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    • Wild West Exodus: September Pre-Orders
      Guilty as charged.

      Guilty, why? Because Judge Kingsley Stern says so…

      Lawmen, Warrior Nation and Hex players, you’re all in for a treat this month as there’s a new Posse set, a Legendary Boss and Support Unit available to pre-order! 

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    • Warcradle Scenics: September Pre-Orders
      Welcome to the Funland.

      Fighting in Arkham, Malifaux or even The Other Side? The Funland terrain would make a perfect addition to any of these games. This range of 28/32mm scale terrain has everything you need to complete an entire tabletop Funland.

      If you want one big coaster you can always combine multiple Roller Coaster kits to really give the customers a fright, or use one kit to make multiple smaller elements.

      You can fence off parts of the Park, add an entrance, and add a couple of mini-games to your miniatures game allowing you to build funtastic tables and enjoy all the fun of the fair! 


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    • Announcing Mythos
      Warcradle Studios are proud to announce their forthcoming miniatures game, inspired by the occult horror author, H.P. Lovecraft. 

      As the world rebuilds after the Great War, the carnage has caused long-forgotten dark gods of ancient power to begin to awaken. Those touched by these Old Ones have formed rival cults and now move amongst an unsuspecting world preparing for their Master's return...

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    • Warcradle Studios Diary #1
      If you are reading this, no doubt you have a something of an interest in what Warcradle Studios is up to...

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    • The Great Train Heist
      We are doing something special with the way we decide which faction will be the host of the 2019 Festive Miniature!

      View the full article to find out how you can help your faction.


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    • did the same color for the main body but brass on the engine  components .... like you choice of colors
    • So this took longer than expected. Anyway, they've been done for two weeks now so here's some pictures: First up the dreaded Anarchist battleship DFC Kukulkan-TQ6: Some SRS tokens: And the complete fleet:   Thanks for all the nice and supportive comments, by the way, I really appreciate it. :) My next project is a Terran Patrol Fleet but I'll post the whole thing once it's done, I think.
    • I think it is soon to criticize, but I prefer the Spartan´s design. Perhaps, this design and the design of the Dystopian Wars ships are nearest the Steampunk Style, but I prefer the most sober style from Spartan. Anyway, I am expectant to see the definitive models.
    • Hi Tarnya: Thank you for the response. And excuse me for the delay to answer. I will see the link. Thank you again.
    • I really like the style of these miniatures, especially Click Clack.
    • The Gunslinger Masters Tournament Returns To the UK The Official UK Wild West Exodus Tournament is back for its second year this October. Gunslingers from across the country will meet in combat to see who will become this year’s champion in the one day event held by Southampton Sluggaz. The event will be run at 1200pts for 3 rounds, and the time table for the day is outlined below. 9.30 -  Sign in 10.00 -12.00 - Round 1 12.00 – 13.00 - Lunch 13.00 – 15.00 - Round 2 15.30 – 17.30 - Round 3 17.30 -18.30 prize giving Location – St Denys Community Centre, Priory Road, Southampton Hampshire, SO17 2JZ (Sat nav, SO17 2HS) Book your place here: https://www.facebook.com/events/291970481713682/ Lists must be submitted to the following email address by the 5th October – Ishibei@aol.com or can be posted on the event page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/291970481713682/ Any questions regarding the event either email Ishibei@aol.com or post on the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/291970481713682/ Round Scenarios Scenarios will be advised for each round all tables will play same scenario. Contender Bonus After being paired up for a game, if one player has a force that is ten or more points under their opponent’s points total, then they receive an additional Adventure card in their hand for the first round only. Scoring During a Gunslinger Tournament, a player gains 5 Gunslinger points for a win, 3 for a tie and 1 point for a loss each round VP will be used for tie-breaking (Late List or payment will confer negative points on this) Conversion and Proxies Conversions will be allowed as will proxies assuming they are a suitable model and are made clear to your opponent. Any questions on the legality of conversions please contact the Tournament organiser There will be prizes for Murderous (most Gunslinger points) Largesse (Most sporting) Prodigious (Best painted) Tasked (lowest-placed) View the full article
    • Ever get the feeling that something strange is happening in town? Is there a weird fishy smell? Are all the locals wearing oversized clothing and manipulating objects even though you can see that their hands aren’t moving? I guess it’s time we look closer at another faction for Mythos, our forthcoming 1920’s horror skirmish game… Mythos - coming to a tabletop near you in 2020! Servants of the Sunken Pantheon (Dread Father Dagon, Deep Mother Hydra, and their progeny), the Hidden Ones make their home in coastal towns and villages around the world. Through corruption and interbreeding, the Hidden Ones irrevocably link their community to the sea and to the ancient deities that they worship.   Typical of such tainted communities are the fair (but fishy) folk of Dunsmouth, Rhode Island. The authority on almost anything in town is The Dunsmouth Witch (as depicted below). Steeped in ancient wisdom, none know of her true origin, but the Witch has certainly lived in Dunsmouth for over a century. Popular gossip has that a century earlier, a much younger and fairer looking woman, mourning her stillborn son, walked into the sea in the hope of swift oblivion. She returned carrying a crying baby boy, a gift from the Sunken Pantheon. That son grew up tall and strong, the blessings of the deep apparent beneath his rain soaked sou’wester. Any threat to the Hidden Ones is sure to find The Dunsmouth Witch or her son, The Fisherman, close at hand. The Fisherman is a gruff and violent man. Never seen in town except when the tide is high and death is at hand. All too often the spectre of The Fisherman is the last thing a victim sees before a gore-encrusted boat hook sweeps down to serve them to their doom.     The Angler is both a child of Dunsmouth and progenitor from the deep. Those who are steadfast in their devotion to the Sunken Pantheon are often blessed with offspring touched by the abyss below. These hybrids pass for human except when confronted with fire or certain words of power. There are some children of the Hidden Ones who are not of such mixed heritage. The Angler is one such creature, born to a human mother but with no trace of mankind in its flesh. A true Deep One.   The Angler stalks the shadows in Dunsmouth… Click-Clack is a fearsome creature born from the dark caverns of the deep. An immense crustacean, it is often found clung to the underside of the town’s fishing boats, journeying out to their hunting grounds and feasting on its tithe of the catch before returning to the town each night to answer the call of the Dread Father and Deep Mother. Often tasked to bring the titanic crab to serve The Hidden Ones, Molly Malone, is honoured to find such favour. The Malone family have served the Sunken Pantheon for generations. Youngest of twelve siblings, Molly feared that there would not be a way in which she herself could bring further honour to her lineage. She thanked the stars for that night that the Witch sought her out and gave her this important duty. Click Clack must be lured out from the harbour each night he is needed. The pails of human offal that Molly must acquire for such a purpose is her privilege to collect from the sleeping homeless and itinerant visitors to their fair town.   Grim as they are, there is more coming for the Hidden Ones as their shadowy schemes play out in the wider Mythos setting. Stay tuned for more before the tabletop skirmish horror hits stores in early 2020.   Until next time. Stuart   View the full article    
    • Thing is you can bet Sorylians will show off all their small and major side guns. I think showing the side guns helps create the idea that these are vast warships not little fighters with a single weapon (barirng those ships that might well have a single weapon of course). I think it also lets designers make more alien and creative designs and yet still show how they "function" as a ship. You can see bridges, engines, launch bays, gun platforms etc... It all helps build up a visual identity of the ship in question. I think it also helps to remind players during battle as well. If you can't see any side weapons you might suppose the ship has none and some likely will have no smaller side weapons (or smaller fore weapons etc..). So from a gameplay perspective it speeds things up if you are visually aware that the ship has side weapons from one which doesn't have any. Thus being a critical part in how a player will approach enemy ships.   Of course some iwll have visual guns others might have curved domes or other unique shapes that identify their alien weaponry . 
    • One doesn't always have to see the support guns, and it could be a change from their either/or broadsides to the more effective separated broadsides.  Of course, if you have a good hanger capacity, broadsides may not be needed as much. This Dindrenzi line reminds me of the Klingons, with the fighter making me think of the Star Wars Empire and Skum and Villainy lines.
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