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    • With the end of the month drawing near, it's time to reveal the next set of releases for Wild West Exodus!
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    • Warcradle Studios are very happy to announce that we have further expanded our global distribution range with the addition of Warlord Games to our ever-growing trade catalogue. Warlord Games are in good company alongside fantastic companies such as The Army Painter, Knight Models, Wyrd Miniatures, and Firelock Games.
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    • Here's a quick step by step on how I painted the awesome new Wild West Exodus terrain!

      To kick off, I undercoated the model black. No photo here (who needs a photo of a black building, after all).

      STEP ONE

      Build up 3D effects with grey.

      I use an airbrush but you can get very similar effects using a spray can. If you're using a brush, get a big ol' one inch round and stipple on the paint in thin layers.

      STEP TWO

      To increase the 3D effects, once again, I go in with white. 


      Glaze the entire model with a Sepia Wash (approximately 7 parts water to 1 part paint).

      I repeat this three times for a deep colour shift. I am still using the airbrush here but, if you do not have access to one, you can purchase weathering sprays which achieve a similar effect or go in with that big ol' brush - just don't let the glaze pool up.

      STEP 4

      Grab a decent sized brush and pick out individual planks with a selection of different brown washes.

      For this model, I used a red-brown, yellow-brown, dark brown and black brown. I tend to make my own washes from P3 paint but there are loads of great alternatives out there. Once again, don't let the wash pool up.

      STEP 5

      Pick out the metallic areas. Take your time as it's very difficult to clean off slips. All metallic areas were painted in P3 Pig Iron. 

      The Brass areas were painted in P3 Brass Balls. 







      These should look great on the table top for now! 


      I'll be looking at how to take things to the next level with weathering and detailing next time.

      Until then - happy paintin'!

      You can find all of the Red Oak terrain on our online store here, or from your regular FLGS or online stockist!





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    • What's this? Salute 2018 is just around the corner so it's time to announce something very special indeed... Let's give a big welcome to Nakano Gozen - Emissary of the Blazing Sun!
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    • We are very excited to announce that Earle Shepherd's mercenary Outlaw gang is now available for pre-order, with a release date of April 14th. If you're after a posse who will work for the highest bidder (who are we to judge?) this highly anticipated posse is most definitely for you!
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    • @Frans “picking its bones clean” in relation to a 2 hour game sounds sounds pretty disastrous and final.   Yet the two major FSA tournaments have had round limits of 2.5 hours for the last 4 years.  So if those round limits needed to be comfortably 2 hours that's a reduction of just 20%-30% game time.   To use your bodily metaphor, that’s more like putting FSA on a diet, not picking its bones clean. 
    • When you say new do you mean new sculpts of core ships (eg the standard cruisers/battleships/frigates); or do you mean that there will be brand new ships alongside the existing ships (existing meaning Spartan designs sold by WC as opposed to current ships owned by gamers)
    • I created the card by myself with Photoshop from spartan's images. 
    • Well, I was talking about war-games, I thought that was pretty obvious. And the fact that a tournament game ALSO needs clear rules etc. etc. doesn’t change the fact that it will need to be playable within a certain amount of time. How much time that is will depend on the actual type of tournament; in the popular miniatures war-gaming tournaments format this will be two hours tops. Now there exist many things you can do within a two hour time frame, but completing a detailed fleet level space combat miniatures game, like Firestorm Armada, isn’t one of them. You can streamline the rules as long as you like, but you’ll never be able to turn FA into a 90~120 minute game without picking its bones clean. The point I’m making is that you can’t turn FA into something “tournament suitable” without changing the type of game it has always been entirely, and with that come risks regarding the current customer base. As an example; from my own current four player FA group only one player might actually be interested in such a game, but he’s already heavily involved with X-wing and Armada, so probably won’t go for a third “tournament” space combat game. And looking back at BFG times, the majority of players I used to know that were involved with that weren’t “tournament” players either. So, as far as I can see, going the “tournament” way with FA could easily alienate three quarters plus of the games current customer base, yours truly included.
    • I'd love to pick up a set as well and I did come across a Korean website with it in stock but I couldn't figure out the shipping to the US.
    • Die Schienen hat der Ladenbesitzer gespendet (samt Lok, Teneriffa und Draisine), Hersteller ist Sarissa Precision. 
    • Don't worry, any plastics will be of all new ships, not plastic versions of old ones!   
    • If WC  do release even just a "core" plastic cuiser set I dont need it but Ill still buy it! but then ill have 6 Furys, 6 secutors and X new plastic ones! please up the number of models in a game!!
    • Die Platten sehen klasse aus! Woher hast du die Schienen?
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