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    • Spoiler Alert #2
      Aren’t you lucky? Well done for finding Spoiler Alert TWO

      Well, what do you think this little nugget could be then? Let us know in the comments

      Now, only another FIVE to find…

      Next month's new releases are available to pre-order from our online store and your FLGS from Friday 21st December.
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    • Seasonal Miniature 2018: Krampus Rex!
      "You'd better watch out, you'd better be tough... or the Krampus will carry you off"

      Children all along the Frontier are used to hearing about Krampus from their parents - and their elder siblings too, of course!

      Let’s hope Krampus Rex isn’t visiting YOU this year…

      Available only during December, you can take comfort that you aren't in the iron pot he carries on his back - which is just about large enough to hold one small naughty child, ready to be whisked off to who knows where...



      Krampus Rex is a special edition miniature from Warcradle Studios, for this festive period, and can be used as an alternative sculpt of Carcosa Rex in games of Wild West Exodus.




      The Krampus Rex kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;


      1 x Krampus Rex

      1 x Base.

      Who’s this coming down the chimney? Last year’s seasonal miniature, of course!

      Kyle the Red & White and 'Max' (a particularly quirky K9 Attack Dog) are resin miniatures and come complete with a large plinth base to display them on.

      For those that wish to use them in a game of Wild West Exodus, they could be taken as an alternate miniature for Kyle the Black and a K9 Attack Dog.

      We're including the additional bases needed for them to be fielded separately just in case players want to do just that!

      This product contains:

      1 x Kyle The Red & White Miniature

      1 x "Max" The Attack Dog Miniature

      3 x Bases.





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    • Wild West Exodus: November Pre-Orders
      In the next set of Wild West Exodus releases, we’re bringing new and remastered Legendary miniatures to the table, heavy armoured support units and a Red Oak building open for business long after the sun has set...

      Let’s start off by introducing Legendary Jedrick Powell & 20-20, shall we?

      Unique in the Frontier, 20-20 is a relic of the closing days of the Ore War, a Blackhoof automata transformed into a one of a kind prototype only accepting of one rider. Blackhoof 20-20 and his good friend Jedrick set out together to bring sweet justice upon all lawbreakers.

      This dynamite duo is now available to pre-order alongside a remastered Legendary Wyatt Earp for Lawmen, Legendary Raven Spirit for Warrior Nation and Legendary Abraham Lincoln for the Union.
      There are few new sets of armoured soldiers in town too; The Cor Caroli Luminant equipped with powerful weapons, UR-31 G.I. Bots built for open combat deployment, and a set of Watcher Virdian Locust/Chigoe that can be deployed as either airborne Virdian Chigoe assault units or fire support Virdian Locust are all available to pre-order from today.

      And finally, the Red Oak Cat House is open for business! A place where all needs are met, all desires sated and all currencies taken - there’s never a dull moment beneath its roof. Often those drinking in the Red Oak Saloon find themselves heading to the Cat House for a place to lay their hat.

      All of this month's pre-orders are set to be released on November 24th with the exception of Legendary Jedrick Powell & 20-20 who will be released on the 22nd December.

      These items are available to pre-order from us, or your FLGS, and as always, be sure to check out all of this months pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.

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    • Red Beam Designs: Woodford Terrain
      We’re proud to announce that the Woodford range of tabletop terrain from Red Beam Designs is now available to pre-order!

      Themed around the residents of Woodford and hordes of invading enemies, the buildings in this range are compatible with 28mm - 35mm scale wargames.

      The range includes houses, furnished with everything you would expect in a run of the mill American home, a main street store, and prison cell block, guard tower and security fencing, offering safe-haven from zombies, robots, and many other deadly threats.

      The Woodford terrain is currently available to pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order with your FLGS - due for release at the end of November!

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    • November Spoiler 2!
      We thought we would show our forum some extra love this month and not just share one but TWO Spoiler Alerts - aren't you lucky?

      What could this spoiler be... hmm... indeed...

      There's only ONE more spoiler to go after this one - if you have missed any of the past SIX, well, you better get looking!

      Next month's new releases are available to pre-order from our online store and your FLGS from Friday 26th October.
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    • Awesome Richard!! Will there be a release notation on top of the forum page as well?
    • There will be a very large push of Classics items going live some time this week.  
    • Would be nice to one of those about progress on the Beta, why certain things are done, and what the plan is to also help enthuse us.  I know it was mentioned but never quite came off.
    • I think we are well due for a nice big news and blog post with loads of preview photos and 3D sculpts and details What we need is someone who lives locally to the WC team to go give them a poke! 
    • So far we have the new stats in beta.  I haven't had the patience or the spreadsheets to compare the stats, so just looking at mars and equipment.  Please forgive the slightly tongue in cheek faction names.
      Britpop have guardian shields, Trident gens (sonar gens), Lionhearted crew (stoic crew), better repairs, ace pilots on carriers, and potentially ramming rules on larges if the new models are to be believed. Pan-Asian cuisine has aggressive crew on the Chinese and Koreans, elite crew on the Japanese, reroll aerial attack dice generator, portal generator (go into reserve and turn up at random board edge), Koreans also get ace pilots. Covenant of Evilarctica has +1 to getting gens to work, wave lurker, mimic gen, extra aa gen, making gens harder to turn on gen, skimming gen, portal gen and lasers on battleships and dread only so far. The Imperium of Mankind has elite crew, tesla weaponry, ace pilots, Iceberg gen, Storm gen. Southern Europeans have conscripted crew, everybody within 5 inches can link aa mar, heat lance and no special gens. The Turks and their Scientologist backers get elite crew and +1 to gen activation, and skimming gen, but no skimming boats yet. The Ruskies get stoic crew equivalent, capital ships are -1 to hit from aerial attacks, long range piercing rail guns,  +3aa gens and iceberg gens. The UNION has veteran engineers, and vessels below large have sharp turn, and no unique gens. The things I would shuffle round for a bit more uniqueness personally.  Give the Russians Conscripts, Polish get aggressive.  French and Italians get either elite crew or aggressive, Spanish and SUSA get conscripts.  Maybe the Chinese have aggressive too.  Make the shroud gen French and Turks only.  The Brits seem to have quite a few mars already and ramming is more their subs things and something I would prefer on the Russians to fit their traditional close quarters feel.  I definitely personally miss the factions different gunnery since design of boats and hardpoint placement seems less of a factor.  Can anyone point to how the stats differ the factions?
    • I would love a blog post hyping their designs rather than hiding them under a bushel.  They are getting close and people were excited by the improvements.  The lack of content is what is leaving fan communities rather dead which also slows down beta feedback.
    • The closer we get to any kind of major release of the new Dystopian Wars the more I'd wager we won't see more Classics. Not that WC can't do them, but rather because more of their attention will be focused on the production for retail. Also being a Christmas period right now I'd wager they are in full WWE production at present.    Of course the beta is still rolling along and the last models we saw  week or so ago were still 3D print masters not resin castings so we are still a little way aways it would seem. Hopefully they can do a QA end of this year or early next to give us an idea of their roadmap and timeline toward release. We must be getting closer!! 
    • So I was wondering if there were any more of the Classic Dystopian Wars ships coming out.  During the last release, a Warcradle Member stated that they would be coming quicker, but that was almost 2 months ago, and no new stuff has been coming out.  Was really hoping to get the Federated Ships from the old Kickstarter for our group, as a large portion of them want them and the Japanese ones too.  Anyone from Warcradle want to give us an update? it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you very much in advance,..
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