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    • What's coming soon from Warcradle Studios for Wild West Exodus?

      Well, take a look and see!

      The Third Man's Posse: Absolute Power!

      Alongside this formidable Hex Boss is his loyal guardian Kreechur, the insidious Garratt Morden, the scheming Megan Wild, the vengeful Maria Torres-Villa and the traitorous John Hunter Bennett.

      Pancho Villa's Posse: The Golden Army!

      Alongside this notorious Outlaw Boss and two K9 attack dog automata are the gun-slinging Heraclio Bernal, the voice of the revolution Rosaria Mendes, the patient hunter Catalina Romero and the brooding Procopio. With these at the heart of the Golden Army your Caballeros and Cazadores can conquer the Union!





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    • Introducing the Badlands Adventures for Wild West Exodus.

      So you’ve played all the Common Adventures? You’ve battled in the Gunslinger Leagues? You love the Dystopian Age and want to experience more of it?

      A brand new expansion for Wild West Exodus is now online – Badlands Adventures.

      This official expansion is packed with support for narrative gaming with five new Adventures and a brand new game mechanic: Perils!

      Download it today and explore the Badlands Adventures! 
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    • The Viridian play an important role in the Watchers. Deployed as airborne Chigoe assault units or as fire support Locust teams, the Viridian excel at targeted strikes. The Viridian Betas provide excellent unit command, giving the Chigoe and Locust units the benefit of their leadership and experience. Ultimate authority resides with the Viridian Alpha who commands all the warriors of his Clade and focuses their actions so that victory belongs to the Watchers.

      The wise Viridian Alpha deploys with the Chigoe and Locust in battle as the powerful Viridian Clade to strike at the enemies of the Watchers. This boxed set includes six fantastic plastic and resin miniatures. This multi-part kit can build 3 Viridian as either Locusts or Chigoe.

      The Viridian Clade Posse Set contains

      1x Viridian Alpha

      1x Chigoe Beta

      1x Locust Beta

      3x Viridian Locusts / Chigoe

      6x Bases

      The Viridian Clade Starter Set contains everything in the Posse Set plus

      1x Wild West Exodus Rules and Gubbins Set

      A Softback A5 Rulebook

      Condition Tokens

      Blast and Torrent Templates

      4x D10 Dice

      1x Action Card Deck

      1x Adventure Card Deck

      Option: Chigoe

      Option: Locust





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    • Gunslinger Events have launched!

      It’s time to start your journey into Wild West Exodus with our easy to follow organised play events.

      Starting with Warcradle Studios Gunslinger League, you can begin learning the game with the posse set for your chosen faction, and then expand your collection over the course of six weeks to take part in 1500-point force dust-ups.

      The Gunslinger League not only rewards your in-game victories but also your skills with a brush! In fact, if you're an eager hobbyist you can enter the league and score points just for assembling and painting your models.

      As part of the Gunslinger organised play experience, two Gunslinger tournaments are available to play:

      The Gunslinger Posse Challenge in which players use models from a single Posse set, up to 700 points in total.

      Gunslinger Most Wanted in which players face off with their recently completed 1500-point forces using their week six list from the Gunslinger League.

      All Gunslinger events are designed to be easy for players of any skill level to participate in and track their results. There’s no need for complicated tables or charts to run or play in a Gunslinger event. All you need is enthusiasm, creativity and a group of players with the desire to destroy foes!

      Gunslinger Awards:

      Players have a shot at winning three Gunslinger awards during a Gunslinger Event; Murderous (Most Gunslinger Points), Prodigious (Best-Painted), and Largesse (Most Sporting).

      Download the Organised Play PDF NOW





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    • Now for something a bit different! 

      We are pleased to announce we will have a limited edition collectors pin available exclusively during Adepticon 2018. 

      We hope to bring out a series of these collectors badges with a new one available at each major show we attend through the year. You will be able to purchase the badge either from our stand at Adepticon or through the Wild West Exodus website for the duration of the show. 

      Measuring almost an inch in diameter, this year's Adepticon exclusive pin will feature Unger, an Enlightened Creation and is strictly limited to 200 copies. Watch out for other iconic characters from the Dystopian Age coming soon!






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    • This is probably something that should be looked at.  We don't have enough data to know whether random-draw or alternating is the best choice, but it's easy enough to stipulate that a squadron can't activate "twice in a row" so to speak, across turns.  I know that for Relthoza, I look to do this when I can, dropping the cloak as the ending activation, and hoping to be able to raise them by going first next turn.  So yeah, it can be frustrating to deal with that. You guys have homework for this weekend.  Get in a game with random-draw and post your results.  Hop to it.   
    • This is a beautiful model and I really want to see what you create in the future. Mad props for giving stats too! I dont envy working out the balance
    • Ah, I see. I totally forgot about the obscured thing. I really don't plan to make it a game breaking thing.  A quick idea I have would be to limit it to height band 1 and deny it to get obscured.  And maybe add some sort of vulnerability to critical hits, as it is not really designed for combat. After all, it is more or less just a heavy retro fitted castle.  You are right, it is very difficult to board, as it is intended, but the actual reward is too low. A successful boarding action against it should provide enough victory points to win the game in 90% of the cases.    But I thank you both very much for your input, as I really want this model to be enjoyable for everyone. 
    • Im not sold on random activation but that means I definitely need to playtest it! I should be able to organise a game tomorrow but it could be a small <800pt game due to time and work fatigue. I play against a Relthoza player most of the time, and if any fleet could make deadly use of subsequent activations its the Relthoza   Edit: I'm also going to give us both a TAC to force an activation to either side, just to round things out 
    • Play testing is the best answer. But I think that everyone should play test it,  not just those who think it might work.  Hopefully I can get a game soon,(maybe in a blue moon).
    • It is definitely worth playtesting. I'll have to see if I can get together with my buddy for some FSA testing. As for the end of turn back to back activation, that's not a very common occurrence.  The stars need to align in a way that you want to do it and you also had the last activation on a turn and activated the unit last and decide to activate it first the next turn. As for what the "randomness" of the bag of chits represents, many things and nothing. Kinda like how alternating activations represents the same.
    • Well,  play randrom draw a couple times and and see what you your opponent think.  Post your play test thought (s) here.  I don’t think random draw effectively or convincingly or compellingly represents any of those situations you put forth, it just represents randomness.  Those situations would best be represented by other mechanics that involve player choice: tactics, objectives or orders.  But each is entitled to their opinion.   And unfortunately is not the case that “in a row” or back-to-back activations only occurs when one person has more activations.    Given equal number player activations he who activated last on Turn 2 and first on Turn 3 could activate the same squad twice sequentially, with such devastating results that the game can be decided.  This doesn’t feel fair to me (or my opponent that I may have just obliterated) and I think something should be done about it, hence my prior suggestion.
    • Je n'en sais pas plus. a mon avis cela dépendra surtout de la stratégie commerciale de WS (Warcradle Studio pas Wait and See...) - Avant l'été: Ca parait être un délais difficilement tenable - En septembre: Possible si Warcradle veux relancé le jeu rapidement - En fin d’année: Le plus probable s'ils sortent un starter set   Plus que la date de sortie ce que j'aimerais savoir c'est si cette nouvelle version sera juste un dépoussiérage des règles (comme le passage V2 => V2.5) ou une refonte du système (J’espère en le simplifiant)  
    • Hi.  It's nice to create a new model, especially when you create it after in 3D. It look so great.   But don't forget we are in a game and the purpose is to have fun for both player. When I kickly see the defence characteristics of your sky fortress, your opponent have to throw 20AD for a crit in obscurred and close to 22AD with rugged (1).  With AA9 and 12AP elite (+ 3 defense), you are not prinzable by boarding.  So I think, even if you put a bigger price, what you create something too big . Especially when it is a flying model with obscured and stratospheric 
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