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  2. Yes. If they flip back to the Ready side they do not need to check Madness at the beginning of a turn. Only models on the Altered side at the beginning of the turn are required to check under the standard rules.
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  4. This isn't a rule iv used before and I know some people who have been playing it as when you are targeted by an attack take a mind check and remove all conditions you have on you already. But the wording is a little confusing. it says "INDOMITABLE: once per turn, when declared as the initial target of an attack, The unit can take a MIND check and, if passed may remove all Negative conditions applied to it at that time, If failed, the conditions apply as normal" Now normally I would read that as "remove the conditions already on you", but "If failed, the conditions apply as normal" defiantly implies its effecting the conditions the attack you made the check against is going to apply. Can anyone shed any light? This may have already been answered and if it has and iv missed it I do apologise.
  5. What happens if they flip back?
  6. Does that mean that if they flip back due to Chester/Chronozon they don't need to check?
  7. My newly found Hex, beginning with a Hex Beast and Marie Laveau.
  8. Hey anyone know when there will be a repint ore somthing i would like the model but cant find it anywhere TY in advance
  9. Thanks , good to know there's someone listening. That clears up the confusion caused by "excluding this unit" on the unit card. Pity that a unit of hands can't benefit. I play Outlaws mercenarys and was looking for ways to buff up stats. Been using Jesse James theme posse, so prodigious faces which is great, but needed a way to make my hands more resilient. Thanks again for your support.
  10. There is still someone out here XD Let's take Pancho for expample. If Pancho is within 3" of a friendly female model. He will receive the bonus. But if there is a unit of multiple models (Hands or Support) and they habe for the ladies. If there is a female model included in that bigger unit, they still won't receive that bonus. It needs to be a model from a different unit.
  11. Is there anybody out there?
  12. I don't do Facebook. I stumbled upon them on Man Battlestations though
  13. They're available on the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/theunchartedseas/
  14. From the Black Ocean facebook group: Update 0.05a of the Firestorm Beta is now LIVE! https://www.firestormarmada.com/ Latest feedback, as well as further internal testing, has produced a revised System Damage game mechanic. New System Damage and Critical System Damage Token sheet for downloads. SRS Tokens have been made more vulnerable to Point Defence as well as reducing the number launched from each carrier. Movement has been clarified both in regard to Formations, overlapping models and turning. Kinetic Quality has been streamlined and made more straightforward to use. Blasts and Scatter have been made more dangerous to Mass 1 Squadrons in Formation. Repairs have been revised in line with new System Damage rules. Battleships are now Mass 4! IMPORTANT: Feedback must be given through the link below. Comments here are not taken into account as feedback. There are many more people taking part in the Beta than post on the Black Ocean so conversations here are only reflective of the experiences and opinions of people who post here. Really, the Black Ocean (and other forums) are excellent for constructive and friendly discussions. But to give feedback, post it into the portal please! https://www.firestormarmada.com/
  15. Ah! Thank you. That makes sense as to why I can't find them. If you ever release individual buildings I'd love to get more of the tall houses from the Dunsmuth set as well. I have the set already, but three of those tall buildings isn't enough for me :)
  16. Hey Paddy, the buildings from the first release of the Gloomburg range have been replaced by the new Gloomburg Sprawl pre-coloured set. You may still be able to find some of the older buildings available individually online or in tabletop community trading groups. The individual buildings won't be restocked but be sure to keep an eye on our blog and socials for announcements as this may be something we offer, in the future, for the new set!
  17. So after initially dismissing v3 of the DW rules I have had a bit of a turnabout in my thinking. I am not sure if the initial version of the beta was significantly different than the current version but I had a reread of it and am now looking forward to it. Time to finish my Prussians!
  18. I noticed that there is a Spartan Games archive but there aren't any entries for Uncharted Seas. Are the rules and stats for US not available?
  19. My interest was in getting some new vessels as I find the current rules good enouh to game with. I picked up a lot of clearance models but the 2nd edition models are difficult to find.
  20. Recently open 20 minutes away northwest Madrid, Spain Asedio Gaming delivers fun, war and soft drinks on equal parts (or not, maybe more gaming than anything else). If you get lost by this side of the world come by and bring some models. If you don´t have any I´ll short you out. P.S: Red Oak it´s not a quiet place anymore
  21. Get ready to set the tabletop scene with new plastic scenic bases and sets of super buildings initially only available in the Super City Downtown bundle. All available to pre-order from today, with your FLGS and online at Wayland Games. New Plastic Scenic Bases With the new miniatures base sets from Warcradle Studios, your force will not only look the part as you move into position on the tabletop, but they'll stand out from your opponents. While both of the new miniatures base sets are incredibly detailed, there are a few unique and interesting differences between them. There are two base themes inside each of the sets, for use with or without the iconic Warcradle Plinth bases - also included! Mesa & Frontier Town Base Set The Mesa & Frontier Town base set provides a textured, sandy terrain option, with a mix of highly detailed features varying from pistols and skulls and to the remains of foes. It also includes highly detailed old-school wooden flooring as a second option, with remnants of battles previously had, scattered RJ bottles and Wild West "Wanted" posters. If you've been looking for the perfect base inserts for your Wild West Exodus miniatures, these bases will more than suffice! Available in small or medium. Medium Enhance your miniatures with these highly detailed plastics base accessories. These can either be used as toppers for the Warcradle Plinth bases or as stand alone bases for any miniatures. Price: £20.00 Swamp & Industrial Base Set The Swamp & Industrial base set brings out the best of a murky bayou with exposed roots ravaging the muddy waters, rotting wooden planks, and the skulls of those that dared to venture ahead. The second theme for this set provides a platform for sci-fi, pulp/horror miniature figures and features a host of pipework and congregated metal flooring for your miniatures to stand atop - with some more RJ canisters thrown in for good measure. Not only is this set fitting for the Hex in Wild West Exodus, but it's also compatible with many more miniatures games. Available in small or medium. Medium Enhance your miniatures with these highly detailed plastics base accessories. These can either be used as toppers for the Warcradle Plinth bases or as stand alone bases for any miniatures. Price: £20.00 Basing helps to tell the story of your army, so make sure to pre-order these basing sets for an excellent selection of stand-alone base options for every model in your collection. Both of these textured miniature base sets are available to pre-order from your FLGS and online from Wayland Games, due for release at the end of October 2020. Super City Scenery Kits We're also helping to keep tabletops action-packed by releasing each of the Super City buildings separately! If you've been looking for marvel crisis protocol terrain or waiting to get your hands on the Mystic Mansion, Tower Block or the scatter terrain pieces (Quantum Van or Construction Site), you're in luck. They are all available to pre-order individually from today. If you're ready to make an impact, these scenery kits offer a selection of pre-painted MDF buildings, compatible with 35mm - 40mm scale games, and many more. From miniatures games to RPG's, building the ideal comic book or contemporary city, the possibilities for this series of scenery are endless. All of the Super City tabletop scenery kits are available to pre-order from your FLGS and online from Wayland Games, due for release at the end of October 2020. Super City - Mystic Mansion Price: £30.00 Super City - Tower Block Price: £30.00 Super City - Tower Block Extension Price: £15.00 Super City - Construction Site Price: £12.00 Super City - Quantum Van Price: £10.00 If you like the look of next months releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of October 2020. View the full article
  22. Been trying to work out who gains the bonus. Is the unit /model with the "one for" the only unit/model to gain the bonus? Or do the rest of the posse gain the bonus if they're within 3" of a male/female model? Eg. If a unit of hands is within 3" of a male /female unit and the posse contains a unit with the "one for" rule, do they gain the bonus? Thanks in advance
  23. Heya, Lovely first fleet but I have a feeling the assault cruiser is in reverse
  24. The August 12 blog post - https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2020/warcradle-studios-diary-32 - confirmed that UCS is on the back burner now: "While some games will have to enter an extended period of ‘Development Hell’ being removed from our current release schedule (Planetfall and Uncharted Seas) and others will see themselves looking at delays into late 2021 and beyond (Lost World Exodus and Armoured Clash) as we open up space in the schedule to make certain we can support Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada in the right way." The last iteration of the UCS rules (the hardback version) are pretty much solid as is so the best option we have for now is to continue playing those rules knowing there won't be any rules changes, or new models sadly, for at least another year and quite likely longer. Our club has decided to play UCS regularly as it stands and I have reverted to conversions to fill gaps in the couple of fleets I currently have.
  25. I assume you also still get the Torpedo trait of being able to alter one damage die result?
  26. I ordered the Gloomburg Sprawl as I really liked my Dunsmuth set. However I'm having a heck of a time finding any of the other Gloomburg stuff in stock anywhere. Is there a problem with distribution/production? I really like a couple cottages and the destroyed mill to add to my collection, but I can't find them anywhere. Any ideas on when things may be restocked?
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