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    • Version 1.08 Softback Rule Book - Available to Buy!
      We’re very excited to announce that the latest version (v.1.08) of the Wild West Exodus Rulebook in English is now available and, as one of our valued customers, we are giving it to you at a special discounted price!

      How do you qualify? Be sure to add the new softback rulebook to your basket when you place your next order of Wild West Exodus goodies, then make sure to use discount code WWXRULES  before you check out*.

      Using the code will entitle you to £4 off the RRP of the softback rule book!




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    • Warcradle Classics: Maiden Voyage!
      Warcradle Studios are proud to announce the first wave of our Warcradle Classics range! 

      While our team has been testing some of the old masters and moulds we now have a number of products that have passed our rigorous quality control checks, and these will be available on general sale, albeit in generic, no-frills packaging. 

      Wave I of Warcradle Classics contains 19 items from the first two editions of Dystopian Wars, with many more waves coming in the future covering products all the way from Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall and more.

      The Warcradle Classics range will be produced in limited numbers so keep your eyes on our social channels to find out what's available, and when pre-orders go live, so you don't miss out. 

      Simply click on your preferred Faction, or scroll through, to see the items that have been released in Wave I.

      All items in this wave of classic miniatures are currently up for pre-order on the Wayland Games web store. 



      Chui Support Carrier


      Nu Frigate

      Yue Destroyer


      Boston Submarine - Surfaced

      Boston Submarine - Submerged

      Guilford Destroyer

      Springfield Escort

      Yale Heavy Destroyer


      Donnerfaust Support Cruiser

      Arminius Frigate

      Saxony Corvette

      Watcher Escort


      Chany Submarine - Surfaced

      Chany Submarine - Submerged

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      Galen Escort

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      Sui Heavy Destroyer


      Indus Heavy Destroyer


      Korsor Corvette


      Requin Corvette

      If your local game store is interested in stocking Warcradle Classics, ask them to get in contact with us.





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    • Version 1.08 Update - Rulebook and Cards!
      We’re very excited to announce that the latest version (v. 1.08) is now available to download! You’ll be able to find the latest version of the Wild West Exodus Rulebook online along with the updated Unit Cards, Faction Posse and Armoury Cards, and Common Rules.

      So, what's changed? You'll find a brief overview of changes right here, so keep reading!

      Core rules (v1.08) are now available online to download in German and Spanish.


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    • Red Beam Designs Now Available!
      Presenting the latest Red Beam Designs range of products now available for trade to pre-order from Warcradle Studios. The Dark Assembly Sci-Fi and industrial terrain is easy to assemble with full assembly instructions online, and the items range from large battlefield dominating buildings to networks of walkways, bridges and even a cathedral.

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    • July Pre-Orders: New Posses & Miniatures
      What day is it? Only the best day - Wild West Exodus pre-order day!

      It's time for the Enlightened and Lawmen to shine as we have two great posse boxes up for pre-order from today - and we know you're going to love them...

      Both the Dixie Resurrection Posse of Annabelle Hamilton, and Infernal Investigations Posse, lead by Helena Miller, are set to be released at the end of July.

      Oh, that's not all, we also have Legendary Rani Nimue, previously only available at events attended by Warcradle Studios, and the newly remastered Great Elk!

      Make sure to check the whole of this months pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.
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    • On page 3 of the rulebook, under "Line of Sight", it says "Regardless of Base Size, any MODEL* (emphasis mine) or piece of scenery that lies within this corridor should be consided providing an Obscured effect when working out relevant modifiers to Aim checks etc". On page 26, under "Common Grit Check Modifiers", under "Obscured" it says "Receive +1 to your Grit Attribute for each piece of terrain or UNIT* that the line of sight of the enemy crosses". On page 29, under "Common Aim Check Modifiers", under "Obscured" it says "Suffer -1 to your Aim Attribute for each MODEL* or terrain feature DIRECTLY BETWEEN* the shooter and the target". On page 35, under "Obscured", it says "For each piece of terrain that PARTIALLY BLOCKS* the Line of Sight of a Shoot action, the model making the action receives a -1 Aim penalty.  The model that is the target of the Shoot Action likewise receives a +1 to their Grit Check for each piece of terrain that PARTIALLY BLOCKS* Line of Sight to them". Ok, now that the text is out of the way: 1)  Page 3 says that models and pieces of scenery that "lie within the LOS corridor" provide an obscured effect.  Page 29 says that models and terrain features must be "directly between" the shooter and the target to provide the obscured effect.  What does "directly between" mean here?  Does it just mean that the model or terrain feature lies within the LOS corridor?  The "directly between" language is confounding.  2)  Page 3 (Line of sight rules above) and page 29 (shoot action modifiers above) say that each MODEL within the LOS corridor provides an Obscured effect, page 3 specifying for "aim checks etc".  Page 26 says that you get +1 Grit for each UNIT in the LOS corridor providing an Obscured effect.  So, if there are 2 Constructed Menials from 2 different units within the LOS corridor between Wyatt Earp and The Caym, then a Shoot action from Caym to Earp would give Caym a -2 to his Aim attribute (2 MODELS in the corridor) and Earp a +2 to his Grit attribute (2 UNITS in the corridor).  However, if the 2 Constructed Menials are from the same unit, then there is only 1 unit in the LOS corridor, Caym would get a -2 to his Aim (2 MODELS) and Earp would gain only a +1 to his Grit attribute (1 UNIT).  Am I understanding this model/unit differentiation between Aim and Grit bonuses and maluses correctly?  Is t his intentional, because it seems unnecessarily confusing to have a grit bonus that depends on units in the LOS corridor and an aim malus that depends on models in the corridor.
    • They can be declared as the initial target of an attack as normal and may be destroyed doing so if they fail their grit check.
    • During Wyatt Earp's activation, he uses the Go On Lookout special combat action to gain the On Lookout condition.  Next, The Caym activates.  During The Caym's activation, Caym chooses Wyatt Earp as the Initial Target of a Shoot action.  Earp decides to use the Give 'Em Hell reaction against Caym.  Can Caym spend two fortune chips to use Veteran Instincts to go On Lookout and make a Give 'Em Hell reaction to Earp before Earp's Give 'Em Hell reaction occurs?  Could Earp then opt to use two fortune chips of his own to use Veteran Instincts himself, creating a nested series of Give 'Em Hell reactions?
    • Hi everybody, I played a game involving buildings the other day and a few questions came up during the game: 1) On page 21 of the rulebook, under the "Hunker Down" special move action, it says:  "A unit with the MACHINE or VEHICLE trait may not make a Hunker Down action".  On page 37, under Buildings, it says "Units in a building ... receive the Hunkered Condition while inside".  If a unit with the MACHINE trait (ie a UR-30 Lawbot) is in a building, does it still become Hunkered, despite normally not being able to do so? 2) This one is a bit complex so I apologize in advance:  On page 22 of the rulebook, under "Entering buildings or transports" it says "Units may enter an UNOCCUPIED (emphasis mine) building or a friendly model with the Capacity Special Rule".  The book says this again in the last paragraph of page 37, "If a unit moves within 3" of an unoccupied building, it may enter it by making a Get In Action."  The rulebook makes multiple references to more than one unit being in a building (first paragraph of page 39 for example, or on page 37 under "Buildings", it says "Only one unit of Hands or Support may occupy a level of a building at a time but multiple Boss or Face units can occupy the same level", or on page 37 under "shooting into buildings") but if only unoccupied buildings can be entered with Get In, per page 22/37, how is it possible for multiple units to occupy the same building?  If multiple units, can, in fact, occupy the same building, can both friendly and enemy units occupy the same building?  Nothing in the Get In rule specifies that you can or cannot do this.  If you can, are they able to make fight or shoot actions against each other? 3) When drawing line of sight between two models, the rulebook says, on page 3, "Trace an imaginary line from the two visible outmost points of the bases of the two models that Line of Sight is being checked for.  Regardless of base size, any model or piece of scenery that lies within this corridor should be considered providing an Obscured effect ". If a model is in a building, do you use the whole visible footprint of the building to the target model to draw the "corridor"?  If not, what part of the building's footprint do you use to draw the "corridor"?   If a unit in a building is shooting at another unit in a different building, how is the "corridor" drawn in that situation?   If you do indeed use the whole footprint of both buildings, does every model and piece of terrain provide the obscuring bonus/penalty as normal?   Thanks in advance
    • Hello again. Can i close/destroy Portals/Hexaliths only with the  "manipulate portal" -special combat action or can i simply shoot them down with my ranged weapons?   Thanks for the answers   kind regards   Mugel
    • Hey all, This is a pretty distinctly noob question, but I'm having trouble figuring out infantry transport capacity v. infantry cadre sizes. They seem like they don't match up all the time, so I think I'm missing something. The example I'm thinking about is the Dindrenzi Charon command drop pod, which in the ORBAT I downloaded a couple of weeks ago looks like it has a transport capacity of 16. That refers to the number of stands of infantry, right?  Most Nyx infantry cadres are 4 stands, but the Charon transports a grand battalion of 7. So, still plenty of transport space, right? And the Charon can't carry more than one squad? So here are the big questions: 1. Why does this transport have a capacity of 16 stands of infantry? Is it actually possible to get that many guys in the vehicle?  Even if I upgraded every single stand to be a sweeper or a gun team or an officer, it'd still only take up 14 transport capacity. When the transport capacity of a vehicle doesn't seem to QUITE match the number of infantry in a normal cadre, is that just for fluff purposes?  2. A transport can only ever carry one squadron, but does it have to carry a squadron from its own helix? Can I use some infantry from a core helix to board a drop-pod from a recon helix? 3.  This is a super-noob question, but is there any limit to the number of infantry cadres I can upgrade? I think I understand that WITHIN one cadre, I can only upgrade 0-3 stands as sweeper teams, for example, but if I've got three or four cadres of infantry in my army, is there any limit to the number of cadres that can be upgraded?  Thanks for any clarity you might have!
    • @Polaris, and anyone else:   Send me a PM with your email address, and I'll forward over the spreadsheet that I had for your review.  I'm not aware that Alex ever publicly posted his spreadsheet.
    • Beacon doesn't expire but it doesn't negate the restrictions of Unexpected Arrival.  As stated in the Beacon Quality the unit is placed as close as possible to the targeted enemy unit, in this case the closest you can place it is 6" and it will still scatter. 
    • I know this is a really old thread, but does anyone know if a) Alex Mann ever posted that spreadsheet b) anyone has developed anything similar Even if it's just general guidleibes for costing stat lines       
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