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    • The Countdown: 2019 Festive Miniature Reveal
      We’re counting down to the reveal of the 2019 Festive miniature, what could it be?

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    • Warcradle Studios Diary #12
      For centuries the Order of the Allshard has waged their Crusade against the Hex at the fringes of human civilisation. Only in recent years has the Order’s technology and influence grown to the point that they can now look to root out the Hex’s malign influence in Great Powers of the Dystopian Age.

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    • Spiel 2019: The Highlights
      Spiel is over for another year, our team are back from Essen, and now it’s time to take a look at what they got up to at one of the busiest gaming conventions in the world. Here are our Spiel 2019 highlights.

      You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for photos of the Warcradle Studios team at Spiel. Oh yes, we’ve got group pictures, we’ve got demo photos and best of all, we’ve got pictures of our display cabinet.

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    • UK Gunslinger Masters 2019: The Round Up
      On Saturday 19th October, 14 players from across the country congregated in Southampton with the sole aim of fighting for the UK Gunslinger Masters, it had all the makings of an exciting and enjoyable tournament. Now is probably a good time to mention that this is only the second year that the event has run, however, it had the attributes of a far more well-established affair, one that I hope will grow and continue to run for many years to come.

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    • Wild West Exodus: November Pre-Orders
      Introducing the Only God Forgives Posse and a set of Union Pacifiers / Confederate Terminators!

      All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 30th November 2019.

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    • Some good points Overread, but  1. It kind of does considering the amount of demand the Spartan models seem to be having with people spending hundreds of pounds or dollars on finishing collections, and shows there is support for continuing Spartan's vision.  It also doesn't explain why Warcradle won't tell us when stuff isn't available rather then they are waiting for a chance to give the moulds another go. 2. Again let us know when the mould goes down.  We understand its a crapshoot, we just need honesty. 3.  They are doing metal bits now.  This isn't a complaint about the range of models, just that Warcradle won't tell us if models are gone for good or new ones will be cast later.
    • Part of the reason some of the old castings haven't come back is because: 1) they were in poor casting condition when they arrived at WC. Because WC is going with their own vision it doesn't make sense for them to remake broken moulds so they remain lost.  2) They didn't get everything on a neat pallet. Spartan Games wasn't bought out it went through administration. Sadly this resulted in a bit of a messy situation. I believe they also said that the system that archived what mould numbers went with which products and stuff were all lost/inaccessible when they got them. So they had loads of moulds and no way to know what they were for; if they were old or new current or outdated etc... 3) They used metal or multi-material. I know early on WC was only casting all resin models. I'm not sure if they've advanced to resin and metal.     
    • Last changelog ; Completed main faction pages Added all terran ships Added about half of directorate and relthoza ships Added all ships from a good share of minor factions and marauders. Completed some rulepoints and MARs  
    • yes. I would love to see a lot of the old mods. come back . I have all 6 major factions but I'm missing a lot of the origenal  castings. I may or may not ever use then in a game but I do want to collect  then .
    • Yes, better wait, "Restock expected - available to order" isn't a valid option.   I although have a wish list, but this will definitely have to wait.  
    • I think Warcradle from comments don't care for Spartan Dystopian wars and see its models and fans as disposable and not worth caring about compared to their vision. 
    • To me, it shows that Warcradle is not serious about DW. If they were serious about the game, we would have seen a lot more pictures, notes, designs and ideas for future projects.  It seems to me they are more worried about WWE and that new 1920's horror game that looks awful.  IMO, they should have saved their money and let the game die... Edit: I might be a little harsh, but Warcradle has not really given us anything here to show us that they know what they are doing... C'mon guys, prove us wrong!!!
    • It is kinda sad. Ive been waiting for months for cretin miniatures to come back into stock and make my order, and still nothing. I have about $200 waiting for a order....just waiting for the in stock of the product. 
    • I think it's got another term and is French only.  Certainly the sketches for the French showed an alternate weapon but it looked more like a rocket punk laser then the more elegant heat lance array produced by Spartan. 
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