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  2. Dino raiders... but i was pleased already! but not only feathered velociraptors but ohers dinos like triceratops, stegosaurus and else.
  3. Review del contenido de la Caja de HUNT FOR THE PROMETEUS , nuestra primera impresion, comentarios sobre el contenido para que lo veas con un poco de sabor caribeño!
  4. Hello people! Cheers from Venezuela I´m Luisjoey from Caracas, I´m a wargamer, boardgamer and roleplayer! i love wild west exodus! love the golden army! (so cliche latins playing this, but yehaaa!) also very interested in #LostWorldExodus I belong to CALABOZO CRIOLLO national community holding events around all the country among tournaments, covnentions, game days, and lots lots of demos! sadly covid dampen us from doing but also have big presence online on several media with the #WEDOPLAY initiative! Find us on: CALABOZO CRIOLLO on Facebook! and also on CALABOZO CRIOLLO ON INSTAGRAM!!! I got into Dystopian wars with this! But since there is not SUSA navy yet, i do play IMPERIAL! i leave you this review i made with some caribbean flavour! (after all pirates are from there)
  5. Si esto ha sido una muy buena noticia! amplia mas las posibilidades del juego! A mis manos llego una copia en ingles, y en Mi pais Venezuela la comunidad no se frena tanto porque este un producto en ingles, pero tener la posibilidad y la alternativa hace que sea mas llamativo, de verdad que han hecho un esfuerzo inmenso por aquí les comparto es un review que hice en español latinoamericano! si con algo de spanglish
  6. Hey all, If you're looking for rules, there is the gubbins box which has all the bits you need to play. The problem I found is I can't find (after 10 seconds of looking mind you) how to get a direct shipment order from Warcradle (and you probably can't unless you are a local trader). Perhaps you can email your Local Game Store and ask them to look it up and order it in? Link below in case it is helpful to you. https://trade.warcradle.com/dystopian-wars-rules-gubbins-set-english-dwa990001.html
  7. The force thing was a complaint I had at the beginning of the chain above. I'm forced to take a capital ship, despite how points inefficient they are. That would be fine if there were meaningful decisions to be made for the capital ship, but honestly, pick the cheapest and leave it at the back for late game where it might just be useful, and even then, it's gonna get smashed by rockets or torps for those VP's. I'm not going to compare backwards because I played over v1 to v2 (missed the later stuff) and the game changed a lot, so I find it pointless. I want to focus on what the game is right now. I think early days is not a good excuse. This isn't a computer game where you will get easy sale density then can mop up all the failed testing... people just won't buy the game. It doesn't matter if hardcore players think new players being disappointed their nation isn't released means they aren't going to buy the game because they have been waiting half a year, the point is they won't buy it and that hurts the hobby, so to me it's something both hardcore players and the company should be looking at. I've played more games of Imperium and Commonwealth than Crown under the new rules, but I've played against or with all the currently released nations now a few times. The Trident generator needs to be in 5" man for the homing, and you can't get it on a destroyer so it's kinda worthless for that right now given it's only on the cruisers if memory serves... who are the torp output of the army which means the one using the generator can't shoot the ship it is affecting... Eh, the carriers I'm writing off. The rockets don't hit hard enough when you can use something far more effective in any fleet to make them worth it, and the flyers are very poor. The one role the carrier might be useful in is against a Russian (or similar) rocket fleet where you activate first and protect your cruiser squadron from rockets with cap, but that seems like a huge waste of points. Just buy 3 more cruisers and be done with it. I'm not fishing for all-powerful battleships, I don't mind the design decision to make cruisers the weapons output, despite how incredulous that it is to me, I can accept it... But currently BB's are a point sink I NEVER want to use, and that's a problem. All 5 of my mates playing have come to the same conclusion. Now it could be a local meta thing, but I'm not seeing players excited for battleships anywhere else like on Facebook groups and the like, so I'm not seeing evidence to the contrary. I haven't seen someone post any math here that might show me otherwise, or even an argument in defence that makes sense to be honest other than you have to take one so that makes them useful. Again, to me, that's a terrible argument for effectiveness because it's based on the forced mechanic, not it's effect on the board.
  8. Looking good! The muted colors really work on these.
  9. Earlier
  10. As my FLGS didn't have it. Amazon for the win.
  11. 3 Saratoga's, 3 San Francisco's and 4 sky Fortress Savannahs I think. I also have 4 Apollo's painted to match. My FSA fleet got a little out of hand. I kept finding minis at cons for good prices.
  12. Amazon for 95 with prime shipping. I had to wait as it wasn't available right away.
  13. Has anyone played the Union yet? The Yorktown has some very interesting option. Switch the guns for HvRockets and add an Akron observer. You will get 3 of them and the obs. for 304points. This will allow you to fire your rockets at 40 inches(extreme range). The volley's Dice pool, for undamaged ships, is F 15+10+10, 35 dice!!! P&S 15+10+10=35 again. With the guns you only get 26 dice at Long range. So do you want 26 dice at 30 inches or 35 dice at 40inches. I used an all rocket fleet against the Empire, using Japanese ships where possible. It was not even close to fair. Long live the Union! The downside to this if they cripple you, your firepower will go down a little quicker. If they get with 10 inches you can have a problem. Another point of note you don't have any aft firing weapons as the Rockets are no longer 360. The union Fleet was a Constitution w AO(akron observers) 275, 3 Yorktowns with AO 304, 3 Yorktowns with AO 304 and 5 Farraguts 94 for a total fleet of 998. All turrets using Hv Rockets. The Empire fleet varied each game. We played two games like this and the Union walked away both times. In a gun fleet we played one game and it took longer than both the previous ones. It was also a fairly even game.
  14. Just shooting. For shooting you need line of sight and obscured modifies this. For assaults you don't need LOS. It would have been mentioned in the rules under assault.
  15. Does obscured also work against assaults? Or only against shooting and other attacks?
  16. I do agree to this point. It is like the bunting on the later Spartan FSA/Union ships was horrible. Theses are things that should be left to the modelers.
  17. While I agree that the Battleships are not as imposing as before it is still early. Also don't forget the force composition rules. You still need battlegroups. You can play without the cruisers but not with out the Flagships. However the cruisers/gunboats have always been the strength of the fleets value wise. Judging from your comments your may be a Crown player. If so the Torps are your real strength and not just fluff wise as in the past. With multiple torp turrets and the generator that gives them homing. That will be a serious threat. It is also very thematic and makes for very different play. IMHO Think of your carriers not just as strike ships but as fleet buffs. Plus the rockets stay the same at all range bands.
  18. myrm

    Fleets ahoy

    Add one proxy for a Withered Griffon
  19. Le jeu tournera bien en France si les livrets d'ordre de bataille sont traduits correctement. J'ai l'intention de bosser un peu dessus. Je vais contacter Warcradle Studios pour leur demander comment ils comptent procéder à leur sortie en Français. Je suis partant pour constituer un groupe de trad en ligne afin de monter un document drive pour compiler les infos requises et les traiter. S'il y a des intéressés, je vous invite à me le faire savoir!
  20. The paint scheme is easy to do but need to have a little patience. All my scenery are old models from Spartan Games : From Left to right : Oil Rig > Federated States of America Tower Set > Dystopian Wars: Scenery: Industrial Set > Fortified Prison
  21. That is a beautifully clean paint scheme! Might have to steal some of it. What's the oilrig derrick thing made of?
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