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  2. I also think there is a serious echo-chamber on the FB group that kinda obfuscates what non die-hard players are thinking which is a shame.
  3. I can understand that perspective. I think there is superficial tactics but they are limited. Terrain makes a big difference. I think the game has great potential, but there are some serious limitations right now to be honest. I have a detailed take on it (from my perspective) in the thread in General: Why Dystpopian Wars is heading for sales failure I still think it is heading that way. There isn't enough substance to the game to justify selling models. There are some die-hards that see good, but I can't agree, I think the game is poor in execution, and moderate in enjoyment. There is very little decision making. Take ships of the class that roll the most dice and go from there.
  4. They did lower the amount of support dice quite considerably, and increased the armor and hull on the bigger ships.
  5. Ok... yes I found it... seem to be the same as before. Well... seem the game have not changed much since I last tried it out. Feels mostly as I'm throwing dice at the opponent as ranges are too long. There should be a cap on how many support dice each gun system should be able to provide. I tried a game where each system could only add up to as many dice as the initial gun had... so maximum of twice the dice on any attack. Made the game way more tactical for such a s small change.
  6. It's all in the ORBAT. The entry states how large the initial unit is and how many additional models you can take.
  7. I think this game balance is a joke... there seem to be almost zero tactics and just dice rolling going on. I have played a few solo games to get a feel for it and I completely agree with the assessment of the OP. It is all about managing to get those first few alpha strikes off, probably with the help of some re-rolls from a tactical card... game over... I hardly need to move the ships anywhere clever either. I don't understand how the developers don't consider this absurd and game breaking. Ranges of weapons are just too long and combining dice pools are just too strong, especially on cruisers as proven in his thread. Not sure I would bother more with this game as I'm more of a tactical player and want the game to be decided by clever moves and positioning and not dice-rolling. People that want a more though provoking game experience probably should move to another game system.
  8. There used to be information both in the rules and unit cards how big certain units could be, how many models a unit could have. I don't find this information anywhere outside the ORBAT which only seem to mention the minimum amount, not the maximum amount? Am I missing something?!?
  9. The waters of the Dystopian Age are coming alive once more with the upcoming release of a battlefleet set from an exciting new nation to Dystopian Wars, the Japanese! The Kongo Battlefleet Set will launch this January. Nikolai Tesla has been hard at work and January sees his hard work pay off with the release of the UR-31E Teslabots, your first chance to acquire these heavily-armed automata for Wild West Exodus outside of the Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set. Last up is the Augusta range from Warcradle Scenics, which sees the Augusta Industrial Set, released in August 2021 now in individual terrain sets, allowing you to add even more to your wargames set in the grim setting of Augusta. Make sure you don’t miss out on all these exciting new releases available to pre-order from December 31st 2021. Due to be released at the end of January 2022. Dystopian Wars This month introduces a brand new nation to Dystopian Wars with the release of the Kongo Battlefleet Set. The Empire will be sure to take advantage of these new Japanese ships that pack a significant punch. Kongo Battlefleet Set The Japanese enter the fray for the first time and are ready to fight for The Empire with the upcoming release of the Kongo Battlefleet Set. Of all the Battleships upon the seas in the last 50 years the Britannia Class of the Crown has been considered the heaviest. That is until the Empire launched the Kongo Class Heavy Battleship. One of the deadliest warships to ply the seas of the Dystopian Age, the Kongo is crewed by some of the finest sailors in all of Japan. The design of this behemoth was always aimed at making it as armoured as possible while still retaining speed and manoeuvrability as much as the best Japanese naval engineers could manage. Wild West Exodus Can you hear that? The mechanical marching of the UR-31E Teslabots is almost deafening as Nikolai Tesla’s inventions come to life once more for Wild West Exodus. UR-31E Teslabots Nikolai Tesla is not a man to stand still. He is forever moving forward, tinkering with his designs and dreaming up new and ever more challenging projects. The UR-31 E is one such progression from the UR-31 Automata, a design that became ubiquitous to replace lost manpower after the Ore War. These so-called ‘Teslabots’ are hard wired with either ranged offensive instructions or more defensive, close order ones depending on their equipment loadout. Warcradle Scenics As night envelopes the industrial district of Augusta, the ne'er do wells come out in full force. Back from Warcradle Scenics is the Augusta Industrial range of terrain sets, now available to purchase individually. Bring the town of Augusta to life in Wild West Exodus, Warhammer 40k, Infinity, and more! Augusta Industrial Range On the edge of town sits the industrial district of Augusta. This collection of small factories, warehouses, and depots are busy by day and all but abandoned by night. When the sun goes down the dark alleyways and abandoned lots are rife with illicit activity, squatters, and criminal elements. But it doesn’t end there, things move in the shadows, shapes flow just out of the corner of your eye and if you stand very still you can hear a slow rhythmic thrumming of a vast machine beneath your feet. So this month is packed full of exciting upcoming releases with a new nation for Dystopian Wars, a set of standalone UR-31E Teslabots as seen in Showdown at Retribution for Wild West Exodus, and a range of industrial scenics from Warcradle Scenics. Make sure you don’t miss out when they go on pre-order December 31st 2021 from your FLGS or Wayland Games online. As always, be sure to keep up to date with Warcradle Studios’ socials, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new releases and more. View the full article
  10. I can only answer two of your questions sorry mate. You don't need bases for the models (but you raise an excellent point about orientation and angles, missed opportunity by the model designers there). They are very sturdy and unless you do something that would damage any model, they won't get damaged through usage. The fleet points value (and the rules) are all free on the "Pick a Faction" link on the dystopian wars web page. you can jump on, download the ORBATYS for free and go from there.
  11. Best bet is to jump onto the website and look at the ORBATS (they are free after all). I've had about 30 games now, maybe more, and it's enjoyable in some ways for sure. Release is still ongoing.
  12. Yeah, I think the forums are pretty much gone. Some people like myself hoping to get some better focus for the game still hanging around. Had some good conversations but I sense my expectations for the game are quite different to others. But you can read that in my big thread in the general forum. I don't think the game is up to standard right now, it's just not good enough to compete with other tabletop wargames on the market. Still has enormous potential to do so though.
  13. I could be wrong, but it does seem like the 4" defense rule and the escort rule would apply to Luminiferous Defences. Nothing I could find contradicts this. For the SRS, however, removing a SRS adds dice to the Aerial Defence Pool (page 31), and the attack is not a true aerial attack. So I would argue you couldn't use SRS to add to Luminiferous Defences. About the Physeters and ADV/SDV, under Defences, its implied that you can discard SRS tokens to raise either the ADV or the SDV roll of the initial target, but then under the SRS token it states "Aerial DEfence Pool", so this needs a ruling or a clarification.
  14. Luminiferous Defences says, "LUMINIFEROUS DEFENCES: Units with this rule may use their Crippled ADV against any weapon with the Gunnery Quality. Size 1 Units and Models suffering from Shredded Defences cannot use Luminiferous Defences." How does this interact with extra dice to Defence Rolls from the "When using Defences, each Model in the same Unit within 4” of the Initial Target (and with the relevant Defence), adds +1 die to the Defensive Action Dice Pool." (core rulebook, pg 23)? I think this works, as they all have the same type of defence regardless of whether this is a 'true' ADV roll. Similar question regarding Escorts & Corvettes, which function a little differently as, "Each Escort provides +1 to the Defence values of its Parent Model." I assume this works, as it increases the stat that is then used. Also, can friendly SRS tokens on the targeted ship be spent to add dice to a Luminiferous Defences ADV roll? This keys on whether the roll is a true ADV roll or a Luminiferous Defences roll, a matter about which there has been some disagreement. Just to cover all the bases, does the, "FEARLESS FIGHTERS: Hurling their nimble craft into incoming fire to protect their allies, each friendly SRS Token (not Physeter Constructs) in base contact with a friendly Unit provides +2 to ADV when discarded rather than the usual +1." rule apply here? (Side note; it looks like Physeter Constructs can be spent to help a ships ADV, but not the SDV. Seems weird, as it feels like undead cyborg whales would work much better against torpedoes than rockets.)
  15. You are required to take 5 of the 6 individuals listed, but you can take all 6 if you want to. Its not the best wording, but it translates to "you must take all but 1 member of this posse, but you can take that last member if you want to".
  16. 6th one? They are identical from what I could see?
  17. The topics are quite old. I've only jumped back into the game 1 week ago, but was very experienced in v2. Are there any news or topics? The forum seems to be quite dead.
  18. Crown faction rules are ok, but other faction rules are also very strong. So I kind of share the creators opinions. The only heavy on this is the prize. I'd lower it to 240 points that seems to be right place. And give it a shield gen instead of a guardian.
  19. It means you must include 5 of those 6 units, but the 6th one is optional.
  20. This is in the Dead Or Alive Posse section of The Hex Handbook: • You MUST include five of the following: Broad Arrow Jack, Jim Petersen, Longtree, “The Masked Marshal” Jim McClain, Thomas Tate Tobin, and Yann “The Wraith” Packer. And this is printed in red directly underneath: • You MAY include one of the following: Broad Arrow Jack, Jim Petersen, Longtree, “The Masked Marshal” Jim McClain, Thomas Tate Tobin, and Yann “The Wraith” Packer. Can someone tell me what they mean for this posse?
  21. I've just decided to jump back in after at least eight years away and had a look at the orbat for the LA Whilst I understand the rational of keeping historic lines of models simple I think there are a few things missing that could be added to the list of upgrades. For example the French Cruiser modelled with a heat Lance could have the counts as and "must take heat Lance upgrade" its clearly got a heat Lance on it. The old French carrier is the same, it has a heat Lance at the front and not a gum battery, again this could be "counts as model" "must include heat Lance upgrade" I get not having random generators or upgrading to Missiles when the model doesn't have missle batteries on it, but there are a few tweeks that would improve the use of older toys especially where new toys are not available yet. How likely is it a small orbat update could be done to better utilise collections before the new models arrive? Kind regards
  22. Hello, I wanted to know if there is an up-to-date map of the DW universe? it is to help me understand how to evolve this universe which is totally unknown to me. I notice that there is no base for the miniatures at all, is that forbidden? not recommended? because I would like to avoid damaging the miniatures while playing them and a base would prevent that (then it would be perhaps easier to distinguish the orientation of the weapons. I ordered myself Prometheus and I would like to know what is the value of the fleets in points? If you have videos even on youtube that explain the world of the game well, I'm interested! Thank you for everything and have a good fight!
  23. So, nothing about this ship is any better than a Borodino minus the prow ram (which isn't particularly important). There are very minor differences (borodino has 14 citadel, Brittania has 15; but Borodino is faster by 1), but the Borodino is is over 40 points cheaper AND has an actually useful generator (because the guardian is straight up useless unless you buy a shield generator or have one in bumping-up-against-it range (which seriously sacrifices tactical options) and 4 dice is pathetic compared to shroud generators giving obscured. The logic behind it makes no sense. Nothing about it is "heavy" outside of it being slower than most battleships... I just can't follow the logic.
  24. Thanks for answering! We've finally hit the state of the world where some small ships can pew pew at each other via the medium of dice once again, initial clashes aren't matching up with your experiences, still ending up with sufficiently decisive casualties on one side that VP's couldn't possibly swing it. Possibly there are some distinct meta differences? Our meta at a glance: *1000 points *4'x4' board *Randomised "Common Encounters" (I frequently default to calling this the "scenario" *3.5 players *Terrain is scattered randomly about the board with minor adjustments for sanity (i.e. off of other terrain, off the table, etc.) *Singular terrain set of 3 pieces of land (3"x6") 4 obstruction (1"x3") and a pair of reefs (2" circles) going off my memory *Most games effectively resolved in turn 2 by one of the RNG effects (Attack dice, the more pwoerful cards) with one side wiped by end of 4 Current gameplay meta: *Shroud generators are king *SRS do not achieve enough to justify taking them *Union has done poorly *Enlightened, Ottomans and Russians have specific fleets with proven ability *Cards are only played as Valour, Victory effects not being enough to offset scenario/casualty points
  25. The reserve rules say you cannot place Support units in reserve without an exception. The Hex have many ways to brings SPIRIT units in from reserves, but 75% of these SPIRIT units are Support units and unable to be put in reserves. Am I missing something, or are the Hex now only allowed a handful of SPIRIT units to summon in with their abilities?
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