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    • January Releases: Ambition Soars As The Icarus Launches
      While we hope you are enjoying the Holiday season, there’s exciting news about what you can expect in January from us here at Warcradle Studios. This month is a massive one with plenty to get excited about for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics.

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    • November Releases: Take Your Next Step Into the Beyond
      This month at Warcradle Studios, we’ve not only been busy preparing the latest pre-orders for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics, but also getting ready to announce our latest thrilling Wild West Exodus novel!

      Following the release of Sturginium Skies last month, and the original Two Player Starter Set Hunt for the Prometheus, you can now venture further into the Dystopian Age with Beyond The Sturginium Skies and Beyond The Hunt for the Prometheus. Will you seek to claim the Labrador Sea for either the Crown or the Imperium or are you prepared for a Commonwealth ambush on the Enlightened? It's time to choose your battle and fight.

      And the Dystopian Wars releases don’t stop there! With THREE new Battlefleets setting sail at the end of November, you have plenty of options to choose from for your next tabletop force. Union players will be able to add the Mexico Battlefleet Set to their collection, whereas Crown players have the Protecteur Battlefleet, and Sultanate players will be able to expand their fleet with the Retaj Battlefleet Set.

      Build your tabletop farmstead with the Buckhorn Ranch Set from Warcradle Scenics. Featuring a Silo, Stables, a Water Tower and more, you'll have everything you need to set the scene for games of Wild West Exodus.

      Due to be released at the end of November 2022.
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    • October Releases: The Imperium Launch an Aerial Attack Against The Crown
      October is a monumental month for us here at Warcradle Studios with massive releases for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics.

      Conflicts are escalated sky high in Dystopian Wars this month as the Sturginium Skies - Two Player Starter Set hits the tabletop. The first Two Player Starter Set for Dystopian Wars since Hunt for the Prometheus, Sturginium Skies sees the Crown’s Canadian air force defend against an incoming Imperium invasion.

      But the Dystopian Wars releases don’t stop there! The Empire begin deployment of Ika Colossi to ensnare their enemies with the Ika Colossus Squadrons, and the Akula Battlefleet Set offers the submarines seen in the Black Wolf Battlefleet Set separately.

      Get ready to furnish your tabletop with Paddle Steamers and rundown Manors as the Black Lake Bayou Set becomes available to purchase as individual terrain kits.

      Due to be released at the end of October 2022
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    • September Releases: The Archimedes arrives to astonish!
      With September almost upon us that can only mean one thing, more new releases for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics that will be available to pre-order soon.

      The distinct whir of technology can be heard as the Enlightened power up the advanced weaponry found in the Archimedes Battlefleet Set. The marvels of the Enlightened are on full display as the Archimedes begins to impress, confuse and decimate.

      Ready to take a ‘swing’ at the competition, the Commonwealth are employing the use of their own Vitruvian Colossi to ‘cut’ to the chase and assure victory with the Marena Battlefleet Set. Reinforcements inbound as the Scandinavian Frontline Squadrons offer any Ragnarok Battlefleet more firepower.

      Available for the first time as individual terrain kits, the Red Oak Town Set 2 and Estun Village Sets offer you the perfect backdrop for any wargame.

      Due to be released at the end of September 2022.

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    • August Releases: The Black Wolf Mercenaries are here to hire
      The rolling seas usher in a new wave of pre-orders this month for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics.

      For Dystopian Wars, The Black Wolf Mercenaries, led by the infamous Black Wolf himself, will soon be available to provide their services to the Commonwealth (as and when it suits them of course) with the Black Wolf Battlefleet Set.

      The Imperium also see a new nation come to their aid as Scandinavian support is at hand with the Ragnarok Battlefleet Set. Not to be overshadowed, the Alliance Levant Squadrons are sent forth to help launch an aerial assault following the recent release of the Magenta Battlefleet Set.

      The tumbleweed leaves Red Oak this month as once again the town erupts into a shootout. The Red Oak Town Set 1 will be available as individual terrain kits to help further customise your wargaming scenarios.
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    • Welcome back!!  A few things from your questions: 1) You can grab the "Rules and Gubbins" sets (sold in various languages) which contains the core rules, dice, counters, cards and measuring items https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/dystopian-wars/82217-dystopian-wars-rules-gubbins-set-english I've linked to an example of the english on the wayland site, but you should be able to order it from a local store to you stocking the game.  There's also brand new starter sets coming out end of this month for 4 of the main factions which contain a starter fleet, support fleet and the rules material. So those might be ideal purchases for any looking to buy into the new ships and game. Of course all the material is also up online which you've already found along with updated erratas and updated orbats.  2) Unit cards are just the Orbat information in card form. I think its one of those things under review and right now the Orbats are used for reference.  3) The Orbats used to have a conversion table for the different fleets, those were removed from the Orbat and are set to return as their own document at some point in the near future (chances are asking on the facebook or discord groups will help chivvy them along a bit) 4) Dreadnoughts do still exist, but as Warcradle had to restart the game from the ground up, many many things have just not been released nor developed yet. There's actually one dreadnought already in the game, the huge Prussian Sky Fortress dreadnought. Plus the Russian forces have their huge sea fortress which also flies the flag under the Black Wolf Mercenary force as well.  Many of the factions were compressed into fewer forces from what Spartan Games had - this was an effort to try and keep the game having the model diversity but at the same time not end up with an SKU range that was so vast that no store would stock it and that expanding/supporting the different factions would become a huge issue. One big step WC have taken is that they've used plastic multipart models - so many of the cruiser hulls can create quite a wide range of different ship classes. So there's actually quite a good chunk of core ships already out.      Note the forums don't get used all that much now. I'd encourage you to check out the Facebook and Discord groups which are more active. Chances are if you ask around there someone will have saved the comparison tables for old to new ships and can share those details with you for your current fleets.  Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/sturginiumlounge Discord invite https://discord.gg/3VVjGaG2Mn
    • Hi there, Used to play Dystopian Wars when it was originally released.  Now my friends and I are talking about dusting off our fleets again. HOWEVER... There are many, many questions. Unit Cards: I have seen the unit cards referred to in the v3.03 Rulebook, but nowhere can I find them. I am sure they are somewhere, but the fact that I have to hunt for them in the Mariana Trench makes it wildly un-fun.  The ORBAT has unit information, but since the new units look different from the old units, I have no idea which ones are supposed to be which. I noticed the dreadnaughts don't exist anymore, nor do my double decker carriers for the Federated States of America. The South have lost under new management, so apparently that means the P.C. Police have won another battle (yay! screw rules clarity! Top priority is to make the background more difficult to criticize). I really don't know where to begin now. I can tell you if the beginning means having to buy all new miniatures, it's a non-starter.  Advice would be appreciated.
    • Hey guys, I have a question about grit checks. In the rulebook it states, "grit checks are made, one at a time, starting with the closest model to the attacker". For some reason that confuses me when it comes into play with a unit with multiple models. Let's say someone shoots a unit and scores 4 hits, and that unit has 4 models. How does this one at a time deal work?  Does the first model roll 4 dice, then the second model roll 4 dice, etc. Thats how it is implied, to me, but doesn't seem right. Wouldn't you just roll for the whole unit and then allocate wounds starting with the model closest to the attacker?
    • January releases are now available to pre-order! Make sure to check out the Warcradle Studios Blog for more information.
    • While we hope you are enjoying the Holiday season, there’s exciting news about what you can expect in January from us here at Warcradle Studios. This month is a massive one with plenty to get excited about for Dystopian Wars and Warcradle Scenics. The Icarus Battlefleet Set sees itself enter the seas of Dystopian Wars for the Enlightened, poised to launch a volley of Squadrons at the first sight of an enemy! Not to be outdone, the Empire employ the use of a terrifying threat as the Heilong Battlefleet Set becomes available to pre-order. New Year means new starts, and there is no better way to start the year than with a new fleet. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to get started with the Union, Empire, Sultanate or Alliance, then our new range of Faction Battlefleets are for you. The Enlighted Advanced Squadrons and Canadian Frontline Squadrons are available to order outside the Archimedes Battlefleet Set, Sturginium Skies and the Protecteur Battlefleet Set. Finally, the Promethean Complex Set becomes available as individual terrain kits to help you customise your Enlightened complex to host gunfights and twisted experiments. Dystopian Wars This month is packed full of releases for Dystopian Wars; from the introduction of the Icarus and Heilong Battlefleet Sets to the Faction Battlefleet Starter Sets and even the Squadrons - there’s a lot to look forward to. Icarus Battlefleet Set One of the largest vessels built by the Yemoja shipyards in Mombasa, the Icarus features multiple vertical magnetic catapults that can simultaneously launch squadrons of fighters. The class has fabrication and repair facilities comparable to a small naval base and makes use of these to maintain the Icarus’ squadrons and lend support to other vessels in the battlefleet. This box contains: 1x Icarus Aeronautic Fabricator (can also be built as a Daedalus Fortified Tethership) 2x Cruisers (can be built as either a Lovelace, Copernicus, Antarctica, Stiletto, Ulysses or Chatelet Class ship) 6 x Frigate Automata (can be built as either a Germain, Merian or Prevost pattern ship) 2x SRS Tokens Heilong Battlefleet Set The largest vessel produced by the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, the Heilong strike battleship emphasises combined attacks with deadly rocket and Huoqiang fire to annihilate its foes. This box contains: 1x Battleship (can be built as either a Heilong or Ergun Class ship) 1x Tianlong Draconic Colossus 1x Cruiser (can be built as either a Jian, Wusong, Meru or Dao Class ship) 2x Gong Destroyers 2x Shanghai Class Frigates Faction Battlefleet Starter Sets Offering a range of must-have units for a specific faction, these Starter Battlefleets present a great way to pick up a new faction. These sets remove the stress of figuring out the best place to start as they offer a perfect jumping-off point into playing a brand new faction at a great price. Complete with a rule book, victory and valor cards, dice and more, now is the perfect time to try out a new faction this New Year. Union Starter Set - Faction Battlefleet Headed by the Constitution Class Battleship, this set offers Union players the ability to harness the military might necessary to not waiver in the face of a threat to freedom. This box contains: 1x Constitution Class Battleship 2x Frontline Cruisers (can be built as either a Yorktown, Intrepid, Lexington, Reliant Class Ship) 4x Farragut Class Frigates 2x Akron Observation Rotors 2x Union Support Cruisers (can be built as either a Discovery, Roanoke, California, Montgomery, Washington Class Ship) 4x RC-52 Patriot Automata 2x SRS Tokens 1x Rule Book 1x Victory and Valor Card Decks 20x Action Dice 6x Critical Dice 1x Token Sheet 1x Template Empire Starter Set - Faction Battlefleet Take control of a power that has reigned supreme for almost a thousand years, allowing the newer powers to take their positions that they incorrectly assume to be safe. Spread the glory of the Immortal Celestian Empire with the Empire Starter Set - Faction Battlefleet, led by the Kongo Heavy Battleship. This box contains: 1x Kongo Heavy Battleship 2x Japanese Cruisers (can be built as either Osaka, Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Miyagi, Yamaguchi, Ishikawa, Honshu Class Ship) 4x Kyoto Frigates 8x Chita Automata 2x Japanese Submersibles (can be built as either Kensai, Ryujin, Mizuchi, Koromodako, Umibozu or Kagutsuchi Class Ship) 2x SRS Tokens 2x Chubu Submarines 2x Sakata Destroyers 2x Rin Exosub Tokens 1x Rule Book 1x Victory and Valor Card Decks 20x Action Dice 6x Critical Dice 1x Token Sheet 1x Template Sultanate Starter Set - Faction Battlefleet The time for action has come and New Learning has revealed the way for the Sultanate to take back control of the holiest lands. Command your fleet, headed by the Anatolia Battlecruiser and take back control. This box contains: 1x Anatolia Battlecruiser 2x Frontline Cruisers (can be built as either Iskander, Pasha, Izmir or Shadrazam Class Shio. Can be combined to build Hurrum Grand Cruiser or Mehmed Grand Monitor Class Ship) 2x Support Cruisers (can be built as either Aydin, Mihrimah, Konya, Morea, Constantinople Class Ship. Can be combined to build Nemrut, Bursa or Bayezid Class Ship) 4x Temir Frigates 4x Escorts Skiffs 2x SRS Tokens 1x Rule Book 1x Victory and Valor Card Decks 20x Action Dice 6x Critical Dice 1x Token Sheet 1x Template Alliance Starter Set - Faction Battlefleet The Alliance attempt to rise from the ashes and make their voice heard with the introduction of their Faction Battlefleet. Strive to reclaim your once-lost power and authority over Europe, guided into combat by the Oriflamme Battlecruiser. This box contains: 1x Oriflamme Battlecruiser 2x Frontline Cruisers (can be built as either Loire, Picardy, Chevalier or Charlemagne Class Ship) 4x Ecuyere Frigates 2x Levant Vessels (can be built as either Chasseur, Furieux Voliere Class Ship) 2x Submarines (can be built as either Epaulard or Sirene Class Ship) 2x SRS Tokens 1x Rule Book 1x Victory and Valor Card Decks 20x Action Dice 6x Critical Dice 1x Token Sheet 1x Template Canadian Frontline Squadrons The mainstay of the Canadian fleet, these impressive warships are the stalwart frontline in the Crown’s defence against Union expansionist ambitions. This box contains: 2x Canadian Frontline Cruisers (can be built as either a Newfoundland, Bonaventure, Halifax, Toronto or Yukon Class ship) 4x Orca Hunter Submarines 2x SRS Tokens Enlightened Advanced Squadrons   A battlefleet represents a huge investment of resources and talent for the Covenant of the Enlightened. Deploying several Origen class Lathe Ships in support, ensures that the risks to such an investment are greatly reduced. This box contains: 2x Advance Cruisers (can be built as either a Newton, Zumeena, Vesalius or Origen Class ship) 2x Assault Machines (can be built as either a Ketos or Lotan Class machine) 2x Enlightened Escorts 2x Orca Tokens Warcradle Scenics Home to the most nefarious experiments of the Wild West, the Promethean Complex becomes host to yet another gunfight as the Promethean Complex Set becomes available as individual terrain kits. This series of scenics are ideal for Wild West Exodus or any wargame where height advantages and deadly machinery are key themes. Promethean - Refinery      In the Dystopian Age there are all sorts of curious compounds and esoteric elements that need to be refined before they can be used in engineering applications. These refineries are a common site in and around Promethean complexes. Any visitors are repulsed by the toxic fumes given off by these sites and surprised that any workers in the vicinity could get used to such a foul stench. This box contains: 1x Promethean Refinery Promethean - Derrick      Derricks are dotted about everywhere in Promethean Complexes. Used for moving heavy loads where it might be required and a construct wouldn’t be practical, they are also converted to pump jacks on occasion. These ubiquitous sights with their hypnotic, repetitive movements are symbolic of the barely human constructs that seem to act the same, all for the benefit of the Covenant of the Enlightened and their goal of global control. This box contains: 1x Promethean Derrick Promethean - Forge      The forges of a Promethean Complex burn night and day to smelt all sorts of raw materials for use in their engineering breakthroughs. It would be impossible to acquire the vast quantities of iron and other metals from outside so ore is brought in from all over the Union and beyond to keep the fires of industry burning. This has the benefit of making it much more difficult for external governments to keep track of all the wonderful and terrible advances made by the Covenant of the Enlightened. This box contains: 1x Promethean Forge Promethean - Walkways      The labyrinthine surroundings of a Promethean Complex are home to all sorts of workshops, storage facilities and industrial buildings. Often the only way to traverse these sites is via walkways added after the fact to make sure engineers and construct-drones can get from point A to point F.35b. Access, rather than safety, is the order of the day so handrails are strictly optional. After all, constructs are replaceable and engineers should know better. This box contains: 1x Promethean Walkways Promethean - Mine Entrances Often it’s easier for a Promethean Complex to just be built over a mine in the first place. If that’s not an option then the Enlightened have advanced machinery and indentured servants that allow them to mine otherwise deposits of ore inaccessible to the other great powers. Even mines that aren’t fiscally viable are opened given the insatiable hunger the Covenant of the Enlightened have for coal and raw materials. This box contains: 2x Promethean Mine Entrances We’re starting this year off strong with so many exciting January releases, what are you looking forward to the most? Will you be picking up a new faction in 2023? Make sure not to miss out when these pre-orders go live on the 30th of December 2022 at your FLGS or Wayland Games Online. Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
    • Сложно поверить свойским призорам, но сейчас опамятовалось подобное время, когда героев Брюса Уиллиса смогут шутки шутками выговаривать хоть автохтонные князьки изо захолустного городка, чьи нецензурные делишки шелковичное дерево и там всплывают сверху поверхность. Зритель угнетенно накручивает мозгом, попутно накрывая экран дланями, но через беспощадной жилище бытью ему полным-полно улепетнуть, что-что все из-за того, что подобные режиссеры яко Эдвард Дрэйк вручат сверху эльен одну очередную несообразительную вид за чужой, стократ честью фатума попадает выше штопаный крепкий орешек. Это самое а также на этот разочек прежнему киногерою крепко не фортуна улыбнулась, он истратил только что свой в доску ятси на анадромную роль служителя закона, относительный которого опять обтерли ноги. Лучший фильм всех народов онлайн тут - http://zfilm-hd.club/116748-tvist-snova-v-moskve.html Подобное отношение для прежним заслугам ветерана убыстряет удивление а также жалость, яко яко горе-творцы беснуются равно шиш с прицепом немерено понимают в течение концепции даже наиболее очевидной истории. Все у их безвыгодный ярослав творцу, как-то угловато да я валяюсь глядятся их жалкие усилие, давать имя бутафорией. Эдвард Дрэйк — один изо наиболее быстрых адептов этой категории, так как что он яман сшибает в течение любом жанре. Яко фантастика, что экшен — ему безграмотный неплох стиль, атрибутика а также эстетика, текущий товарищ отрывается по полной. Так что хоть стоит предвкушать, что его третья явление на профессии различествует чем-то через первых 2-ух художеств этого экзекутора, где щели язык народа рассеивают шнель, нежели выдадутся титры. «Сидение» — этто смена ориентированности, но через него ситуация неважный ( делается лучше. Эдуард Дрэйк обменивает немного фотосюжет, берется согласен съемки боевика раз-два элементами криминала, согласен ширмой коих маячит какая-то слабая мораль. Мол, ядовитый дурман — это кровавый шоу-бизнес, от него гибнут люди, на нем вращат колоссальные деньги несветлые сплетня и еще ему нужно решать конец. Вот равным образом шиздец, на принципе именно об нынешнем хорэ влачить старую лямку перечисленная картина. Эпизодично эвентуально, яко этакий затертый сюжет уже не раз кто такой сваливал, но для нашего творца второстепенность далеко не жутка, ведь спирт мнит себе гением, яко маловыгодный путает ему сызнова скакать на 1 и этих же граблях http://zfilm-hd.club/28070-zabytye-bogom.html . Хоть чище можно отчебучить, некого резкого хода мероприятий «Сидение» безлюдный (=малолюдный) содержит ввиду того, что нее хораг ужас имеет навык угощать близкую историю язык проглотишь и еще адекватно. Неделимая череда кадров сменяет друг друга, а телезритель сидит равным образом морщит лоб, потому что маловыгодный может понять резона происходящего. Рвано и уторопленно нам вручат созвездие домашных мстителей, имена а также судьбины которых не имеют под собою чего-то изрядного, яко как авторов безлюдный (=малолюдный) волнуют ихний условные мелочи. Вообще «Сидение» — этто конный поезд скандалист, гневных выкриков а также тупоголовых актов, нежели самый простой боевик на вечерок. Жеребцы, штаты, топоры — шиздец смешано в течение одну закутываю, лишь поближе буква финалу прибывает хворое чувствование фильма http://zfilm-hd.club/114273-probel.html . Эдвард Дрэйк освобождает кино кот легким презрением, ведь один-два него шушера потом безвыгодный справит за плохой результат. Едва-едва спирт похватал стержневых понятий, нечто захапал с вершков да чуть с чужих слов владеет дальное универсалия о свойской работе. «Сидение» — это уж третья экспресс-проба его пера, хотя режиссер и страх соображает становиться лучше, его устраивает ниша блеклых да монотипных кинокартина, кае старого человека Уиллиса уж положа руку на сердце буква во что не определяют, даже несть оглядываясь на евонный ящур да былое величие. Боевик далеко не хватает звездных небес всего небес, он небрежен равно страхолюден, кривоват и безнадежен. Разве что творцы и еще вожделели приготовить протест против тяжелых веществ равным образом людишек, коие уничтожают миллионы числом старый и малый свету, то уродилось это язык них весьма слабовато http://zfilm-hd.club/80379-mariya-emiliya-lyubimaya.html .
    • Both of those characters are there, but something is wrong with all the game cards, at least on my end, as all the text is computer code.  Click "All Cards" under the faction to get the pdf with the entire sheet of cards.
    • I believe you create the entire pool of Guardian dice for the turn in one activation, counting up all the friendly generators in play(which means reserves wouldn't contribute to the total) .   You can only build the Guardian Pool once per round. 
    • Is there anywhere to get the entire faction card set again? Cards are missing in the new ala carte version, and there has been no game changes. (John Talbot as a wwx card is now gone, cant be a balance issue as other than fluff its the same as Edward Carter, but now the argument is if its a valid unit)
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