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    • Warcradle Studios at UKGE 2020
      Warcradle Studios will be returning to the NEC in Birmingham this year, joining everyone attending UK Games Expo 2020.

      Join us to take delight in demos of Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Fog and Friction: Western Front, inspire your miniature painting by gazing upon the miniatures in our display cabinet or immerse yourself in the story of the Dystopian Age and more by speaking to our team!

      We'll be at Booth 2-702 during the event.

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    • Warcradle Studios Diary #20
      One of the defining features of the Dystopian Age are the eight Great Powers whose influence spans the globe. One of the oldest and most accomplished of the Great Powers is the Immortal Celestian Empire. Their fascinating history is revealed in part here as this pan-Asian alliance has sat in dignified isolation for centuries, until now…

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    • Wild West Exodus: December Pre-Orders
      Embrace the Hex. Marie Laveau is supreme.

      At long last, we welcome the self-proclaimed queen of the Nazombu, Marie Laveau, and her companion’s to Wild West Exodus!

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    • AdeptiCon 2020: US Gunslinger Masters
      AdeptiCon is one of the biggest tabletop gaming events in the world, and in 2020, it will be the location for the Wild West Exodus US Gunslinger Masters - this most prestigious event will take place on Saturday 28th March! Prepare for a fun and furious competition.

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    • Available To Buy - Fog & Friction: Western Front
      Calling all civilians. Fog & Friction: Western Front is officially available to buy. That’s right, you can buy your very own copy of this exciting new World War Two themed card game. 

      The demos of it at Tabletop Gaming Live and Spiel this year have already proved popular, and now is your chance to play the lively and fast-paced game for yourself. 

      Fog & Friction: Western Front is focused around the use of combined arms and the unpredictable nature of warfare. This is your opportunity to try something different, so be sure to give it a go with your gaming friends. 

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    • Awesome.  Used to love this game.  Looking forward to hearing about new stuff!
    • A whole bundle of classical models switch to status: in stock 
    • I posted this to the FB group but am reposting here:  Pg. 35 reads "a model cannot see through terrain that is larger than their base size" (by larger we assume they mean taller in this case, or "categorized as a base size larger" before play. Ok, that's simple enough, things bigger(taller) than your base size block LOS. But soon we shal have some questionmarks.... further down that same paragraph, it talks about forming a line of sight corridor using the outermost points of the two bases that you are trying to determine line of sight between. "Any terrain within this corridor should mean that the target is considered obscured..." Then obscured (opposite, same page) reads: "for EACH piece of terrain that partially blocks line of sight of a shoot action, the model receives a -1 Aim penalty ..." OK, so, what "partially blocks line of sight" originally we were playing that literally ANYTHING in the LOS corridor between two models would give a -1Aim+1grit for each piece. But now, it seems that anything smaller than your base doesn't count at all? (you "see through" it?) and only things taller than your base can give you this (and only then if it doesnt totally block LOS altogether)? Furthermore: As the Climb rule (pg.23) says in order to force a climb check a piece of terrain must be "more than two base sizes higher..." Does this mean that models can travel without any restriction to their movement (full quick) over literally ANY piece of terrain that is two base sizes or less? (assuming the terrain does not have the uneven feature) if so, terrain plays MUCH less of a role in this game than we have been considering. as even tall walls that can block line of sight can easily be just moved right through? If we are reading this right, does that mean things smaller than your base size can just be completely ignored? (we were giving the -1Aim+1grit for obscured if even these things were in the LOS corridor) and you can just move through anything 2 base sizes or smaller, but those at least give obscured (or block LOS completely) only things larger than 2 base sizes cause a restriction, causing a climb check?  (again assuming it has not been assigned the uneven feature?) 
    • This last part appears to be incorrect.  You can only use interrupts to either seize or deny the initiative at the beginning on the turn.  In order to activate another unit within 8" of the one just activated, you would need a triggered activation card, not an interrupt.  (and it would only work on a face) (pg. 16 main rulebook v1.09)  Or just use a model that already has the teamwork ability.
    • I'm sorry but i've seen your reply just now. The <Sic 'Em> rule doesn't differentiate between Gun Dogs and Attack Dogs, its only requirement is the "K9 Automata" trait, which both units have.
    • Changelog ; - Dindrenzi completed - Most of aquan done Total ships processed so far : 244 Ships left to do (some aquan, and all those of the RSN) : 27. An then, some Rules, Taskforce stats, and Lore if I find some.  
    • It's likely the classic Firestorm is still played in various clubs and in peoples homes.  But like all games that are no longer in active production, its natural for it to become a rarer game on the tabletop.   For those that still play the Classic Firestorm Game, we have the Warcradle Classic miniatures to help complete your collections.  There is a brand new game called Firestorm Armada in development. It is a new game that we hope appeals to many fans of science fiction space battles. Knowledge of or experience of the Classic Firestorm is completely unnecessary. If you have classic models you will, of course, be able to use them as a 'counts as' in the new Firestorm Armada,  but there will be an entire range of new and exciting miniatures to enjoy! 
    • in the meantime the game is going to it grave before your eyes ..... you haven't done enough to keep us in the loop 
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