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    • Go West with Warcradle Classics Wave III
      The third wave of our Warcradle Classics range is ready and it's safe to say that it’s a big one!

      Wave III contains over 60 items from the first two editions of Wild West Exodus. That’s right - you read correctly - over 60 items of pure Wild West Exodus goodness have been added to the Warcradle Classics range.

      You’ll find Wild West Exodus novels, with exciting background stories and concept art from the First Edition, earlier sculpts of miniatures, including the much loved Sky Stallion, and alternative sculpts of some of your favourite miniatures - with so much more besides! Don’t take our word for it, have a scroll through and take a look for yourself.

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      Surprised to see Wild West Exodus miniatures? You shouldn’t be! The Warcradle Classics range is all about making classic miniatures available to everyone - as long as masters and moulds pass our thorough quality control checks, of course.

      Be sure to follow our social channels for future Waves to find out what's available, and when pre-orders go live, so you don't miss out. Remember, items in the Warcradle Classics range are produced in limited numbers.

      Items in this wave of Warcradle Classics are currently available to order through our trade partners and are available to buy on the Wayland Games web store.



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    • Across The Pond at Gen Con 18
      Warcradle Studios attended Gen Con 2018 for four days over the weekend, and oh boy, was it a memorable one. We were lucky enough to have Parker, from The Battle Hammer, fly out with us as a Warhost (interested, click here for details), and demo games of Wild West Exodus on our shiny new Dystopian Age demo table.

      For those of you wanting to see more, we've prepared a gallery below! From the stand to miniatures, sneak peeks for Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, and our new Dystopian Age demo table, you'll be able to gander at it all.

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    • We're Attending AdeptiCon 2019!
      Haven't had a chance to see Warcradle Studios at any events yet? We've added AdeptiCon to our list of events so make sure to come and see us if you can!

      Not near you? Make sure to check our events for up-to-date information.

      Warcradle Studios will be attending AdeptiCon 2019!

      We will be joining over 100 exhibitors who attend AdeptiCon every year to showcase their new products, run demos and interact with the community.

      AdeptiCon is a fantastic show to attend, priding itself on presenting its attendees the highest quality wargaming event possible, and we cannot wait to join in the wargaming fun!

      We will be there with our awesome demo team (we don’t go anywhere without ‘em) and members of our Studio team, as well as bringing with us a host of plastic and resin delights. So, whether you want to come and play Wild West Exodus or Dystopian Wars, talk about the future of Warcradle Studios' games, or view some awesome miniatures - we’ll be here with bells on.

      Stay up to date with news about Adepticon from their Facebook page and their website.

      What more could we add, you ask? Well… the first Wild West Exodus US Gunslinger Masters event is being held here too! Check out information about this here.

      We'll see you there!



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    • Wild West Exodus August Pre-Orders
      Well, well, well, August sure does look jam-packed and full of Wild West Exodus delights... Let's not keep you hanging too long though - time to dive straight in!

      The Dark Nation Posse, led by the corrupt and wraith-like Wicasasni, is the second Posse set to be released for The Hex. The Dark Nation Posse is now available to pre-order alongside the Secret Service Posse, lead by none other than Abraham Lincoln himself (wielding an axe, of course).

      Need some support on the tabletop? We have some great support units on pre-order for Warrior Nation and Enlightened in the form of the heroic Kaga Brothers and a set of ruthless Enlightened Brutes. Hex players will be able to pre-order the Hexalith, an artefact imbued with the essence of the Hex, which was previously only available in the Absolute Power Posse. 

      We can also announce that the Divine Intervention Starter Set and the Absolute Power Starter Set are available to pre-order from Warcradle Studios from today! These sets include everything from the previously released posse sets, with the addition of the Rules & Gubbins Set.

      As always, make sure to check the whole of this months pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.

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    • UK Gunslinger Masters at Tabletop Gaming Live!
      In September, Tabletop Gaming Live 2018 will see the inaugural UK GUNSLINGER MASTERS event for Wild West Exodus!

      At Tabletop Gaming Live 2018, you’ll be able to take part in the Warcradle Studios officially run UK Gunslinger Masters event for the chance to win glory for your Faction! The fact that you’ll be in for a chance to win some epic prizes AND get to meet the Trailblazer team (Daz and Craig cannot wait to meet you all) is a very happy bonus, I’m sure.

      So, first things first, all participating players will receive a gold Fortune Chip (fancy, eh?) and will be in for a chance to win all sorts of goodies.

      Not only will the top three players receive the very shiny (and highly coveted, might I add) Gunslinger badges, which they will proudly be able to wear around the convention and beyond (go on, make your opponents drool with envy when you get back home), the top three players will also receive a voucher (£50 for placing First, £30 for placing Second, and £20 for placing Third) to spend at Warcradle Studios’ Tabletop Gaming Live stand.

      Those who place first will also receive something very special indeed…

      How special? Well, while we don’t want to spoil the surprise, we will say that the trophy will not be available anywhere outside of official Gunslinger Masters events - you really do have to be in it to win it!

      Make sure to book your tickets quick to take part in the first ever UK Masters and get your name in the Wild West Exodus Hall of Fame.

      Tickets are available from the Wild West Exodus website which gains you entry to Tabletop Gaming Live and the UK Masters Tournament, you will not need to purchase a separate entry ticket to the event.

      Check out the Gunslinger OP PDF for more information on Gunslinger Tournaments.


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    • Welcome, Space Cat. Don't pee on the carpet. 
    • Hello,   I am Space Cat. I enjoy galactic conquest and crunchy space lizards. I do not like space cucumbers.   Looking forward to the new edition.
    • thanks. that is a bit of a letdown , but I guess I do understand. It has been a while from when Warcradle took over. just thought things were moving along a little quicker than it has been. I do hope You people will be so kind as to keep us up to date with photos and ideas of the direction  Firestorm is going .    Thanks again
    • Ahh missed that this was in the firestorm section. At present Firestorm is anticipated some time next year and there's no fixed news on it -a few hints of pictures in their podcasts but nothing solid from them as yet.   Remember WC didn't buyout or take over Spartan, they bought it up when it went into administration. As a result everything was shut down and shipped out to them - some machinery and such went missing whilst things like the moulds were just lumped on pallets. So they've spent quite a long time working out which castings go for which models and the like. It wasn't, sadly, a clean affair and its why WC has had to basically spend a year setting up their own factory and rebuilding things. Though they are taking this moment to stamp their own identity on the models and redesign many and revamp them - giving the line a fresh overhaul and bringing it all up to modern standards as well as giving it a face lift.  They have said that they've hired a writer and are looking to develop the lore for Firestorm much more so than Spartan did which is a great thing! Spartan always had some neat lore but it was oftne kind of in the background or locked in the designers heads more than on clear paper in books/manuals.
    • That actually is a pretty good point though in terms of whether it is a move, combat, or misc action and whether is counts as a special action or not.  Because it is not specified I would treat it's action type as "undefined" like tactical brilliance so it doesn't increase the cost of later actions.  Because it doesn't say anything about being a special action I would rule that it doesn't preclude you from doing other special actions on your turn.  However these are just my personal rulings rather than a solid answer.
    • sorry guys I am looking for firestorm  stuff my budget  and wife only allows me one game so it's firestorm 
    • The beasts of war photos and video from the last Gencon which shows the Prussians! https://www.beastsofwar.com/liveblogentry/step-into-warcradles-saloon-for-wild-west-exodus-and-dystopian-wars-comment-to-win/#snav
    • When is still "This year" we have no fixed date on the release itself.  They have thus far shown some renderings and master casts from events they've attended. The Bretonian and Prussian core ships have been shown off and a few other bits and such here and there in their QA sessions. They are also selling some classics as they come  through them in the moulds they've got - mostly sticking to whatever is made fully in resin rather than resin metal or metal models.     
    • Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Im an Uncharted Seas player

      How long have you been playing these games? Since about 4 weeks after release, off and on.

      Where do you play? My local games club n Cambridge plus a gaming group of friends on occasion

      Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? I own something from every faction except Sky Pirates. Ralgard is starter only, everything else I have some extra ships of some varying kind. Adding to the list is a matter of finding places with stock in the back room or second hand vendors......

      What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Whatever I am rolling dice for at the moment. At a push my DragonLord Carrier because I am a terrible painter and it turned out much better than I hoped.
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