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  3. To be fair rebuilding is going to be darn hard until there's a concrete release date from WC for when they are going to launch the game. Until then its all ticking over really unless your local scene has a lot of legacy ships to play with and you can get into the beta through the FB groups. That said every day we get closer and closer to that magical time when WC announces it!
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  5. Appears that I have these images already and I suspect I took them from your post over on facebook. Thank you for posting them, I do appreciate it!
  6. I took some pictures of the Warcradle Booth at Spiel'19, not much DW stuff among them, but i hope it'll do.
  7. Anyone in or around Indianapolis, Indiana still have a Firestorm Armada fleet? Once the beta drops I'm planning to have bi-weekly games to contribute.
  8. Have you attended a convention and have images of the new models during demos?? If so post them in this thread please. I'm working to rebuild my local community and these images really help to sell the game. Thank you in advance.
  9. It's not in Waylands interest to sit on money and have outstanding orders. So yes if the mould was broken and WC reported as such to Wayland and the listing was taken down yes they would. Outstanding orders for a retailer aren't free money, they are a bother that costs them in support time to resolve. So its in their interests to make sure orders are delivered and if matters outside of their control mean that it cannot be delivered then processing a refund as quickly as possible is best. Honestly besides the "wayland are slower than others" issue I've never had problems with them. I'd also say that their "slower than others" has improved over time, especially when they updated the site to a live stock display. As for WC right now the public display of a model being removed is when it leaves the Wayland site for ordering.
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  11. Would they have let you know of the product was no longer available because the mould had broken? Will they let us know if models will not be produced again because there is no more moulds publicly?
  12. In my experience once an order has sat for a period of weeks Wayland contacts you. I had some ships sitting waiting for production and they contacted me two or there times over the course of time waiting. Each time confirming if I wanted to continue waiting or if I wanted a refund.
  13. I believe a comment has been deleted. I really would prefer an honest answer over this, as the problem of Wayland being not necessarily famed for swift delivery means that people could order Boats that just won't arrive and will not automatically contact customer services. A spread sheet might be great for collectors of models available, models that maybe available, and moulds broken.
  14. Careful, Threatnecro incoming XD Since I didn't play that much games with the Bosses from the Warrior Nation I ain't got that much experience with them. So it is just my rumbling along my thoughts. - Walks Looking. I only own the basic version. Not the Legendary. But she gets the job done. Also with the 1.09 update on the legendary one. It is amazing. I can play her in the Hour of the Wolf. That will be nasty!!! She gets shrouded, that will be a huge bonus! - Ghost Wolf. The legendary one is a beast in melee. Everything he looks at got a huge problem. But sadly with the Theme Posse you won't get that many Hunting Wolves or Spirit Walkers. The normal one is more of a support. His posse helps you to deliver your big hitters. And you are able to take more of them. Win-Win. - Raven Spirit. I really enjoy him. He is a beast. Good supportive abilites, hugh Fortune pool und good weapons. He is all about bringing more Spirits on the field. That is an amazing ability? - Alcon. Well... the flying circus. It sounds like so much fun. It emphazies hit-and-run tactics. And also probably the nicest models in the range. I mean those huge birds. What is not to love. So the other ones I don't know about. But every of our Bosses got a really different playstile. I am having a difficult time to decide what to play^^
  15. The Rulebook has a lot of background in it. https://blog.warcradle.com/?tag=Vignette Also has 20 short stories for different characters. The product descriptions for new posse sets is also a great way to get a deeper insight into the characters
  16. If you head over to https://blog.warcradle.com You'll see that there is lots of updates about up and coming products. If you want a product that no longer appears on the website then it would be a product we are currently unable to produce, for a myriad of reasons. If you have an existing order then feel free to contact customer services. Outside of that keep an eye on our social media and blog. If a product is available it will be listed on the website and things be listed and unlisted when they are available. If you have an outstanding order with a product that shows as no longer being available I would suggest contacting customer services. The nature of casting and production does mean that occasionally there will be discrepancy where production will cease as a mould breaks before we are able to fulfil the order volume and the option will be given to wait and find out if any additional moulds for the product will pass quality checking or receive a refund.
  17. Warcradle Studios will be attending GAMA 2020! Next year, in March, our team will be visiting the Peppermill Resort in Reno, USA, to discuss all things Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and more. At the GAMA Trade Show on the 11th and 12th March 2020, you'll have the opportunity to talk to the Sales team about Warcradle Studio's plans for upcoming releases and new products and find out more about the other fantastic ranges we distribute. Whether you’re looking for advice, looking into Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars or Lost World Exodus, or would like to know more about Bill & Ted's Riff in Time, Fog & Friction and Mythos, we want to see you at our Booth! If you're attending as a member of Trade or Distribution, one of our existing stockists or someone interested in finding out more about our products, stop by and say Hi to the team. We'll be announcing our booth number closer to the event. Stay tuned. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Book in Advance: To secure a particular time slot during the event, at a time convenient for you, we strongly recommend you book in advance by contacting your account handler or by following the link below. Book in advance GAMA 2020 is the perfect event to get advice and recommendations to fit your business needs. You’ll also be able to explore the trade packages we have available for retailers and distributors. Get in Touch: Interested in stocking Wild West Exodus or one of the ranges we distribute? Contact our sales team today - find out more about the packages available for retailers and distributors and get recommendations for your business before GAMA 2020. View the full article
  18. The big bonus for me of not having tasked gives the attack dogs and other things that normally have to stay close to your boss to focus their actions a greater range and maneuverability. It is especially nice to be able to run and charge with attack dogs and still be able to focus their attack without having your boss up on the front line.
  19. as someone looking to read more into the fluff where would you recommend I look? I would like to keep up with newer fluff more so than stuff that is no longer cannon.
  20. But will Warcradle tell us once that happens so we know we need to look elsewhere?
  21. Just a point, but sometimes when casting you don't know a mould is worn until you cast with it and find out. Same for when they break. So some of the models might break right when WC goes to cast them up for your order. The issue, I believe, is more one of timing and expectation of delivery than it is purely about breaking moulds (I'd imagine most buying these models have been buying models for a while and long enough to accept that moulds do break and to know that these are out-of-production models being cast only until those moulds break).
  22. Casual games are easy enough to arrange with friends, but how do you meet and play with people in the wider community? At the Studio, we have worked hard to create resources like the Gunslinger Organised Play Kit for Wild West Exodus. They are a great way for clubs and store communities to learn the game and challenge each other in friendly competitions. Events like the UK Gunslinger Masters are highlights of the Organised Play scene. With Leagues, players are encouraged to begin learning the game with a small starting force for their chosen faction which is usually based around the purchase of a single boxed set. Participants will then expand their collection over the course of several weeks and eventually play games with a significantly sized force featuring around a dozen units. We felt it was important that Leagues rewards both the player’s in-game victories as well as their skill with a brush. In fact, eager hobbyists can enter the League and score points just for assembling and painting their models! Painting fine details is always easier when you have young eyes! Once players are familiar with the rules for the game, either through casual play or from a League, the next step could be to try a Tournament. There are all sorts of Tournaments available to players through Organised Play. For example in Wild West Exodus, the Gunslinger Posse Challenge uses models from any Posse set up to 600 points total, while the Gunslinger Most Wanted has players face off with larger 1200-point forces. Organised Play events are usually designed to be easy for players of any skill level to participate in and track their results. You shouldn’t need complicated tables or charts to run or play in a Gunslinger event. All you need is enthusiasm and a bit of creativity. Hopefully the fence is Sturginium enhanced… The main purpose of Organised Play is to give communities an excuse to meet each other and play games. Of course, as an added incentive there are often fabulous prizes available for different awards. In Wild West Exodus’ Gunslinger Events, players have a shot at winning three Gunslinger awards: Murderous (Most Gunslinger Points), Prodigious (Best-Painted), and Largesse (Most Sporting). Often an Event Organiser will add additional prize categories and awards as they wish, such as for dressing as characters from the game, writing a fiction piece based on your force or even baking a themed cake! The aim should be to reward fair play and effort. Glittering prizes await players who get into Organised Play… Here at the Studio, we have just recently updated the Gunslinger Event Kit based on community feedback. Of course, that is not the only game our Organised Play Team have been working on. There’s something rather exciting on the horizon after all… Coming to a tabletop early next year! Dystopian Wars will have its own Organised Play system when the game launches next year and you can be sure that Lost World Exodus will too (as well as rules for combining the two ‘Exodus’ games in Tournaments and Leagues. There’s even talk of an overarching Organised Play Kit to allow Event Organisers to run campaigns that feature all three games (with room for Armoured Clash and more besides). But that’s a little further off. Watch this space for more details. Until next time. Stuart View the full article
  23. Hello everyone, I'm a new player at FA (from Belgium by the way) and I stumbled upon the official fandom wiki. It was lacking a lot of stuff, so i started creating more pages and giving some care to the old ones. I'm trying to make the wiki into some kind of game help and general ship catalog (or fleet recognition catalog). Here's an example of a ship's page done by me ; https://firestorm-armada.fandom.com/wiki/Falcata_Class_Cruiser Apparently i'm the only one to use it... for now. I was wondering if anyone here was up to help me on the project of reviving this wiki ? Especially since we know FA is going to make its return thanks to Warcradle's efforts. I listed most of the ships that exist for FA in the various faction pages, and the code of existing ship pages can be copied to make more of them pretty easily. Anyone interested ? Thanks ! Paraxanthine
  24. Please clarify: any information regarding continuation of or ending, either permanent or temporary, of a model/range/game, all information is to be gained by contacting customer service? So no public updates, no blogs, no newsletter, just contact customer service?
  25. And the best place to go to find that information is the customer service channels provided. They will best be able assist with questions.
  26. I think Banelord has a genuine point. If you are relying on moulds you won't repair or replace it is imperative to let people know if this is the final run and if the model will no longer be available from now on or if it is just a hiatus. In his defence, it is easy to read helpfulness as condescending online without the context of speech.
  27. @Banelord, No one was implying that you are an idiot. If you are in contact with customer support they will be able to answer all of your questions or look into any issues that you have. I would ask that you remain respectful towards moderators, staff and other forum users.
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  29. @Warcradle Tarnya, I have an outstanding order (and the modells are still at the website) and of course (do you think I'm an idiot?) I'm in touch with the customer support team. Therefor I got a first delivery, but I don't have any information about the rest. These models are still marked as "available to order", unfortunately they are not available for dispatch - and that doesn't change all the time. And nobody seems to be able when this changes or even if. Again, why do you mark mdoels as "restock expected: available to order", but can't tell anything about the shedule since weeks? I have a lot of experiance with plastics and moulds, if this is so crucial, then you should remove all the models and left alone only the few which are "in stock".
  30. Hi @Texas_Archer, @Lex Orion and @Banelord, some items in the Warcradle Classics range may have been removed from the website due to the health of the old masters and moulds. If we're unable to produce items to a high-quality standard with the masters and moulds available, the items will be removed from the range. The items seen in the Warcradle Classics range are older designs and essentially last-chance-to-buy items. By nature, these items are produced in limited numbers, as sadly, once masters and moulds come to an end, so does our production ability. If either of you have an outstanding order that you are waiting to receive, please do get in touch with our customer support team - http://helpdesk.warcradle.com/support/home - they will be able to look into this further for you.
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