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    • Your Questions Answered - December 2018
      Did you miss Roberto Cirillo’s Question Time on the Community Facebook pages? Not to fret, you can have a look at the questions Roberto answered right here!


      Question Time List

      Simply click on the title below to go to the relevant section:

      The Sturginium Lounge dated 19th December 2018

      The Dark Council dated 21st December 2018

      View the full article
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    • Tune In! January 2019 Q&A
      We’re kicking off 2019 with a Q&A! On January 31st you’ll be able to tune in and listen to Stuart and co. talk about upcoming releases and our plans for the games within the Dystopian Age.


      This Q&A event will be focusing on all things from Warcradle Studios; Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Firestorm Armada, and will be shared on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page (as well as our YouTube channel).

      Submit your burning questions NOW! We’ll be answering as many as we can during the video - all you have to do is leave it on our Facebook event wall.

      We will try and answer as many questions as we can during the video. All questions need to be submitted BEFORE Tuesday 22nd January at 12 pm (midday) GMT.

      The video will go live on Thursday 31st January and a summary will follow. A follow-up article will be published to the Warcradle Studios blog and the Community forum for you to read at your leisure.

      See you then!

      Make sure to check the Facebook event for regular updates.
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    • Warcradle Studios at Salute 2019
      April this year, Saturday 6th April to be exact, Warcradle Studios is bringing Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars to Salute 2019 at the London ExCel!

      Warcradle Studios will be at Booth TE11 for Salute 2019, visit us at the London ExCel Centre this April!
      Make sure to come and see us to check out Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars - we’ll be bringing members of the Warcradle Studio team, alongside miniatures and, well, we’re sure to have a few extra delights along for the ride...
      More information about what to expect at our booth will be announced as we get closer to the event.
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    • Warcradle Scenics: New Knightspire & Woodford
      We’re proud to announce that the Warcradle Scenics range has grown again! We have added to the Woodford range of tabletop terrain and Knightspire, perfect for games of Warhammer Underworld, is now available to pre-order.

      The Woodford terrain and the Knightspire range are currently available to pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order with your FLGS - due for release at the end of January.
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    • Wild West Exodus: January Pre-orders
      Christmas may be just around the corner but, more importantly, you can pre-order new Wild West Exodus miniatures from today! With a wide selection, from a variety of factions, you’re sure to find something to add to your posse…

      Now, where to start? With Legendary Elita Nura, of course!

      After years of service in the field at the rank of Mimreg, Elita Nura’s fervent desire to serve the Order more fully was recognised by the Allshard. Fully aware of what Apotheosis to a Cor Caroli entails, Elita Nura desired her chance to join their ranks. Despite this, Nura was made a Sircan and given command of the Spica Astraea - the Portal Vanguard.

      You can pre-order this fantastic legendary miniature alongside other Order reinforcements; the Cor Caroli Nyx and, masters in their fields, Zain & Oron!

      Not an Order player? No problem!

      You can reinforce your posse with Spirit Walker Legendary Raging Bear for Warrior Nation, red in tooth and claw, or maybe the excellent (and impartial) representatives of justice UR-30 Lawbots are more up your alley? These, alongside, Lokess for the Hex and Grey with Specialist Weapons for the Watchers, are all on pre-order now.

      And, finally, we have the Wild West Exodus Token Set, available to pre-order from today! This great little token set allows you to upgrade your games of Wild West Exodus and includes all the core condition tokens plus ‘Activated’, ‘Re-animated’, and ‘Quick and the Dead’ tokens in high-quality 2-ply acrylic.

      All of this month's pre-orders are set to be released on January 26th.

      These items are available to pre-order from us, or your FLGS and, as always, be sure to check out all of this month’s pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.
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    • Lol, my bad. In that case why not replace her with an Apex Hellion? Or if you're growing to 1500 then there's always Caym.   
    • But Mantis isn't able to fly unfortunately.  Those things on her back are a second pair of arms with attached blades.  I guess those are the fileting blades depicted on her statcard. 
    • Is there anything wrong with that purpose for Mantis?  I find that all of the factions have a flight model or two that really just seems to excel at that. It is a game breaker if both sides clash over a single point. You can have your 18" zip over to the other point and hold it seeing if they'll divide the forces. 
    • Wednesday Night Wild West Exodus at: Millennium Hobbies 124 S Black Horse Pike Blackwood Nj 08012 Wednesday Nights at 6pm
    • We now have Scheduled Gaming on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at Top Deck games: Wild West Exodus Sunday Showdowns 1st and 3rd Sundays @ 3pm Top Deck Games  55 Haddon Ave, Westmont Nj 08108
    • Hello fellow gunslingers!

      Since our player group started a slow-grow newbie campaign i decided to take part with the venerable Countess' own monster mash posse We had to build a list around a posse set and (if possible pointswise) include all models in the box up to 1000pts.  Over time we're allowed to grow our posses up to 1250pts and 1500 pts towards the end.   The overall list is relatively slow with  mostly Q5 and  below average shooting on two models (Mantis & Creation V),  that's why i tried to fill the gap with a slightly faster unit.
      Unfortunately the Abomination Seekers and Widowers lack the <Creation> rule and so does the Apex Hellion. 

      So i decided to use a Nazombu Snake, she's a bit faster with Q7 and has the <Trailfinder> rule which allows me to make up some ground before the game even begins. That way, my current list looks like the following: Enlightened Galvanic Mysteries Theme Posse:

      Boss: Augusta Byron - 255pts Slot 1: Mantis - 125pts
      Slot 2: Creation V - 170pts
      Slot 3: Creation XIII - 160 pts
      Slot 4: Nazombu Snake - 115pts
      Slot 5: Creation X - 155pts --- 980pts   I'm currently finding out how to use each unit on their own and in combination together. 
      In the first two games (1st against Ranger Showboat posse, 2nd against Armoured Justice posse) i let the Nazombu Snake cover one flank while Augusta and Creation X & XIII marched the other side of the board up.
      Both Creation V (only Q4) and Mantis captured objectives either in my table-half or in the center and watched out for enemies with their ranged weaponry. For only 115 points the Nazombu Snake can be scary as hell, at least for my opponent. It's a great fire magnet that also packs a punch in melee 
      She killed Rabecca Copelie and stopped a unit of 5 Minutemen from capturing an objective in the first game and killed a unit of two gundogs while standing next to an objective and earning me points in 5 rounds in the second game. Meanwhile my "Creation-Deathstar" slowly marched in both games towards the enemy and killed everything in their way, surviving because of their Grit 6, <Tough> provided by Augusta, the <Creation> rule and good use of cover. In the first game they killed Calamity Jane, Grace Myrtle, a unit of 5 Veteran Rangers and teared apart Wild Bill Hickok (with PRC-8 on Creation X), where in the second game two units of 3 Lawbots and a unit of 2 Gun Dogs fell under their blades.  So far so good, but what really bothers me is that i can't find a use for Mantis and Creation V besides standing at a mission objective and doing nothing else.  I know that victory points are actually the most important thing to earn in order to win, but if the worst case happens and my deathstar slowly breaks apart i just want to know what both units can do to still secure my victory. In addition i'm looking at a couple of units with which i could expand my posse in the next step a couple of weeks ahead, but most importantly to fill the 6th posse slot in order to gain the posse bonus.

      Right now i'm specifically looking at the scary but mostly independent working Creation VII and onto Francis Tumblety, where the latter one would provide me with an additional fortune chip and another unit with the <Carpathogen> rule.
    • I told you I'd start doing it!!!  Here's some lists:   Legendary Viridian Alpha
      2x Onyx Beta
      Greay Elite with standard load out.
      Pack of 3 Chigoe.
      6x Greys (4 pulse, 2 Deconstruction Rifles)
      3x Greys (2 pulse, 1 Deconstruction Rifles).
      List came to 1485. ----------------------------------------------------- Wild Bill Hickok - 220
      Grace Myrtle - 130
      Calamity Jane - 160
      5 Ranger Minutemen - 200
      3 Ranger Interceptors - 255
      3 Ranger Gyrocopters - 255
      3 Ranger Blackjacks - 255
      1 Booby Trap - 20
      TOTAL - 1495pts    
    • I hope the cyborg monsters are only Burson.  Doesn't strike me as a Sturgeon move.  A Darwinist faction could work as part if the enlightened.
    • Plus, if we are going to see sea-monsters they'd be more likely fielded by the Enlightened.

      There were even already some concept arts of construct-style wales.

      I'm not saying that it would rule out any Warrior Nation affiliated monster-units, but i guess there would be something coming out for the Enlightened before that.  
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