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  2. Well, not even the guns are meaningfully different. I'm pretty against the over-simplification of guns for this reason. That and Battleships are utterly pathetic which really makes me sad... Well, Russians have railguns which are OK, and all ships get to minus 1 dice from attacks (completely useless but it's a little flavour). They have one of the extremely few capital units that is actually good which is the fortress. Antarticans use sustained weapons which are extremely powerful because you just get re-rolls all game, whereas every other nation has to rely on a card. Wavelurker is situationally useful, but not very. If you want defence, take a shroud generator because it is the only defensive tool actually worth a damn. They have the one other good capital ship in the form of the Hypatia (which is weird because it WAS terrible in cycle one release). They play a lot closer range than other nations, but don't really suffer in long bands either. Alliance have hilariously over-costed skimming generators and heat lances. Sorta have some protection against torps. Crown love torps. they have a guardian generator, but given the shield generator actively hurts you (you could be using those points on almost literally anything else and it would be better) it's worthless. Oh, and Subs that have hull saws but can't ram surface ships... Union are good at gunnery and missiles both. Actually a mostly decent team, but have only played about 4 games with them. Almost my lowest with the different factions (I haven't played sultanate and only 1 alliance) Sultanate are a mix of crown and alliance (again, simplifying weapons completely removes the flexibility to play with gun stats and range bands). Have a portal ability which is complex and only very rarely good. Empire DID have an uber powerful generator for a bit but thankfully got nerfed. haven't tried it since nerf. Have a token flamethrower which admittedly can be useful if your opponents fluffs bad and gets a pact destroyer squadron in range of it, but otherwise you probably won't use it. Probably the most balanced cruisers. Some units can re-deploy after setup which is bonkers powerful. Prussians SEEM cool but they pay some damage in guns for voltaic which is garbage because shields are useless anyways. Would rather the damage for what it's worth. Also have confusing fleet compositions. Probably the most filled-out faction but below average in performance. Decent at boarding but boarding is pretty difficult to set up now, again, unless your opponent is happy to just give you the situation. Their custom generator is OK because it makes the shrouded. All nations have truly truly awful SRS. Played a total of maybe 25 games now, and have never seen them even remotely useful. For some reason carriers need to be attack ships, and given that planes have 2/3rds the flight range of guns you need to get your carrier dangerously close to use SRS regularly. Long range sorties basically take it out the game because SRS only get 3 total sorties (with the first one being double ADV so not really worth counting) and they won't do much anyways. I am writing a breakdown right now of some serious game issues since release, so this is an ultra-short description. Some game things are really good, but there are some problems that really hurt the game a lot in my eyes, but the devs seem to only deal with the loudest people on FB so I don't hold out hope of meaningful and balanced criticism getting through to them. Give the different nations a try using proxies and see what you think. The devs need new players coming in but seem to be pandering to older ones. The release is acceptable with issues, but I think there are some really consistent mistakes in wording and thought that is going to mean new players will find a game less "in release" than this. I want the game to succeed, but I don't like it's chances. An example of rules problems is shroud is the only worthwhile defensive tool. Because you will be taking this a LOT, it means secondary effects have huge implications. for example, some weapons (a surprising amount) rely on devastating to generate damage... but shroud counters that rule completely so it's functionally useless (because your base-pool is often a bit too low). It also means the core mechanic of the game (exploding dice) actually isn't a mechanic you will interact with anywhere near as much. Lots of ripple effects not really thought through. Also, the names are dumb. Two nations basically have the name empire and Commonwealth is going to make people keep thinking of real-life British and colonies. shoulda just kept nation names.
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  4. Just what general differences there are between the factions, from looking from the cards there doesn't seem to be a massive difference in the ships stats, just in the guns.
  5. Not that I'm aware of. Honestly, there aren't really major differences to be honest. What were you looking for?
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  7. Is there a breakdown of the general playstyles of each faction anywhere?
  8. Agreed, they just need to make a 3.0 page for all the new stuff (or pages for the old). The new game has taken so long to get any steam going anything that can make it more accessible and less confusing would be a good thing.
  9. My initial thoughts of the v1.01 ORBAT are roughly: Akrons are now far better with Rockets on. Contra Rotation is great. Give Em Hell is kinda meh. Devastating is nice, but Disorder isnt. The Constitution Battlefleet should remove Disorder for all units in it, the only problem there would be bookkeeping. The Mexico only getting Corvettes is a bit annoying when it has an inferior F value to the alternatives. The inferior ADV is fine, but overall I'm not sure it is actually worth 10pts more than a Constitution given the repair rule, as much as Arc weapons is very interesting. Need to give it a go but it feels like a straight swap. Not sure why the Akron is cheaper (presumably as it has 0 synergy) but I can't see me ever using it anyway. Texas, on the other hand, is absolutely worth the points as long as you didn't plan to switch your guns for rockets. Enterprise looks promising, I just wonder why it has rockets instead of heavy rockets when even the cruisers have heavy, but without seeing the model, maybe it makes sense. Defiant looks great, but the way that rule works means smaller units are technically better. Discovery looks better than the show. 50pts seems a bit of a hike from Intrepid for the Arc stuff though. Being a point more than a Lexington too? Nah, let's have this go down to 105 and see how it goes. Farragut looks perfectly serviceable. Intrepid looks better than the show. Several options - for me, the flexibility makes it the best option in the M2 category. Lexington is marginally too much. 120 with the Rockets, eg 114 base, seems more like it to me but certainly a good vessel. Montgomery looks great fun but would be much better if it could be attached to other ships in a mixed squadron of some kind, or if Battlefleets allowed more than 4 units when all the Battleships are so very expensive that having multiple 'fleets is very difficult in small enough games. Reliant Monitor looks nice enough but until more subs are going to be encountered it is sadly a little redundant. Perhaps if the Akron could leave coherency it would help? Patriots look great. 5 is an odd max unit size though. Roanoke looks pretty good. Valiant looks nice but the Linear Dash kinda runs counter to the Rockets. Washington looks really nice indeed, but the Spotter rule should probably include Akrons, not just SRS. Yorktown is almost certain to take the place of the Lexington in virtually all lists with a 20pt difference. I can see why the gap exists, but it's just a little too much unless you are out of points and can't spend them another way.
  10. Having built the models, I can safely say that while I like the frigate's gun, it feels like it might be more comfortable to paint on the sprue than after construction.
  11. Basically, LoS is from your middle to their middle (or just their ship if you can't see middle, but they would be obscured). However, for fire arcs, if the line intersects the enemy ship at all, you are in both arcs that border that line. I actually hate that, but it's not terrible.
  12. You can re-roll any dice that aren't explosions. for maximum effect, unless you reach , say, a citadel, re-roll all non hits and single hits and aim for explosions. Sustained is insanely good as a rule. For enlightened, their nation basically just has permanent re-roll card.
  13. Yup, agreed to this. Just create a section for players to talk old rules. I like communities staying together but most of the content really should be new stuff.
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  15. All my prussian ships are done :
  16. i just finished my Tempelhof Battlefleet : Tempelhof-Blitzen Fleet Carrier : Toten Heavy Destroyers : Konrad Support Carrier all the models in my Tempelhof Battlefleet :
  17. It's a fair point. It might help get some of the juices flowing on these forums again!
  18. Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? None yet but looking into DW, FSA, and WWWE How long have you been playing these games? Played a little of DW back with Spartan edition. Before I could build my Terran fleet for FSA my local gaming community self destructed. And my WWWE kickstarter never left the box as I was on the road too much to work on it. Where do you play? Once I get time looking for groups in the Boise/Mt home Idaho area Which fleets and armies do you own? Old Spartan games America for DW, Terran for FSA, And Union for WWWE. Wondering how many of my old models are still playable or only good for kitbashing terrain Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? Not sure at this time What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Nothing jumps out to me right now Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? "Be excellent to each other."
  19. We here at Warcradle Studios have been holding on to our excitement for too long. With a brand new trailer outlining the next biggest product heading to Dystopian Wars. Keep your eyes peeled for the newest highly detailed, mammoth unit making its way onto the rough seas. After a tweak and a transformation, the Ice Maiden is back and better than ever. Players will now have the option to build their Ice Maiden in several different forms. Whether players want to create the Ice Maiden, the SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina. New customisable features, such as weapon options and an alternate aircraft lift have been added to the refined model. Ice Maiden has enlisted reinforcements this time around, not just deploying as a single unit but as an entire Battlefleet Set. Including the infamous Ice Maiden, Cruisers, Frigates and Destroyers all within the box. These units are also customisable, enabling players to customise the weaponry across all units. The excitement is not over. Warcradle Studios are overjoyed to announce the first-ever terrain set heading to the tabletop for Dystopian Wars, with the Islands and Archipelagos Set available late August 2021. The Islands and Archipelagos set has the ability to enhance the naval wargamer experience on the tabletop, taking the game further than just the simplicity of a playmat on the table. Allowing players to customise the Islands to their gaming needs and immersing the game into more detail and atmosphere, players will be able to incorporate turrets and weaponry using magnetization into the terrain pieces available in the set. Want to take a closer look at the Ice Maiden’s abilities and more information on the SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina? Be sure to head on over to the ORBATS to take a closer look at the technical. There will be some more announcements coming from us this month, including a new terrain line for Mythos, more releases for Dystopian Wars and the release of a faction you have all been waiting for. We’d love to know what you think of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set and the Islands and Archipelagos Set coming this August. Make sure you head over to the Sturginium Lounge to chat amongst the official community regarding these upcoming releases. View the full article
  20. This August release will debut the biggest set since the Hunt for the Prometheus Two-Player Starter Set, entitled the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set. Included in the box is 1 x Ice Maiden that can also be made as an SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina, 6 sprues - 3 x Imperium Frontline squadrons and 3 x Imperium Support Squadrons. Accumulating to a total of 6 Cruisers, 6 Frigates & 6 Destroyers. The Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set provides aspiring players with a new opportunity to get started in Dystopian Wars, containing an entire Imperium fleet in one box - worthy of a high amount of points in-game. “The Ice Maiden is a real centre-piece model and something to build a truly powerful Force around.” says Chris Pond, Assistant at Warcradle Studios. Dystopian Wars has built on the spectacular launch of the game at the start of the year with a strong release schedule, proving popular with the community and growing steadily. Connecting with other games titles, such as Wild West Exodus, within the Dystopian Age. This is an incredible month for Dystopian Wars as the greatly anticipated Crown faction makes its way onto the tabletop. With enthusiasm building online for the upcoming release of the Britannia Battlefleet Set, the first product for the fan-favourite faction. “We are all really excited for the Crown release. I can’t wait to get my hands on those ships!” Chris Pond, Assistant Studio Manager This Battlefleet Set Includes the mighty Britannia Battleship and two cruiser sprues each one allowing players to build one of five Crown Frontline Cruisers plus two Frigates. The Crown faction was teased earlier this year on St. George’s Day, providing players with an insight into the upcoming fleet joining Dystopian Wars. August is truly an incredible month for Warcradle Studios as a team and an exhilarating month for Dystopian Wars as a game system. With the release of the Ice Maiden, a new faction, and official in-game terrain adding further depth to the tabletop. The 'Islands and Archipelagos Set' provides enough terrain for a 2 feet x4 feet play area, making it easy to combine several sets for your games or add to your existing terrain collections. Creating a Dystopian Age environment that takes the game past a sea-themed playmat for players of Dystopian Wars. The set of islands have been designed with in-game strategy in mind. Allowing players to add additional turrets on the placements with ease with glue and magnetization, for perfect placement in play. Dystopian Wars is available to purchase from Wayland Games and a vast range of stores worldwide. Customers can pre-order their Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set, Britannia Battlefleet Set and Islands and Archipelagos Set from the 30th July 2021, ready for the retail release on the 28th August. All retailers are encouraged to contact Warcradle Distribution at tradesupport@warcradle.com for trade information. To celebrate the release of these three exciting products, players will be provided with a wealth of content to support the release. Including wallpapers, interviews, future spoilers, teasers and much more. This content will be shared within the Sturginium Lounge, the Official Dystopian Wars Community Channel, where players are encouraged to share their engagement with the game with a like-minded community. View the full article
  21. Would it be possible for the 1 through 2.5ed content to be either moved to a different section or locked? Just to avoid confusion. The rules section in general is full of pinned topics for these earlier editions of the game. Thanks!
  22. Good question! As of yesterday or a few days before, there was a huge update to the game and a lot of stats/rules were updated. I can only assume that they haven't finished updating the unit cards and just put out the updated orbats. Hopefully we will get new cards soon but for the meantime I will be printing the orbat and using that instead. I also have a friend who uses an excel spreadsheet to make "good enough" unit cards. One of the main issues with the cards is they don't have the weapon upgrades on them, and I think there was also some inconsistent information between the cards and orbats such as the submerged rule on the enlightened submarines. Attached is my friends spreadsheet and the previous versions of the cards, which are now out of date but now you have them. dystopian_wars_cards.ods DW-unit-cards-EXPORT-COMBINED-EMPIRE.pdf DW-unit-cards-EXPORT-COMMONWEALTH.pdf
  23. Can this thread be closed and unpinned and replaced with a dw 3.0/warcradle 1.0 thread?
  24. I asked on Facebook, specifically about the Diogenes torpedo submarine, which at the time had a unit card with a submerged special rule with a penalty to hit. This is the response I got: Good Afternoon, Apologies about this Just got a message back from the rules team, This is a special rule specific to it. No penalties Hope this has been of some assistance Kind Regards Craig
  25. Where can i find unit cards for version 3.0 of the game, the version of the rules you get in the Hunt for the Prometheus 2 player starter set?
  26. My commonwealth Fleet Rurik Frigate : Sineus Fast Cruiser : Norilsk Heavy Cruiser : Borodino and a Khatanga Heavy Cryo Cruiser
  27. My modeling are in storage and I was hoping someone could give me the dimensions for the following bases: large tank: transport: medium tank: recon vehicle: infantry stand: Thanks!
  28. Time to stir the pot I was wondering if there was any chance of seeing two Australian forces again? One with the Crown of course. The other a free state maybe aligned with the Union This thought came from a discussion with my brother as we were figuring out the allies.
  29. The FSA/Union sets are up for pre-order! 1x Constitution Class Battleship 2x Yorktown Class Cruisers Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Intrepid, Lexington or Reliant Class 4x Farragut Class Frigates 2x Akron Observation Rotor The release also had some background info. The numbers of Constitutions made(12?) etc. This is the set that I have been waiting for. Not very well as I have picked up every release for this game now. The only faction that I didn't get was The Imperium. But as my brother picked them up I will be painting them as well. Overall I really like the models look. I am glad that they kept the paddlewheels. I really dig the stern wheels as well. I also like the height of the models. My biggest complaint with the Spartan models is how low they sat. The only thing that I am questioning is the look of the stern gun or the Farragut's main battery. I will reserve judgement until the models are in hand. I will be pre-ordering 2 boxes later today. Than their is the Akron, I am really digging this model. I have played several games with the .01 ORBAT. The new rules for Contra Rotation are much better than in previous editions IMHO. I like the modular look that WC is doing across the factions. It allows a little difference right out of the box. In closing I have a wish for WC. Please keep the old Princeton alive! Update to match the new line. This was my favorite. I really can't wait for the updated ORBAT!!!!!
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