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    • September Pre-Orders: All About The Base and Creating a Scene with Super City
      Get ready to set the tabletop scene with new plastic scenic bases and sets of super buildings initially only available in the Super City Downtown bundle. All available to pre-order from today, with your FLGS and online at Wayland Games.
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    • August Pre-Orders: New Miniatures and Tabletop Scenery!
      What does the month of September have in store for fans of Wild West Exodus, Mythos and those who enjoy building the perfect tabletop setting? 

      A whole host of goodies!

      Legendary Cloud Runner, the Odani Travellers and Gloomburg Sprawl Set are now available to pre-order.

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    • Warcradle Studios Diary #32
      With the recent announcement that the studio has returned to work (albeit in a slightly reduced capacity for the present), we wanted to announce the current developments for our various settings and projects. We’ve already talked about some of the new card games in development as well as the plastics for Dystopian Wars. Let’s see what 2020 holds for Firestorm Armada!

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    • FREE Support Packages - Encourage Your FLGS to Claim Theirs
      Given the unforeseen circumstances that this year has had to offer, local games stores and retailers, across the globe, have been forced to face considerable challenges in response to the unfortunate COVID-19 Pandemic.

      It is therefore of utmost importance, at times like these, that we can lean on each other within the industry and share our knowledge and experience wherever possible.

      Recognising the struggles forced upon those within our industry, the Warcradle and OnTableTop teams have joined forces to support both the industry and the community by offering a FREE Support Package to every independent store and gaming venue. It's easier to get by with a little help from friends!

      Included in this support package will be three CE Certified Face Visors and six Unbranded Floor Decals (in two different designs) to help prepare the opening of stores and social spaces, for social distancing best practises.

      Claiming a Free Support Package:

      If you are an owner of a gaming store or if you're a community member wanting to help your local store reopen sooner, claiming the FREE Support Package from Warcradle Distribution is as simple as getting in touch with our sales team here: salesteam@warcradle.com.

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    • 2020 Promotional Miniature: Theodore Roosevelt
      It's time to reveal the 2020 event miniature resembling a famous figure from history; it's Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt!  Those of you that guessed correctly from the misty image we shared, bravo.

      Racing through the jungle on his Trodon steed, an incredible prehistoric-looking creature, Theodore Roosevelt is ready to venture into the wider Dystopian Age. You'll be able to purchase Theodore online direct from the Wild West Exodus website after 9:30 am (UK Time) on the 26th of March.

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    • If I had to make a gripe, it would be that Battleships don't actually feel like Battleships. That really bugs me a lot.
    • So after 4 games with a few mates sharing around the starter box models and rules (all old players minus one) I wanted to get a feel if my conclusions  are similar to any others who have experienced the same. Commented on the gameplay rather than the models. 1) Cruisers are the damage dealers. Not sure why this decision was made, but a cruiser squadron outputs the most damage in dice pools period. They also have arguably the most flexibility in firepower options as they can mix and match combined fire (with all weapons that have the same traits of course) to achieve optimum dice outputs.  However, unless you are resisting long range firepower from Capital Ships or sub-optimal fire from Frigates/Destroyers (which with packhunter probably is still throwing lots of dice anyways) shield generators feel completely pointless.  2) Battleships feel like you have to take them, not want to. I generally like that the game has shifted to simplification, but a greater focus on aggression means that battleships are a points dump I never want. They cannot resist fire from anything meaningfully, they output less damage than any squadron and really only serve as golden VP target opportunities for a cruiser squadron who wants to laugh while rolling 30+ dice at it, potentially as high as 35-40. It feels very 40k in structure problems where the designers tried to make a ship class sell because you have to put one on the table, rather than make it a meaningful choice.  3) Weapon simplification has rolled the balance to the middle. Tied to the two points above, because you don't have the same "type" of weapon doing differing damage on different classes of ship, I'm always going to take the big weapon on the squadron because I can distribute damage and mitigate giant piles of dice. This feels like a limiting choice for the game, not an enabling one. 4) I think the designers successfully captured the moving of ships around the feel of the old game, and the simplification ended up working really well here. Sure, I miss my ponderous battleship turns, but this setup is a massive tick for the game as far as resolving things goes, and slightly tones down the amount of stuff you need on the table to move your units around.  5) Finally, defensive things are useless. We have taken as wide a variety of things as we can so far, and the defensive options (minus the shroud generator on a capital ship) all feel pretty much redundant. Minus 2 dice with a shield generator from ~35 is still going to either completely obliterate that ship in one volley, or render it basically useless. Shroud on cruisers didn't feel helpful enough to encourage the enemy to stack more shots to overkill it (and the same with the shield generator) and so far haven't seen these on smaller classes of ship so no comment here.  Overall, I like the game, it's very nice to play again, but I think there are some glaring issues that will not only hurt the game mechanics, but also hurt sales (and therefor threaten the games continuation) as a result of game mechanics encouraging certain things. Gladly welcome any thoughts on this and happy to discuss other experiences because I'm very aware that I've not tested everything and could easily have missed something.
    • Cerulean Clade - 560 Cerulean Alpha - 145 2x Cerulean Vixen - 200 Cerulean Nightmare - 115 5x Cerulean Infiltrators - 100  
    • Hi, I'm back. Looking forward to play (if pandemic allows) I have quite a bit bunch of old spartan games models  (dystopian wars, Firestorm and Planetfall.)
    • ¡Hola!   Tengo Terran, Sorylian,  y Directorate para planetfall, incluso participe en el playtesting y tengo algunas misiones que probar.  Me gustaria saber si hay gente que aun le da a Planetfall o incluso hace campañas de armada/planetfall juntas. Esta todo un poco parado (y mas con la pandemia) pero podiamos hacer una lista de gente que aun le da al juego en España
    • Hola,¡ Me he interesado por Dystopian wars en español!  Tenia americanos pero solo pude jugar a dystopian cuando fui a Reino Unido porque poca gente que conozco domina el ingles como para leer las cartas que se supone debes mantener en secreto y que no podia traducir durante la parida! Ahora con las cartas en español todo cambia y estoy expectante de poder comprar el nuevo dystopian wars en español
    • ¡Hola! Yo tambien tengo unas cuantas flotas y tambien me gustaria hechar unas partidas a Firestorm Armada 2.0  Tengo sobre todo de la Alianza de Kurak, Sorylians casi pintados y Terran sin pintar, aunque tambien tengo Directorate Me gustaria quedar para hechar unas partidas y asi me den animos de pintar Firestorm. Tambien tengo para Planetfall Se que con la pandemia es dificil, pero habria que iro mirando para cuando se relaje la situacion
    • Really nice clean painting and a neat scheme! Looks like you're ready to darken the skies with fliers! 
    • There's a lot more planned to come, expansion packs of ships, battle groups, more factions! 
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