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  2. Both of those characters are there, but something is wrong with all the game cards, at least on my end, as all the text is computer code. Click "All Cards" under the faction to get the pdf with the entire sheet of cards.
  3. I believe you create the entire pool of Guardian dice for the turn in one activation, counting up all the friendly generators in play(which means reserves wouldn't contribute to the total) . You can only build the Guardian Pool once per round.
  4. Is there anywhere to get the entire faction card set again? Cards are missing in the new ala carte version, and there has been no game changes. (John Talbot as a wwx card is now gone, cant be a balance issue as other than fluff its the same as Edward Carter, but now the argument is if its a valid unit)
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  6. Hello Reading the latest version of the Crown Orbat (3.02) I'm not 100% clear on how to interpret the rules. My understanding is that for each round you can effectively build up a guardian points pool as you progress through it. For example my first activation in the round is a Victory Class carrier with 3 points. If I don't spend any of them during my opponents next unit activation, I can carry them over and add the points from the next unit I actviate to the pool, say 2 points to make 5. Thus in theory I can use all the cumulated points from all of my guardian carrying units in the play area to defend against my opponents last attack against a guardian generator carrying friendly model for that round. Any unused points are then disgarded in the End Phase. Do other people interpret the rules this way? Thanks
  7. Is there anywhere where i can download the rulebook in spanish? I've seen that the latest 2 player set comes with one and It would be really helpful for the demo games im currently running. I already own an english one but wont mind if i have to pay something for a digital spanish one
  8. For the first question, I believe its constructed so that a 1 Flagship Hochmeister can join 1-3 Metzgers or just build a 1-3 Flagship Hochmeister fleet of its own. Either way you get the defense bonus in coherency, as the wording in the attached rule is because the class traits are different . For the second question, the Flagship unit doesn't count towards the position limits, as per the orbat says for a Colossus battlefleet, so you would have 1 unit as the flagship and 1-2 surface units meeting the additional reqs.
  9. Hello! I have questions, that I will be using the Imperil Colossus battlefleet as an example, as it helpfully illustrates both my questions. One; I can have one Hochmeister as a flagship. Can I then, as per the entry on the Hochmeister itself, attach him to a unit of Metzgers? I feel some of these "promoted to flagship" units need some kind of escort (though this may be overkill here)- is this an option, or does he loose this attachment as a flagship? Can he take escorts at all? Two...let's say I take that unit of Metzgers in either case. Can I add ANOTHER unit of them (as I am allowed two colossi units) AND attach a Hochmeister to the unit, or would the Hochmeister attachment count as a third, ILLEGAL unit? What I'm getting at is, are attached units counted in the restrictions, or are they just counted as an option, and ignored by the restrictions? Because points not withstanding, no idea why I'd attach a Hochmeister to a unit of Metzgers if that's the case, rather than take a full squadron of both units and keep them separate. Thanks in advance.
  10. The Tempelhof battlefleet sprues only have 2 radar dishes between them but need 3. If you build the Fleet Carrier with two Volsung Cruisers, all of which need a dish, you’re one short (maybe I’ve missed something).
  11. The November releases are now available to pre-order! Make sure to check out the Warcradle Studios Blog for more information.
  12. This month at Warcradle Studios, we’ve not only been busy preparing the latest pre-orders for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics, but also getting ready to announce our latest thrilling Wild West Exodus novel! Following the release of Sturginium Skies last month, and the original Two Player Starter Set Hunt for the Prometheus, you can now venture further into the Dystopian Age with Beyond The Sturginium Skies and Beyond The Hunt for the Prometheus. Will you seek to claim the Labrador Sea for either the Crown or the Imperium or are you prepared for a Commonwealth ambush on the Enlightened? It's time to choose your battle and fight. And the Dystopian Wars releases don’t stop there! With THREE new Battlefleets setting sail at the end of November, you have plenty of options to choose from for your next tabletop force. Union players will be able to add the Mexico Battlefleet Set to their collection, whereas Crown players have the Protecteur Battlefleet, and Sultanate players will be able to expand their fleet with the Retaj Battlefleet Set. Build your tabletop farmstead with the Buckhorn Ranch Set from Warcradle Scenics. Featuring a Silo, Stables, a Water Tower and more, you'll have everything you need to set the scene for games of Wild West Exodus. Due to be released at the end of November 2022. Dystopian Wars Beyond The Sturginium Skies The Labrador Sea had barely stopped roiling when the call for reinforcements went out. Both the Crown and Imperium lost vessels and both were too proud to leave control of the Labrador Sea to the other. Where they differ, however, is their response to the conflict. The Crown sent word to have a battlefleet assemble which is now on its way from the United Kingdom while the Imperium mobilised the Teutonic Knights and used its efficient logistical chain to assemble a battle platform, defended by Vitruvian Colossi, to maintain hold on the area before more support can arrive. The fight was thought to be over but it seems to have been merely a break in the storm. The Sturginium Skies boil with battle once again. Who will claim the Labrador Sea as their own, the Crown or the Imperium? This box contains: 2x Crown Cruisers (Can be built as either an Athelstan, Agincourt or Hotspur Class ship) 2x Morgana Assault Submarine 4x Excalibur Heavy Destroyer 2x SRS Token 2x Sets of Platforms 2x Hochmeister Vitruvian Colossus (can also be built as Metzger Vitruvian Colossus) 1x Wreck marker 1x Mine Marker 1x Rule Book 1x Campaign Book 20x Action dice 6x Critical dice 1x Token set Beyond The Hunt for the Prometheus After Helsinki Markov’s treachery stole the Prometheus away from its creators there has been a bitter rivalry between the Covenant of the Enlightened and the Commonwealth. Certain Peers of the Enlightened have decided to make an example of the Commonwealth for such an audacious heist and show that they have as much military influence as any of the Great Powers. As for the Okhrana, the Commonwealth Intelligence Service, they hope for more secrets of the age to be unlocked by luring the various automata and advanced enemy vessels into engagements that they can’t hope to escape from. With the plan of dissecting any captured inventions for reverse engineering. With the help of Mongolian offshore platforms and a web of false leads, the Okhrana have orchestrated for an Enlightened battlefleet to be in place for an ambush. The Commonwealth now has engineering marvels of their own in the shape of Vitruvian Colossi. Will the Enlightened fall for the trap or have the Commonwealth bitten off more than they can chew? This box contains: 2x Marena Vitruvian Colossus (can also be built as Kostroma Vitruvian Colossus) 4x Boyar Heavy Frigate 2x Sets of Platforms 2x Assault Machine (can be built as either a Ketos or Lotan Class machine) 2x Advanced Cruiser (can be built as either a Newton, Zumeena, Vesalius or Origen Class ship) 2x Enlightened Escort 2x Orca Token 1x Mine Marker 1x Wreck Marker 1x Rule Book 1x Campaign Book 20x Action dice 6x Critical dice 1x Token set Protecteur Battlefleet Set Huge submersible strike carriers, the Protecteur class was the brainchild of Canadian Frank Andrew Fleming and his assistants at the Davie Shipyard. The Protecteur uniquely combines the capacity of a large support carrier with the stealth and strike capabilities of an attack submersible. This box contains: 1x Protecteur Submersible Carrier 2x Canadian Frontline Cruiser (can be built as either a Newfoundland, Bonaventure, Halifax, Toronto or Yukon Class ship) 4x Orca Hunter Submarine 2x SRS Token Mexico Battlefleet Set The Testbed ship for Nikolai Tesla’s revolutionary Arc technologies, the USS Mexico is often sent into the heart of engagements against the enemies of the Union. The results of these engagements make for precious study material at The Pipeworks. The Union fleet has seen a number of technological improvements since the defection of Nikolai Tesla from the Imperium, and a significant overall increase since the end of the Ore War. Support Cruisers and Automata have all been upgraded by the creative team in the Pipeworks. This box contains: 1x USS Mexico 2x Union Support Cruisers Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as Discovery, Roanoke, California, Montgomery or Washington Class 4x RC-52 Patriot Automata 2x SRS Tokens Retaj Battlefleet Set Sinister vessels crewed entirely from the cult of the Order, the Retaj Portalship is beyond the limit of the scientific and engineering expertise of the Sultanate. Indeed it is beyond even the esoteric designs of the Enlightened. Able to create stable rifts in the aether and allow entire ships to pass through, these fantastic energies can be harnessed and repurposed most lethally. This box contains: 1x Retaj Portalship 4x Carolus Destroyer Wild West Exodus Lazarus Welcome to an alternate 1870s where the heroism and hubris of humanity in this era of steam and steel have unlocked secrets that the world was unprepared for, as super-science and alien technologies bring about an exciting and unpredictable age. The Dystopian Age. The Badlands of North America are a wild and dangerous place. It has been a generation since the end of the civil war, known as the Ore War, and the Union of Federated States has emerged as a dominant power on the world stage. But all is not as it seems and there’s something rotten in the prosperous frontier town of Provenance. The Union have sent Major Willa Shaw to investigate in an adventure that will see her cross paths with old friends and new and terrifying enemies. Can Shaw and her allies discover the origins of Lazarus before all hell breaks loose? 1x Softback copy of Lazarus Warcradle Scenics Buckhorn Ranch Set Buckhorn Ranch is a typical example of life on the frontier. It’s changed hands many times over the years, occasionally sold by a family who’ve grown too old to look after the place but more often through nefarious means. This set contains: 1x Farmstead 1x Lodge 1x Silo 1x Ranch Scatter 1x Barn 2x Stable There’s a little something for everyone in November, with so many exciting pre-orders available! Make sure not to miss out when they go live for pre-order on the 28th of October 2022 at your FLGS or Wayland Games Online. Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
  13. Not sure if you've got the answer to this since, but the Dominance can take up to 2 Ascendancy Escort Carriers. Rules were rolled into the latest versions of the Fleet manuals, attached for convenience! Directorate_Updated_Guide_April_2016.pdf
  14. October releases are now available to pre-order! Check out the Warcradle Studios Blog for more information.
  15. October is a monumental month for us here at Warcradle Studios with massive releases for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics. Conflicts are escalated sky high in Dystopian Wars this month as the Sturginium Skies - Two Player Starter Set hits the tabletop. The first Two Player Starter Set for Dystopian Wars since Hunt for the Prometheus, Sturginium Skies sees the Crown’s Canadian air force defend against an incoming Imperium invasion. But the Dystopian Wars releases don’t stop there! The Empire begin deployment of Ika Colossi to ensnare their enemies with the Ika Colossus Squadrons, and the Akula Battlefleet Set offers the submarines seen in the Black Wolf Battlefleet Set separately. Get ready to furnish your tabletop with Paddle Steamers and rundown Manors as the Black Lake Bayou Set becomes available to purchase as individual terrain kits. Due to be released at the end of October 2022 Dystopian Wars Introduce a whole new dimension of combat to your games of Dystopian Wars this month with the aerial additions in the Sturginium Skies Two Player Starter Set. The Empire and Commonwealth also employ more reinforcements this month with the addition of the Ika Colossus Squadrons and Akula Battlefleet Set respectively. Sturginium Skies - Two Player Starter Set Perfect for brand new and entrenched players alike, the Sturginium Skies Two Player Starter Set offers a great way to jump into the action of Dystopian Wars with a mix of entirely plastic Aerial and Naval units with all you need to start playing the game. The great powers of the Dystopian Age are constantly testing each other’s boundaries, fighting for territory and resources. The Imperium has decided to make a push into the Labrador Sea, to claim some of the Crown’s Dominions in Canada. It was believed that in the face of an overwhelming military presence in the region, the Crown would yield and allow the fishing and gas fields to be ceded to the Imperium. Sturginium Skies not only provides everything you need for two players to start playing Dystopian Wars, but it also contains a campaign that showcases the beleaguered Canadian forces as they hold off against a powerful Imperium attack. Will Air Marshal Spottswoode and the 14th Rotor Expedition arrive in time to make a difference for the Crown? Or will Kommodore von Hoeppner and her Prussian battlefleets reach their target for the glory of the Imperium? This Starter Set will walk players through the rules of Dystopian Wars encounter by encounter, slowly building up to the final confrontation between the Crown and Imperium Forces. This Box Contains: 1 x Stark Imperium Skyfortress 2 x Kriegsturm Assault Airship 4 x Jaeger Aerial Fast Destroyer 4 x Aerial Escort 2 x Reiter Cruiser 4 x Sigimer Destroyer 3 x Prydain War Rotor 3 x Tintagel Battle Rotor 6 x Saxon Scout Rotor 3 x Newfoundland Attack Cruiser 6 x Orca Hunter Submarine SRS Tokens 1 x Rule Book (Revision 3.03) 1 x Campaign Book 2 x Victory & Valour card decks (60 cards each) 1 x Template set Ika Colossus Squadrons Since the creation of the first primitive maps, there have been parts of the world where monsters lay and sailors fear to wonder. The Empire have been inspired by this to create their own monstrosities of the deep. Marvels of engineering created not only to sow fear and doubt in the minds of their enemies but also to demonstrate the mechanical mastery of the Empire. Using the most advanced engineering techniques, by command of Empress Shinzua herself, huge automata in the form of giant squid have been successfully developed. The layered wax and silk cognition cylinders for these submerged creations are of a complexity that exceeds even those of the Enlightened. This box contains: 2x Ika Colossus (can be built as either a Kaiju or Okuforu Class Ika Colossus) 4x Chita Submersible Escort Automata Akula Battlefleet Set Flagship of the Black Wolf Mercenary Fleet and commanded by the charismatic Volodymyr Nikonov, the Death Bringer is feared around the globe. Stolen from the Enlightened during a presentation to the Tsar, Nikonov ensured the Death Bringer was an utterly unique masterpiece by destroying the blueprints and setting the shipyards ablaze. Extrapolated by Ukrainian engineers from charred blueprints of the stolen Death Bringer, the Akula is still the most powerful in the Ukrainian Submarine Command. One element that was successfully replicated was the Akula’s magnetohydrodynamic drive enabling the boat to approach virtually undetected before striking. This box contains: 3x Grand Submarine (can be built as either the Death Bringer or Akula Class ship) 6x Khyzhak Attack Submarines 6x Piranya Hunter Submarines Warcradle Scenics The Black Lake Bayou Set becomes available to pre-order in individual terrain kits this month, allowing you to customise the swampy scenery of your tabletop to match the theme of your wargames. Black Lake Bayou - Manor Built many years ago when the French had colonised the local area, the Manor at Black Lake was once a place of opulence where the well-to-do would dine and socialise. Since the Ore War, it has certainly lost its shine. While still an imposing building, it is now for a very different reason. Rumours of it being haunted and the now overgrown local flora make it creepy rather than captivating. The ‘ownership’ of the building has changed hands many times over the past years with everyone staking a tenuous claim from local moonshiners to Confederate remnants of the Ore War to Mme. Marie Leveau and her entourage. This last entry being the source of many of the macabre tales that seem to centre around this former location of luxury This set contains: 1x Black Lake Manor Black Lake Bayou - Paddle Steamer The Paddle Steamer in Black Lake must have had a name at some point but that is now lost to the lake, as is a large section of its hull. Whether by war, accident or the simple passage of time, no one seems to remember but it is now scuppered with anything of use torn from its rotting carcass. Despite this, there are still determined souls willing to risk their lives delving into the submerged hold, hoping to find the gold that was the prize in a forgotten poker tournament. No one seems to know if this was even real or not but those who search for it often find the bodies of those who went before them. Like those decaying corpses, this Paddle Steamer will eventually be consumed by the bayou, never to be seen again. This set contains: 1x Black Lake Paddle Steamer Black Lake Bayou - Boat House While in the grounds of the Black Lake Manor, this Boat House is rarely seen in the same place twice. This is made all the stranger given that no one seems to live there. Clearly, someone does but no living person has ever seen boarding or disembarking this crudely built dwelling. Even when gunfights break out between local bandits and lawmen, no movement is seen across the deck. If anything does make this haphazard construction its home, it seems to be able to sense trouble before it arrives and makes its way elsewhere. This set contains: 1x Black Lake Boat House Black Lake Bayou - Summer House The Black Lake Summer House has fallen into a state of almost total decrepitude. Years ago it might have been considered a picturesque folly for effete members of the family to make their dalliances, though like those once young and beautiful people its best days are far behind it. Now it is only home to wildlife and whatever transient creatures traverse the bayou at night. Very occasionally, the tree growing through the roof is used as a dead drop between whoever might be up to nefarious deeds and do not wish to be disturbed. This set contains: 1x Black Lake Summer House October looks to be one of the biggest months for Dystopian Wars releases with a brand new Two Player Starter Set, Sturginium Skies and much more! Make sure not to miss out when they go live for pre-order on the 30th of September 2022 at your FLGS or Wayland Games Online. Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
  16. I hope this is alright. I really wanted to get some eyes on this. My friends and I having issues planning out our fleets, and thought I'd share some thoughts. The entries in the ORBATs really need a small picture or something of what the unit looks like. A diagram, something. Now I don't expect this on unreleased units of course, but it would help identify what some of them are easier, because to even being fairly new it's confusing trying to identify them as the ORBATs are getting a bit packed now. Also, hybrid or units built from different sprues (or builds in terms of the Ottoman double-hull cruisers) are kind of hard to identify or understand from an outsider. Like the Prussian Supremacy cruiser needs to be built from parts from the support and frontline sprues. Or say, the Enlightened's new carrier frigate - is this unreleased, or are we expected to take the launch catapult from the frontline cruisers and fit it in the frigate hull for that unit? Perhaps having a designation of what sprue (frontline, support, advanced or unreleased) it's on may help? I understand it's always in progress, but maybe making it easier to understand might help a bit.
  17. Haiduk - Morph [melodic black metal] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNQ1-hyWLxo
  18. September releases are now available to pre-order! Check out the Warcradle Studios Blog for more information.
  19. With September almost upon us that can only mean one thing, more new releases for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics that will be available to pre-order soon. The distinct whir of technology can be heard as the Enlightened power up the advanced weaponry found in the Archimedes Battlefleet Set. The marvels of the Enlightened are on full display as the Archimedes begins to impress, confuse and decimate. Ready to take a ‘swing’ at the competition, the Commonwealth are employing the use of their own Vitruvian Colossi to ‘cut’ to the chase and assure victory with the Marena Battlefleet Set. Reinforcements inbound as the Scandinavian Frontline Squadrons offer any Ragnarok Battlefleet more firepower. Available for the first time as individual terrain kits, the Red Oak Town Set 2 and Estun Village Sets offer you the perfect backdrop for any wargame. Due to be released at the end of September 2022. Dystopian Wars There’s lots of new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars this month as the Enlightened launch the Archimedes Battlefleet Set, the Marena provides exceptional power to the Commonwealth and the Scandinavian Frontline Squadrons enhance the Ragnarok Battlefleet. Archimedes Battlefleet Set Science marches onwards as the Archimedes gets ready to put on a show. This gigantic set showcases the latest advancements in technology with a wide array of impressive weaponry and serves as a perfect way to start an Enlightened fleet. A flagship of the Enlightened fleet, Vault ships were conceived as massive floating platforms to deploy their larger engineering and scientific marvels. In this manner, the Archimedes class is usually fitted with either a Callimachus Chrono-Lathe or Diophantus Chaos-Orb, both so intricate and sophisticated in their crafting that like much that is not understood in the Dystopian Age, they are considered magical by the uneducated. This box contains: 1 x Archimedes Vault Ship (can also be built as either The Shneider or Nansen Class ship) 2 x Advance Cruiser (can be built as either a Newton, Zumeena, Vesalius or Origen Class ship) 2 x Support Cruiser (can be built as either a Plinius, Tacitus. Claudius or Quintilian Class ship) 2 x Frontline Cruiser (can be built as either a Stiletto, Lovelace, Copernicus, Antarctica, Chatalet or Ulysses Class ship) 2 x Assault Machine (can be built as either a Ketos or Lotan Class machine) 2 x Enlightened Escort 6 x Merian (can also be built as a Germain Zebek) 6 x Submarine (can be built as either a Praxilla or Diogenes Class ship) 2 x Orka Token 2 x Physeter Token 2 x SRS Token Marena Battlefleet Set More Vitruvian Colossi are set to emerge from the murky depths, ready to lower its deadly axe on any unsuspecting vessel. That’s right, the Marena Battlefleet Set is here to continue the destruction that the Hochmeister Vitruvian Colossi started, but this time for the Commonwealth. The Marena Vitruvian Colossus is a wonder of engineering that inspires ice-cold fear in the hearts of the enemies of the Commonwealth. A towering sight on land and no less impressive at sea, it is as versatile as it is imposing. Its Mag-Rail Axe can be used to make crushing attacks that rain down upon enemy vessels or be launched at range causing a magnetic field that can stick a vessel on its current course. This can be particularly troublesome when combined with the Cryo-Generator that stands as the head of the machine, creating icebergs ahead of the opposing craft that it now may find itself impossible to avoid. This box contains: 3 x Marena Vitruvian Colossus (can also be built as Kostroma Vitruvian Colossus) 6 x Boyar Heavy Frigate Scandinavian Frontline Squadrons The Scandinavians are a group of proud naval nations in the Imperium. Their vessels are fabricated primarily by the Norwegians at Akers Mekaniske Verksted. This large shipyard produces huge numbers of Hoth Heavy Corvettes for use by the Scandinavians throughout the Imperium’s fleets. This box contains: 2 x Jotunn Assault Reaver (can alternatively be built as an Odin Reaver or a Gungnir Light Reaver) 4 x Hoth Heavy Corvettes Warcradle Scenics This month the Red Oak Town Set 2 and Estun Village Set will be available as separate terrain kits. Now that they are being offered as individual kits you can outfit your Red Oak Town or Estun Village as you envision it. Red Oak Create the perfect backdrop to host gunfights and saloon brawls that spill out onto the streets of Red Oak with the range or Red Oak individual terrain kits seen in the Red Oak Town Set 2. Red Oak Bank In the American frontier, the bank is not just a place to keep your dollars. Anything of value, from gold bars to family heirlooms, from Sturginium deposits to refined artworks can be safeguarded by the town bank. Such protection in the Dystopian Age does not come easily or cheaply, in times of crisis, the bank can be one of the most fortified and well-defended buildings in town - at a price. This set contains: 1x Red Oak Bank Building Optional signage for a Red Oak Town Hall Red Oak Cartwright The advent of the Iron Horse has been a boon to the scattered settlements of the American Frontier. Of course, even these wondrous technological marvels require maintenance and recharging from time to time. Cartwrights, like this one, offer affordable services to the good folk of Red Oak - certainly preferable to dealing with the Enlightened as their assistance often literally costs an arm and a leg… This set contains: 1x Red Oak Cartwright Building Optional signage for a Red Oak Delivery Office Red Oak Distillery Distilleries are an important part of any growing town. A booming industry in the Union frontier, it is highly lucrative being able to supply the good folk of the West a steady supply of hooch, rocket fuel and other more medicinal libations. This set contains: 1x Red Oak Distillery Building 1x Barrel Red Oak Gallows and Clock Tower Justice is often delivered in the Union Frontier at the end of a noose. This happens a great deal at the Red Oak Gallows and Clock Tower. In such turbulent times, these gallows are both a form of macabre entertainment and a warning to the citizens that lawlessness will not be tolerated. Legally, the execution can only be carried out at an appointed hour and only by a Lawman. Many outlaws have gone to their deaths, watching the clock tower as it ticks towards their final moment, waiting for a reprieve that never comes. This set contains: 1x Red Oak Gallows 1x Red Oak Clock Tower Red Oak Post Office While for the very wealthy, near-instant communications can be achieved through radio and other more esoteric means, for most the Post Office represents the only means of communicating with the world outside the town limits. Typical delivery was between a month and ten days, depending on the importance of the letter or package and of course the cost. The Post Office is an important place to not only send and receive messages but also for the local community to meet and share news as it arrives from the Union and beyond. This set contains: 1x Red Oak Post Office Building Optional signage for a Red Oak Doctors Red Oak Residence The Red Oak Residence is of a common design found throughout the settlements of the West. Cheap and plentiful timber is supported with steel joists and copper conduits so that homesteaders have access to all of the modern conveniences that the RJ-powered Dystopian Age can offer. These modern homes are always in demand, so act quickly to secure your very own piece of the West! This set contains: 1x Red Oak Residence Building Red Oak Town House The multi-levelled Town House is typical of the homes the more wealthy settlers inhabit out West. Not only does this bring about a new gameplay element with its size, the building itself is hugely customisable and is compatible with elements from the Red Oak Residence to create a truly unique set of buildings for your town. This set contains: 1x Red Oak Town House Building Red Oak Watchtower Dominating the skyline of towns like Red Oak, these watchtowers allow the residents to keep a watchful eye for the telltale dust clouds that announce the arrival of Iron Horses and the bandits who often ride them. With parts to assemble it instead as a water tower, the Red Oak Watchtower is a great addition to your table or even the centre point for one. This set contains: 1x Red Oak Watchtower Building Options to build a Water Tower. Estun Village Perfect for all your favourite fantasy wargames such as Frostgrave and Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, create your ideal settlement with the range of Estun Village individual terrain kits Estun Village - Blacksmiths The Blacksmith of the Estun is one of the most revered men in the village. He may not be a warrior though he could certainly hold his own in a fight. Instead, he is held in such high regard for without him the whole village would fall into disrepair. Everything from nails to horseshoes to swords makes its way out of that glowing forge. This set contains: 1 x Estun Village Blacksmiths Estun Village - Church The Church is a place of welcome to all, no matter their faith. It has been this way for all time. The tree carved above the door has come to represent many things through the ages. The World Tree that connects the realms, the Sun God's influence on the earth below, even the Tree of Woe upon which the God-son was crucified. This set contains 1 x Estun Village Church Estun Village - Market No village can stand for long without trade and Estun is no exception. The Market Stalls are the vibrant hub of the village, with exchanges for goods and services happening almost constantly. Just as important here is the trade for information, stories diffusing from here as quickly as the smell of preserved fish. This set contains: 1 x Estun Village Market Estun Village - Saw Mill If there's one thing that the people of Estun can rely on, it's the forest. Food from anything the people can forage as well as game, protection from the blizzards that come down from the mountains, but most importantly the timber from the trees themselves. The Saw Mill processes much of this to build and repair the dwellings of the village's folk as well as trade with other villages. This set contains: 1 x Estun Village Saw Mill Estun Village - Tavern Even when all is quiet in Estun, the Tavern still has sounds of revelry. Mead, ale and wine from faraway lands are consumed by the hogshead. Life is hard in the mountains and everyone needs a place to ease the aching bones. Skalds know that they can pass through and get fed and watered for the price of a story. Can a village without a tavern truly be called a village at all? This set contains: 1 x Estun Village Tavern Estun Village - Dwelling The Dwellings of Estun are known for miles around. Well built and sturdy, just like the people of the village. The shields above the doors are not purely symbolic, though they do show that these folk are protected. This set contains: 1 x Estun Village Dwelling Estun Village - Watch Tower The Watch Tower has stood for longer than anyone can remember. Stories say that this was the first building in the village, a remnant from an empire long since fallen. Whatever the truth, horrors of all kinds have been spied from these ramparts. Without which, ambushes might have brought this settlement to its knees in ages past. This set contains: 1 x Estun Village Watch Tower There’s a massive amount coming to Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics soon. What are you looking forward to the most? Make sure not to miss out when they go live for pre-order on the 26th of August 2022 at your FLGS or Wayland Games Online. Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
  20. Hi, just wanted to know where I can pre-order my new Iron Dwarves box. Thanks!
  21. Can the Asendency Escort Carrier be an escort for the Dominance Carrier? Where can I find the rules for the newest ships?
  22. I'll have to consider that posse. But hoping for hired hands level hellions sooner or later. Thanks for the reply.
  23. Earlier this year/late last year they dropped an Outlaw Posse called Murder of Hellion, with a Boss named Caym. He has a lot of synergy with Apex Hellions. You can take that posse as an Enlightened player. That box, plus the Apex Hellion box are the only Hellion units out there atm.
  24. August releases are now available to pre-order! Make sure to check out the Warcradle Studios Blog for more information.
  25. So, dusting off my old Enlightened...been a long time. Found the new Apex Hellions - love the idea, but there's a lot indicating regular hellions - terms like "pack leaders" and "apex" in the descriptions imply there should be a lesser variation somewhere. Am I missing something? I can't find anything outside of the Apex description, but I swear there was a regular Hellion model at some point? I can't find anything in the downloadable cards or anything. I'd love some plastic, flying constructs. They sound delightfully horrifying.
  26. Thank you, exactly what I needed
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