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  2. I've come up with a potentially fun terrain idea; Heavy Current/Fast River: Mass 1 units (and possibly the cheapest mass 2 units of each faction: eg the russian monitors) have halved movement speed going against the current. When going with the current, all Mass 1 units have +3 added to drift, Mass 2 have +2 added to drift, and Mass 3 and up have +1 added to drift. All units lose 2 turning no matter if they're moving with or against the current. Alternatively; going with the current gives +5 to drift of Mass 1, +3 to drift of Mass 2, and +1 drift to Mass 3 and up. I'd also think that ramming with the current would add a few extra dice to the ramming pool. And now for a very dumb trait for the Japanese Mass 1 units; Edo Drift. After moving 5 inches, all Mass 1 units can continue moving straight while turning "in place" without having the turn limit effect their remaining speed.
  3. Trying to hide among the ice very cheeky Excellent paint jobs !!!
  4. Calling all FSA, I mean Union players :). Well what do you think? Yes it is bare bones, but it will grow with time. It is enough to get started with. I like the name changes. They just feel more accurate than the old ones did. Yes it will take a little time to get used to them, but we will adjust.
  5. As far as I remember, when ever a squadron fired at another squadron it was pretty much that way all along. At some point in the distant past they had "as long as the next model was a legal target". That got dropped somewhere between 1.0 and 1.5 if memory serves. We just house ruled it as it is reasonable. When ever you are rolling buckets of dice at units this is an inevitable compromise. As to range bands My 2.0 book was handy and I remember that as much as I love DW I hated Spartan rule books LMAO. We basically played from cheat sheets. We had a large sheet made for each phase and avoided the main rule book as much as possible, Having several other rule sets by Warcradle I am looking forward to a reasonable set of rules. I have been looking at the ORBATS and they look pretty solid. I actually like the Naming conventions of the Union a little better. Although I will probably screw it up for a couple of months I am sure :). As to SRS yes we just always referred to them as tiny fliers due to bases.
  6. No worries mate, glad it was at least a little useful! Honestly, not many bugs to be honest. The only thing I think is a bit off is shooting at squadrons and the trait Fusillade. Fusillade is fine unless you have models across ranges, which results in having to separate dice. minor problem but is unnecessarily finicky. The rules on shooting squadrons however are poor. If you fire and destroy a model in an enemy squadron, the fire simply shifts to the next model (which is fine I guess). However, the rules specifically leave out the topic of range, talking only of line of sight. So if you switch fire to something now out of range, you continue to resolve attacks as if it was in range. I think the mechanic was introduced to simplify gameplay but it means manoeuvre is quite a lot less useful. If I have a frigate or destroyer squadron stretch across 12 inches, and you are only in range of the first model, it means you can go through the squadron without having to manoeuvre into position as normal. While not a devastating rule, I think it takes away from an aspect of the game that is very important. Empire will have something basic soon, although judging by Brittania and the FSA, I would expect very barebones and almost identical to start with. I hope all gunnery is not the same across nations (currently the heavy guns and guns are identical to the Russians) because that will feel kinda lame and samey. I'm hoping it was just a release to comply with their own released schedule. Honestly though, push the schedule back if you have to. it's their responsibility to sort it out and communicate after all. Don't released something half-baked. The ORBATs are an excellent idea and honestly executed really well. The only thing might be to have a reference sheet at the bottom that outlines the rules enclosed, buuuuut, that would mean not many people buying the actual rules book, so I can't begrudge them that. They need to make money to be successful. Nothing on fliers or do you mean SRS?
  7. Thanks for sharing your impressions. I am glad to hear your overall impressions as well as any bugs. As I long time player of the old game I have been on the fence so far about the new one. Mainly as the box set doesn't have my fleets in it(FSA and EoTBS). Having read my ORBAT has gotten me a little more excited for more news. Have you tried the tiny fliers yet?
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  9. Thanks! To go with my tiny fliers a huge whale launcher... A Descartes Control Ship.
  10. I wouldn't stress too much mate, I only have 4 under mine :p. As my title says, these are just my observations. I actually like the game a lot, I just think there are two things that can be improved upon. Differentiating the damage output of guns based on class size, and making battleships a little more meaningful, rather than floating VP's you are forced to take. Otherwise I have nothing but praise. it has been well simplified, and game rules aren't congested, which are two things a lot of wargames suffer from.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I see, I need some games under my belt. This sort of alpha strike is annoying and it was my first thought reading the Union ORBAT. Concerning Guardian Generators. They remove 1 die in conjunction with a shield generator. Sacrificing a turret will get you 3 dice. But it was easier sacrificing the fourth one instead of the third.;) And as I understand, Guardians do not stack (more shields = more dice) - could have been fun.
  12. Last week
  13. So rough averages hit around that 24 successes. of 32 dice, one sixth (around 5 dice) are explosions (2 successes each) around 5 dice are heavy hits (2 successes) and around 5 dice are single hits (1 success each). You get around one more of each from the explosion dice (another 5 successes) and then lets average the last out as another two successes. That's 22. A slightly better roll, because that is pretty much dead average) will easily hit that 21 threshold for crippled (after defence). Defence is pretty bad at ~ 3-4 successes. So you're right, I was overstating, so my apologies here. However That's two disorder tokens, it's crippled so basically has no firepower output so it can't really threaten anything (at the same range it is throwing a mighty 4 dice total with the particle beamers), and can be approached and hunted down by smaller ships pretty easily. As to putting disorder tokens on the cruisers it's surprisingly hard. You need 2 to prevent that ship from combining with the others (but can still with itself) in the squadron, and disorder tokens are per ship, so to shut the squad down that's 4 disorder tokens (because 14 dice is still good for putting a damage on another cruiser and 24 will probably put a crit down, so pretty close to crippled). This kind of alpha strike in the long range gives a significant advantage to that player, and you can't put up SRS if you didn't get a turn yet (the initiative step is super important in the first turn... do everything you can to control the game). I think the re-roll any number of dice in a pool cards are probably too easy to get which may be influencing my opinion here, just for full disclosure. But this comes round to my point of feel. I have every reason to focus your capital ship and outside of a LoS blocking island, you pretty much can't stop me doing it. The shield generator is basically a waste (luckily you get it for free so that's a bonus), and it ends up being a battle centred around what your cruisers are doing, not the capital ship, which feels extremely odd to me, and definitely counter to the aesthetics of the game. Perhaps I have missed something about LoS? I'm genuinely curious because right now, pack-hunting destroyers and cruisers are by FAR the overwhelming firepower of the game. With virtually all capital ships at best sporting 3 guns (as of today even the heavy Brittanian BB only has 3 guns, which is annoying because it's the first ship I've seen where I can't use an old model. ) you just don't threaten anything with that kind of pathetic firepower until you are very close, and by then, you're definitely crippled and probably struggling to remove Chaos and Disarray. Edit: Curiously, the Guardian generators on the Brittanian ships could meaningfully impact defence dice, because removing 4 usually is enough to tip away from a crippled result when facing that many dice). Having said that, going down to 2 guns feels extremely weak to be honest. 15 dice is pretty damn pathetic, you're only really putting one damage on a cruiser from the ship with the largest calibre guns...
  14. I can't believe in sinking a Hypatia in one go. Through some stupid ordering circumstances I do not have the final rules yet - So all I'm going to say depends on the latest BETA rules (so please correct me, when I'm wrong). According to the dice pools, I assume you are playing a squad of 3 Kutsov cruisers with 2 Heavy Rocket Batteries each, which will generate an attack of 34 dice. To sink a Hypatia you need to inflict 10 points of damage - 5 to make it crippled and a further 5 to destroy it. To sink it in one go will need to generate more than 24 successes, so the Catastrophic Explosion Double Crit will happen and you "only" need to inflict 8 points of damage. To inflict 1 point of damage, you'll need 7 successes - so this totals up to 56 successes. A Hypatia has a shield generator which reduces your dice pool to 32 and is allowed to use its ADV with 8 dice (possibly expanded by Escorts and SRS cover). I think in most cases you won't roll 56 successes with 32 dice. I have no experience in DW 3.0, but in DW 2.0 a well balanced force, containing nearly equal amounts of large, medium and small ships, worked best. Maxed out - lists often failed because they are too vulnerable. I would try to get as fast as possible an Emergency Disorder token on one of your cruisers to make the whole squad nearly useless.
  15. It's more about role to me than anything else. If we take Age of Sail for example, the BB equivalent would be a ship of the line, which is kinda the same word for battleship in that age, it was a ship in the line of battle. A pre-dreadnought has the same role as a battleship or a ship of the line. it's job is to handle the biggest ships of the enemy, and to attempt to resist fire or otherwise stand up to the task. Ignoring that point though, I think of it from a game mechanics reason. Why buy this unit if it is in every way not worth it, aside from the very artificial rule that makes you take one? It reminds me of 40k HQ choices. No-one likes taking the damn things because they are mechanically unimportant (minus a few outlier examples). The same thing occurs here. A Borodino, or a Hypatia are simply not at all worth their cost, and actively influence VP's during the game, so they are ultimate a detriment you have to protect for no other reason than they are VP's. This kind of thing could easily be covered by a scenario (For example, choose X squadron and this unit must stay alive by the end of the game. If it does, you get a VP, if it doesn't, your opponent gets a VP). It also affects the feel of the game. It's aesthetics suggests that your big ship is meaningful, and the are rules on top that then suggests it's important enough to affect whether you could potentially win the game or not. When I can Rocket it from 30" away with ~35 dice, and probably immediately sink it, it has no bearing on the game other than to hide to not cede VP's. I think this is poor game design which will discourage people from purchasing the bare minimum of ships to field as required, which will hurt the game financially.
  16. I think Battleships do not feel like battleships because they use the same weapons used by the cruisers. This does not need to be a bad thing it is just the game setting. In each game setting and time period the ship size and its role varies. A frigate from the age of sail has a very different role from the first word war. A destroyer in one game could be just a bigger frigate while in a videogame like supreme commander, a destroyer, is the main ship of the line to deal with everything while the cruiser is a support ship that provides anti air and intel.... So, don´t worry if they don´t feel like a WWI battleship, maybe that is the role of dreadnoughts.... Think of them like a command big cruiser that you have to screen and safeguard, more closer to a pre-dreadnought than anything.
  17. If I had to make a gripe, it would be that Battleships don't actually feel like Battleships. That really bugs me a lot.
  18. So after 4 games with a few mates sharing around the starter box models and rules (all old players minus one) I wanted to get a feel if my conclusions are similar to any others who have experienced the same. Commented on the gameplay rather than the models. 1) Cruisers are the damage dealers. Not sure why this decision was made, but a cruiser squadron outputs the most damage in dice pools period. They also have arguably the most flexibility in firepower options as they can mix and match combined fire (with all weapons that have the same traits of course) to achieve optimum dice outputs. However, unless you are resisting long range firepower from Capital Ships or sub-optimal fire from Frigates/Destroyers (which with packhunter probably is still throwing lots of dice anyways) shield generators feel completely pointless. 2) Battleships feel like you have to take them, not want to. I generally like that the game has shifted to simplification, but a greater focus on aggression means that battleships are a points dump I never want. They cannot resist fire from anything meaningfully, they output less damage than any squadron and really only serve as golden VP target opportunities for a cruiser squadron who wants to laugh while rolling 30+ dice at it, potentially as high as 35-40. It feels very 40k in structure problems where the designers tried to make a ship class sell because you have to put one on the table, rather than make it a meaningful choice. 3) Weapon simplification has rolled the balance to the middle. Tied to the two points above, because you don't have the same "type" of weapon doing differing damage on different classes of ship, I'm always going to take the big weapon on the squadron because I can distribute damage and mitigate giant piles of dice. This feels like a limiting choice for the game, not an enabling one. 4) I think the designers successfully captured the moving of ships around the feel of the old game, and the simplification ended up working really well here. Sure, I miss my ponderous battleship turns, but this setup is a massive tick for the game as far as resolving things goes, and slightly tones down the amount of stuff you need on the table to move your units around. 5) Finally, defensive things are useless. We have taken as wide a variety of things as we can so far, and the defensive options (minus the shroud generator on a capital ship) all feel pretty much redundant. Minus 2 dice with a shield generator from ~35 is still going to either completely obliterate that ship in one volley, or render it basically useless. Shroud on cruisers didn't feel helpful enough to encourage the enemy to stack more shots to overkill it (and the same with the shield generator) and so far haven't seen these on smaller classes of ship so no comment here. Overall, I like the game, it's very nice to play again, but I think there are some glaring issues that will not only hurt the game mechanics, but also hurt sales (and therefor threaten the games continuation) as a result of game mechanics encouraging certain things. Gladly welcome any thoughts on this and happy to discuss other experiences because I'm very aware that I've not tested everything and could easily have missed something.
  19. Cerulean Clade - 560 Cerulean Alpha - 145 2x Cerulean Vixen - 200 Cerulean Nightmare - 115 5x Cerulean Infiltrators - 100
  20. Hi, I'm back. Looking forward to play (if pandemic allows) I have quite a bit bunch of old spartan games models (dystopian wars, Firestorm and Planetfall.)
  21. ¡Hola! Tengo Terran, Sorylian, y Directorate para planetfall, incluso participe en el playtesting y tengo algunas misiones que probar. Me gustaria saber si hay gente que aun le da a Planetfall o incluso hace campañas de armada/planetfall juntas. Esta todo un poco parado (y mas con la pandemia) pero podiamos hacer una lista de gente que aun le da al juego en España
  22. Hola,¡ Me he interesado por Dystopian wars en español! Tenia americanos pero solo pude jugar a dystopian cuando fui a Reino Unido porque poca gente que conozco domina el ingles como para leer las cartas que se supone debes mantener en secreto y que no podia traducir durante la parida! Ahora con las cartas en español todo cambia y estoy expectante de poder comprar el nuevo dystopian wars en español
  23. ¡Hola! Yo tambien tengo unas cuantas flotas y tambien me gustaria hechar unas partidas a Firestorm Armada 2.0 Tengo sobre todo de la Alianza de Kurak, Sorylians casi pintados y Terran sin pintar, aunque tambien tengo Directorate Me gustaria quedar para hechar unas partidas y asi me den animos de pintar Firestorm. Tambien tengo para Planetfall Se que con la pandemia es dificil, pero habria que iro mirando para cuando se relaje la situacion
  24. Really nice clean painting and a neat scheme! Looks like you're ready to darken the skies with fliers!
  25. There's a lot more planned to come, expansion packs of ships, battle groups, more factions!
  26. Ulysses vanguard cruisers finished!
  27. Earlier
  28. I was browsing Drachinifel's Youtube channel and found Warcradle had released it's starter set. Here's hoping this does well, my Prinnies would love to see the table again!
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