my first WWX-Minis. They were pretty fun to paint, but i still dont like Resin...
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