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  3. If I can piggy-back off your though Rule, can I get some places where I can get info about the game other than here? I don't Facebook (noone should anymore) so where am I to keep up with our game?
  4. Future FA rules

    Kaptyn Krys - If they can get hold of something like the plastic Hawk Wargames uses then by all means lets go plastic mad! That said if not then I'd say resin is best for detail. I can't see anything except Dystopian Wars being viable for plastic at this stage; even then it would be a huge risk. From what I've seen on the job advertisements WC is going for resins . Maybe plastics one day - but likely not for many more years and that assumes good growth of the core games to a point where demand makes the investment into plastics a sound financial choice.
  5. Future FA rules

    @northerndragons Age of Sigmar does something like this and on top of adding new abilities for everyone (always a plus) it seemed like it gave new players a clear template of 'Here are probablythe next boxes you should pick up' You can certainly run into problems of fleetbuilding becoming completely standardized, and I think few fleets currently suffer for options in a 800-1200 point game. On the flip side maybe a relthozan force can have a very heavy shunt cruiser setups and an ability to burn that can help with the shunt entry table, or allow for a squad's precision use of a shunt matrix. A fleet built like this has a lot less overall choice for ships and would benefit greatly from a couple TAC like rules
  6. Future FA rules

    Has anyone thought about formations? A squadron of ships that synergize together, move and activate as a unit as well as gain a special ability. Think of it as the logical growth of the accompaniment rules. Example: Dindrezni Hunter-Killer Flotilla: 1 Cataphract Battlecruiser 2-3 Velites Light Cruiser 2-3 Pugio Light Frigates (might be overkill) Special Ability: Alpha-strike: the lead unit targets one enemy model, every other unit that can draw line of sight can combine fire on the same model. Once per game. Secondary Ability: Time-on-target: almost the same as above but units can only link fire. Once per turn. Thoughts? Constructive criticism?
  7. Hi, I am new to the game too so I am no expert but as I understand if you take a hands unit for the first slot it would not count towards the total for any other slot. But each hand unit can be only 3 figures and a support unit can be just one so you could fill the list above with just 12 figures plus the boss to make a total of 13 figures in 7 units. And remember you are not obliged to fill every slot - you just fill them in order until you reach the points total agreed for the game you are playing. You could also take more than one Boss and reach your points total with no hands at all. Hopefully someone can confirm if this is correct or not!
  8. Can I just say that if there is one thing WC must do it is proper blogposts with the videos. The only way to look at the stuff you were trying to promote as screenshots off of Alex Mann's blog, which I hope @Alex Mann will forgive me saying, doesn't have the reach of tabletop fix. Also writing stuff as blogposts makes it much accessible and easier to share.
  9. So a new game system? A cleaner, quicker, less fiddly game system, I hope, yes? I am all for anything that makes the game faster play and more appealing to new players. I would have an easier time getting my game group to play 'SAW: the home game' than sit down for a joyous 5 hours of explodey resin goodness. (and they would never have to buy anything, I have a massive collection) yet still few will play... Makes me wish I had all the bugs worked out of my D20 conversion. It runs at least twice as fast since an entire attack rolls on a single d20 instead of a bucket of d6s. But anyway, bring it on, I am very much curious about the new version and I can't wait to play v3. Except that there is no Union, in my world, they still lost. But, if the 'American' force was from the Republic of Texas, that would be a different story.
  10. Future FA rules

    @Warcradle Richard knows. eyes always watching. we could make them do it precious no no its to risky we leads them to it it? plastics my precious. and new rules. yesyes! and then when they are dead from the fumes we takes it! Gollum. Gollum! *Krys hops back onto his rock*
  11. @StorminWolf then you were one of the lucky ones that you could find any players at all. I was introduced to the game by a guy who had the British, played a few games with him then he disappeared from the gaming scene entirely. After that I struggled to get anybody to even look at the game let alone try it. The only person I managed to get into the game was a close friend who wouldn't look at the game until 6th edition 40k came along and ruined 40k completely for both of us. I tried hard to get more players In, but no one wanted to play the game. They just weren't interested. It took four more years before I found out that there were others who were playing Firestorm (only two guys). And it took a while before I could convince them to try DW. They haven't gone back as Firestorm is just a boring game in comparison to DW. The novelty of sea based combat is just too niche for gamers, in my experience and getting potential new players to even look at the game is the hardest part.
  12. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Absolutely right, Storminwolf.
  13. I'm curious as well. I'm new to the game and loving the model range but somewhat confused with some of the units that should be included. As well as the posse theme list card. For example, on the confederate rebellion theme card, the card is written like this: 1) ben hamilon/or outlaw confederate hand unit 2) up to 2 confederate hand units 3) up to 2 outlaw confederate units 4) up to 2 outlaw confederate units 5) outlaw confederate unit and/or outlaw merc support unit 6) outlaw confederate unit and/or outlaw merc support unit Whats not clear is say I take the outlaw confederate hand unit for bullet 1, does that count towards the one I'll need for bullet 2? Because if it doesn't, this game seems like its a lot larger then a skirmish game if by this theme posse list, I'm going to need potentially 5 units plus just to get the benefit.
  14. I did not have issues finding other players for dystopian wars, for the air and sea, but I don't know anyone who cared for the land part/variant. And I liked the stuff shown, it's been a few years. Time has passed, design and production capabilities have moved on. The past is the past, let's enjoy that we see a renaissance for games that have been dead before and that we have an engaged and determined owner for dystopian wars. The past will not come back, and it would not make sense to wish it would come back, as apparently, it did not work out. Now let's have a look at Warcradle, they have a plan, they have experience and capacities, so be happy that they are taking care of this. Will some changes be painful for long time players or veterans? Yes sure, but you have that with any change of edition in any game. I'm for one am a happy trooper and look forward what's coming. And I do own a Blazing Sun, British and Prussian fleets, never got around to Antarctica and federal states, unfortunately, I'll just continue to use these minis and in time they will possibly just gather more dust on the shelf, but that is life... Be positive lads, we're such a small community currently, that tbqh it will not matter if you leave, but instead of being so negative, if you're not happy with what's happening or coming, accept that you'll not be able to change it and just move on with your life, ti will be more positive for everyone. I for one prefer to enjoy my hobby instead of hating it.. and if it does no longer fit my taste I move on.
  15. Future FA rules

    @Warcradle Richard - any thoughts on the scale of battles themselves - ergo not specific points, but a sense of how many ships we might expect to use per game in a standard battle?
  16. I'm not expecting completed rules or models. Just more information as to what is going on, what they are working on and the concepts they are working with. And apparently they are two or three month from the beta tests. So obviously they are far enough along to say that much
  17. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    @Merlin I mean sure, announce a nonexistent new ruleset and line of currently unsculpted new models. Try to realize where in the process warcradle is right now
  18. Well now im going to have to sit here mashing my F5 key, aren't I.
  19. For a niche game like this, bouncing back might be tough. Everyone here had difficulty getting new players to play the game back when Spartan was around. That might not change with the new edition. Not the fault of the rules or the studio, just that many gamers just aren't interested in a game of boats.
  20. Future FA rules

    @Kaptyn Krys thanks I was asking the question on behalf of others, not necessarily myself. I definitely fall into the camp of NOT feeling like 2.0 is/was a solid game (after many many plays of it) and think it needs major changes. But I respect the beliefs of others. We have our answer, nonetheless. Thanks Warcradle Richard. It's really good to know that the scale of the models won't change and our collections will be useful in the next game.
  21. From my perspective, its not that you can't build excitement or communicate. It's that your not trying to do any. Or at least that's what it appears to look like. For example, you say the beta is coming in the summer as if that's just a throw away line. Where is the official announcement for That? Where is the attempt to get players to mark their calenders and wait with anticipation for what is to come? Nowhere. You mention that bit of news in a comment on facebook. That is something that should be bellowed from the rooftops. Not the news above that Derek is back as a rules writer (which was a big mistake on your part, btw). By this point you should be releasing the concepts for the factions by yourselves. Not letting Saltue attendees post up a few images they managed to get. I don't know, but from my perspective it just seems like your not trying to build hype. There's been plenty of news about WWX recently, but nothing about the old Spartan Games. While I don't expect a minute by minute run down of everything that is going on, a blog post every week, two weeks, month about what's been going on would be nice. At least a bit more frequent and more interesting content than news about a rules writer.
  22. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    I think this here is a key mistake. This is not the continuation of a show. This is not the original series of (for example) Dystopian Wars picking up a new creative team between season two and three. This is an all-new series of Dystopian Wars. The new production team, new cast, new writers and new design sensibilities. Now a miniatures game really isn't a TV show, but you started it so let's take this over-extended metaphor further... The new show of Dystopian Wars does not stop you from enjoying the original still (and in your case making 3D sculpts vaguely reminiscent of former showrunner Neil). It does mean that there won't be any more of the classic Dystopian Wars episodes. It also means that if anyone tries to make classic Dystopian Wars episodes, or edits classic Dystopian Wars episodes to make them stand up to modern viewing that they will get a visit from the new company's lawyers with a cease and desist pretty sharpish! But there will potentially now be a host of new fans for Dystopian Wars, and whether or not you personally enjoy the new series or its designs, you can at least appreciate that while the original is at an end, you can still enjoy it. But that there is a new version to enjoy for its own merits too. Now we aren't actually talking about a TV show, we're talking about a game. And the good news is that it's an even better situation for you. While your DVDs and memorabilia of the original series of Dystopian Wars were only relevant to that show, with Dystopian Wars as a game you can use your miniatures in the new edition too as we'll be providing some 'counts as' material for you to proxy with. Now of course stylistically they won't be a perfect match, but they'll (mostly) be close! While it is true that the community *could* tell new players not to get involved (as happened with Age of Sigmar), the game was in such decline that even with that kind of selfish and self destructive action from the community I'm confident that the property would bounce back as part of the Dystopian Age and that we would be seeing not only a host of new players who the second edition was offputting to, but also to many of the original community who spoke out against the new edition but when the new models are released and faced with the alternative of 'no Dystopian Wars at all' decided to jump on board and have some fun anyway! Now I could be wrong about all of this (and I'm sure the double-act of D & J will assure me that I am!) but the thing about being the game studio rather than the community is that the risk is ours, not yours. I'll let you know in a couple of years how it has played out!
  23. Future FA rules

    There have been alot of well thought and constructive suggestions on the forums over the last few months. We do read them. Scale won't be changing and whatever we do with the universe we will make a place for your current minis to fit in.
  24. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Surely better that we show you lots of new stuff too? I think a Q&A is overdue!
  25. Atlanta Light Cruiser

    Sircan, you make additional models for ships? You might be my new best friend!! I lost out big on the failed Kickstarter (cough $800+ cough) but the biggest hurt was not getting new ship designs, you might have just fixed that for me. I don't have a 3D printer and the one guy I know who has one is not exactly reliable. Are you able to make those too or can I get the file and go pester that guy? Also, did you help design the KS ships? Asuo, I wonder what other ships failed the cut, you have any intel on any of those? Also, I will never be able to wrap my head around this Union business, the South won in this version, that was one of the really intriguing aspects of this game, alternate outcomes.
  26. How about another Q&A, get you guys in front of the camera again, do another discussion on the leaked images?
  27. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Shhh, that doesn' fit into the narrative that we can't build excitement or communicate properly!
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