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  2. murphy'slawofcombat

    new models

    sorry guys I am looking for firestorm stuff my budget and wife only allows me one game so it's firestorm
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  4. Overread

    new models

    The beasts of war photos and video from the last Gencon which shows the Prussians! https://www.beastsofwar.com/liveblogentry/step-into-warcradles-saloon-for-wild-west-exodus-and-dystopian-wars-comment-to-win/#snav
  5. Overread

    new models

    When is still "This year" we have no fixed date on the release itself. They have thus far shown some renderings and master casts from events they've attended. The Bretonian and Prussian core ships have been shown off and a few other bits and such here and there in their QA sessions. They are also selling some classics as they come through them in the moulds they've got - mostly sticking to whatever is made fully in resin rather than resin metal or metal models.
  6. myrm

    Introduce Yourself

    Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Im an Uncharted Seas player How long have you been playing these games? Since about 4 weeks after release, off and on. Where do you play? My local games club n Cambridge plus a gaming group of friends on occasion Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? I own something from every faction except Sky Pirates. Ralgard is starter only, everything else I have some extra ships of some varying kind. Adding to the list is a matter of finding places with stock in the back room or second hand vendors...... What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Whatever I am rolling dice for at the moment. At a push my DragonLord Carrier because I am a terrible painter and it turned out much better than I hoped.
  7. myrm

    Still playing

    I have recently dragged this back out, after a moderate dig of the internet for traders around the world carrying old stock that went rather well, and an ongoing painting session (thanks to German and Swedish shops here!). I went from starter fleets for Orcs, Elves and Dwarves with two heavy cruiser for the dwarves to Starters for all factions , a extra duff human starter box that had two orc cruiser hulls in plus an assortment of blisters for Orc, Dragonlord, Dwarf, Bone Griff and Elf. Sky Pirates elude me however. Still hunting more, especially since there was an auction here last year where huge amounts of Uncharted Seas got sold but never resurfaced in traders that I or friends are aware. However, I can get decent fleets down for most now and with a set of 7-8 players familiar with the rule can get 2-4 fleet games going at the games club whenever we want....
  8. So, just realised there is a mismatch between the Hardback Rules and the reference cards that I have. The rules (PDF and Hardback actually) say 8 crew for the beastie and the card from the model blister says Crew 9. Anyone know if this was ever errata'ed/clarified at all, since I cannot see the old forum data, despite it appearing in my profile and not being accessible.....not that I think it will make a huge difference, but it would nice to know which way to hop
  9. myrm

    Question on Shroud Mages models

    I always thought they were bucket chains supplying coal to the steam boilers.....
  10. Last week
  11. Hapotte

    What is a "search action"?

    The search action allows you to roll a d10 to determine if the loot token is valuable or not. If not, you discard it until only 3 remains. P52 of the v1.08 rulebook
  12. ThePimbler

    What is a "search action"?

    For the adventure "Treasure Hunt" on page 52, under "objective", it says "If a model is base contact with a token at the start of their Activation, they can make a Search Action to investigate the token". What is a Search Action? It is not described anywhere in the book that I can see. Is it a Move action? Combat action? Free action? None of the above? If anyone has a page reference for where Search Action is described in the book, I would appreciate it.
  13. murphy'slawofcombat

    new models

    has warceadle released anything yet??? been off the net for a while and I don't want to miss anything ... or better yet have they made any anouncement of when new stuff will hit the stores????
  14. Burson_Carpathian

    WWX posters

    Some posters i made to create a more vivid scenery.
  15. Burson_Carpathian

    Are upgrade kits available ?

    Not on the official one, but there's at least a trading group dedicated to WWX. --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1269332523147547/
  16. RuleBritannia

    Are upgrade kits available ?

    Is there a bits trading post or something on the facebook page?
  17. Burson_Carpathian

    Are upgrade kits available ?

    There are currently no such upgrade kits. I'm getting myself two additional Brutes at the end of the month and will magnetize them in order to play the weapon which is needed.
  18. We have the DVD version, And I agree it is a good movie.
  19. Just wondering if there are upgrade weapon packs available for Wild West Exodus, and if so where can I find them as I could not see any in the store ? I am asking because for example if I wanted 2 Brutes with Gatling Guns do I need to buy 2 box sets, as I believe they contain 2 Brutes but only 1 Gatling gun weapon option (the other being a flamer i think), or can I buy the one box set and a weapons upgrade kit which includes the Gatling gun bits for my Brutes. (same for gun dogs with Gatling guns I believe) . Thanks in advance for your help and advise here.
  20. Yes. To be honest, I didn't first see it in the theaters, but on VHS, which kind of spoils the whole thing, but the DVD can randomize it OR provide the "What Really Happened" ending after presenting all the possibilities. No spoilers, though. It is too much fun to watch that I encourage those who haven't to watch it.
  21. Warcradle Studios is proud to announce that Red Beam Designs has been relaunched with a brand new website! You can now find assembly guides online for the current ranges by Red Beam Designs, including Dark Assembly terrain, and see which games systems each piece is suitable for. Not only this, but you’ll be able to see previews for upcoming terrain and scenery via the new website in the future, as well as any product teaser we share for Red Beam Designs ranges before they become available. Why not go and take a look around! https://www.redbeamdesigns.com/
  22. Pfft, that has been answered for decades.
  23. GreenOakSteve

    Russian Coalition Colour Scheme Database

  24. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Russian Coalition Colour Scheme Database

    @GreenOakSteve Now those look properly imperial! Beautiful work with the wood decks, weathering and staining becomes a real automatic process as you work through naval models so I'm always happy when a deck jumps out at me
  25. GreenOakSteve

    Russian Coalition Colour Scheme Database

    Not a great photo, sorry, but got my first Naval Battlegroup finished
  26. GreenOakSteve

    Converting Tambovs

    Sneaky idea, I like it and I do have a fair few Britannian turrets lying around
  27. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Warcradle Classics - Firestorm Wishlist/Wild Conjecture

    It was the 501st, In Dramos, With the Leviathan. Game won son
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