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    • New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!
      It's that time again, the date for our next Q&A has been announced and it's June 22nd!

      This streaming event will be focusing on all things from Warcradle Studios; Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, Armoured Clash, and Firestorm Armada, and will be streamed on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page (as well as our Twitch & YouTube channels).

      Tune in and listen to Stuart and co. talk all about our upcoming releases and plans for the games within the Dystopian Age!

      If you have a burning question which you would like addressed in the video, please leave it on our event wall. We will try and answer as many questions as we can during the video. All questions need to be submitted BEFORE Wednesday 20th June at 12 pm BST.

      The video will go live at 1 pm on Friday 22nd June and we will be answering questions from the comment section of the Facebook video between 1 pm and 4 pm on Friday 22nd June.

      As we always do, we can promise some sneaky peeks while we're at it...

      See you then!


      Please check the Facebook event for regular updates.





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    • June Pre-Orders: New Posse Sets, Red Oak Scenery & Viridian Betas!
      What's to come to Wild West Exodus in June, you ask? Well, as a quick summary; a lot!

      To start, we're releasing the first ever posse sets for The Hex and The Order! Both the Absolute Power Posse of the Third Man, and Divine Intervention Posse lead by Maraka, will be available to pre-order from today.

      Alongside these Posse sets, the Red Oak Gallows & Clock Tower Scenery kit and a set of Viridian Betas for the Watchers are also available to pre-order now!

      Due to be released on the 30th June.

      Now, let's take a closer look at the miniatures and scenery, shall we?
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    • Nakano Gozen at UK Games Expo!
      Nakano Gozen, the Emissary of the Blazing Sun, will be making her second appearance for 2018 at UK Games Expo!

      The Wild West Exodus promotional miniature will be available to purchase from our stand at UK Games Expo (1-D14) for £13.00. 

      Not attending? Feeling like your missing out? Don't worry! Nakano Gozen will be available to purchase online during events attended by Warcradle Studios! For UK Games Expo, she will be available from our online store from 09:00 on June 1st 2018 until 21:00 BST on June 3rd 2018. Her next appearance online will be during Gen Con 2018 at the start of August.

      After this, she will be available to purchase at events attended by Warcradle Studios - so you'll be able to get your mitts on this brand new promotional miniature from the Warcradle Studios stand at Gen Con 2018 and Tabletop Gaming Live this year - as well as at selected Trailblazer events. 

      Nakano Gozen will become part of our regular catalogue of fantastic miniatures in 2019 - available to all!   

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    • May 4th 2018 Q&A: Blog & Video
      For those who didn't catch our latest Live Q&A, we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to watch (and read) all about it directly from us here at Warcradle Studios.

      Enjoy our latest update about Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus, Armoured Clash, Firestorm Armada et al. As well as our announcement about Warcradle Classics!

      Watch the video here:

      Alternatively, head over to our blog to get a quick overview or to read the full blog, including all images from the Live Q&A!
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    • May Pre-Orders: The Wayward Eight & Hex Beasts
      Let's take a look at the pre-orders for Wild West Exodus - due for release on May 31st - in time for the first day of UK Games Expo where those attending can purchase these new releases from the Warcradle Studios stand.

      The time has finally arrived, The Wayward Eight sets are now available to pre-order!

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    • Good catch, @Polaris...I would lean towards restricted hangars for non CV craft.   I would lean closer to fewer tokens being available to non CV craft, and many more to the fleet carriers. I also agree that SRS should have a presence on the board, and not just be a weapon system.  They probably shouldn't be tied to a carrier command distance.  I'm an advocate of cage free SRS.
    • As far as toxic rat's idea goes, we could rule that carriers can switch out SRS as he suggests, but battleships, battle carriers ect. Keep what they bring initially, this would give carriers a boost, without nerfing the others   As far as redesigning SRS, my only hope is they don't become another weapon system, like taskforce, I think the tokens having a presence on the table adds to the game That said, I don't know what V3 will bring, but has anyone else had a chance to test these proposed house rules?  
    • I have one more alternative to suggest that gives carriers a direct support role. Withing 18"+ Command Distance a carrier may attach wings to another squadron. So a full interceptor wing might add 3 PD to every model on the squadron, or a full fighter wing could add 2AD to an attack per activation and 2PD to the squad for example. These bonuses would only be usable on a single attack or PD defense per turn, but it would allow the carrier to use its SRS to augment other squadrons instead of being a torpedo system with two layers of defense to get around.   Also wouldn't mind seeingnsome system for interceptors to scout out cloaked and stealthed ships
    • I second these ideas. SRS rules should be constructed to be as close to those as Ships as possible and should be reflected by the models/tokens.  Personally, that would mean two SRS options based on the tokens. Either a fighter/bomber distinction or a small/large distinction.  The microdie would work great for tracking damage. 
    • So very true.  It shouldn't feel like you are suddenly playing a different game when dealing with the SRS.   ----- Any change to SRS should consider getting rid of micro-dice.  Having a variable strength wing sounds like a nice idea, but was anyone fielding a 1/2/3 strength wing?  So really by default we either have a viable attack unit, or we don't, so let's just set an AD/PD value for the things and move on. I would argue that a carrier should have a bunch of multi-role spacecraft on board, and that they are outfitted with the ordnance suited for the mission they are assigned to.  So, you wouldn't build a fleet with interceptors/bombers/fighters/whatever...you have SRS that get loaded to perform a specific mission.  It gives the carrier much more flexibility (which it needs) in responding to battlefield conditions.
    • My model has hazard condition and no available fortune chips. Then when I end my activation what happens first? Regaining fortune chips or making check for negative condition (hazard) ? It's relevant becouse I might need to reroll that dice check.
    • No scale difference for Classic Spartan releases.
    • I have some issues with that reaction thingy. 1. Rules state that "At any point during an enemy unit's combat action". Does that mean that I can use both firearms if enemy unit is charging from distance or I can choose to slash them with sabres before they do? What about using torrent weapon when someone tries to charge and you activate Giv'em Hell? - If the torrent weapon doesn't reach charging models at the start of combat action I mean' 2. You can't Go on Lookout while engaged in combat BUT you still can activate reaction via fortune chips? If so, then what if Iron horse cavalry is stuck in combat and another unit charges it? Boss uses his/hers fortune chips making cavalry unleash gatling fire on the charging party while still being in combat? 3. Does always Give'em Hell reaction comes before enemy attack? 4. If my weapon has Tangle and I hit charging model via Give'em Hell reaction. when does inflicted negative condition go active? I mean: failed check stuns enemy - does that mean that it automatically decreases limit by 1 and unit cannot make another action this turn (lets say it had 2 more and chose to charge)?
    • Correct. As I said, fan is a -2, but canceled out by focus+2, so 6+ to hit.
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