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    • September Pre-Orders: All About The Base and Creating a Scene with Super City
      Get ready to set the tabletop scene with new plastic scenic bases and sets of super buildings initially only available in the Super City Downtown bundle. All available to pre-order from today, with your FLGS and online at Wayland Games.
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    • August Pre-Orders: New Miniatures and Tabletop Scenery!
      What does the month of September have in store for fans of Wild West Exodus, Mythos and those who enjoy building the perfect tabletop setting? 

      A whole host of goodies!

      Legendary Cloud Runner, the Odani Travellers and Gloomburg Sprawl Set are now available to pre-order.

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    • Warcradle Studios Diary #32
      With the recent announcement that the studio has returned to work (albeit in a slightly reduced capacity for the present), we wanted to announce the current developments for our various settings and projects. We’ve already talked about some of the new card games in development as well as the plastics for Dystopian Wars. Let’s see what 2020 holds for Firestorm Armada!

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    • FREE Support Packages - Encourage Your FLGS to Claim Theirs
      Given the unforeseen circumstances that this year has had to offer, local games stores and retailers, across the globe, have been forced to face considerable challenges in response to the unfortunate COVID-19 Pandemic.

      It is therefore of utmost importance, at times like these, that we can lean on each other within the industry and share our knowledge and experience wherever possible.

      Recognising the struggles forced upon those within our industry, the Warcradle and OnTableTop teams have joined forces to support both the industry and the community by offering a FREE Support Package to every independent store and gaming venue. It's easier to get by with a little help from friends!

      Included in this support package will be three CE Certified Face Visors and six Unbranded Floor Decals (in two different designs) to help prepare the opening of stores and social spaces, for social distancing best practises.

      Claiming a Free Support Package:

      If you are an owner of a gaming store or if you're a community member wanting to help your local store reopen sooner, claiming the FREE Support Package from Warcradle Distribution is as simple as getting in touch with our sales team here: salesteam@warcradle.com.

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    • 2020 Promotional Miniature: Theodore Roosevelt
      It's time to reveal the 2020 event miniature resembling a famous figure from history; it's Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt!  Those of you that guessed correctly from the misty image we shared, bravo.

      Racing through the jungle on his Trodon steed, an incredible prehistoric-looking creature, Theodore Roosevelt is ready to venture into the wider Dystopian Age. You'll be able to purchase Theodore online direct from the Wild West Exodus website after 9:30 am (UK Time) on the 26th of March.

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    • Hey  anyone know when there will be a repint ore somthing  i would like the model but cant find it anywhere  TY in advance 
    • Thanks , good to know there's someone listening. That clears up the confusion caused by "excluding this unit" on the unit card.  Pity that a unit of hands can't  benefit.  I play Outlaws mercenarys and was looking for ways to buff up stats.  Been using Jesse James theme posse, so prodigious faces which is great, but needed a way to make my hands more resilient.  Thanks again for your support. 
    • There is still someone out here XD Let's take Pancho for expample. If Pancho is within 3" of a friendly female model. He will receive the bonus.  But if there is a unit of multiple models (Hands or Support) and they habe for the ladies. If there is a female model included in that bigger unit, they still won't receive that bonus. It needs to be a model from a different unit.
    • Is there anybody out there?   
    • I don't do Facebook. I stumbled upon them on Man Battlestations though
    • They're available on the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/theunchartedseas/  
    • From the Black Ocean facebook group:   Update 0.05a of the Firestorm Beta is now LIVE! https://www.firestormarmada.com/ Latest feedback, as well as further internal testing, has produced a revised System Damage game mechanic. New System Damage and Critical System Damage Token sheet for downloads. SRS Tokens have been made more vulnerable to Point Defence as well as reducing the number launched from each carrier. Movement has been clarified both in regard to Formations, overlapping models and turning. Kinetic Quality has been streamlined and made more straightforward to use. Blasts and Scatter have been made more dangerous to Mass 1 Squadrons in Formation. Repairs have been revised in line with new System Damage rules. Battleships are now Mass 4! IMPORTANT: Feedback must be given through the link below. Comments here are not taken into account as feedback. There are many more people taking part in the Beta than post on the Black Ocean so conversations here are only reflective of the experiences and opinions of people who post here. Really, the Black Ocean (and other forums) are excellent for constructive and friendly discussions. But to give feedback, post it into the portal please! https://www.firestormarmada.com/
    • Ah! Thank you. That makes sense as to why I can't find them.  If you ever release individual buildings I'd love to get more of the tall houses from the Dunsmuth set as well. I have the set already, but three of those tall buildings isn't enough for me :) 
    • Hey Paddy, the buildings from the first release of the Gloomburg range have been replaced by the new Gloomburg Sprawl pre-coloured set.  You may still be able to find some of the older buildings available individually online or in tabletop community trading groups. The individual buildings won't be restocked but be sure to keep an eye on our blog and socials for announcements as this may be something we offer, in the future, for the new set!
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