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    • Is there a breakdown of the general playstyles of each faction anywhere?
    • Agreed, they just need to make a 3.0 page for all the new stuff (or pages for the old). The new game has taken so long to get any steam going anything that can make it more accessible and less confusing would be a good thing. 
    • My initial thoughts of the v1.01 ORBAT are roughly:   Akrons are now far better with Rockets on. Contra Rotation is great. Give Em Hell is kinda meh. Devastating is nice, but Disorder isnt. The Constitution Battlefleet should remove Disorder for all units in it, the only problem there would be bookkeeping. The Mexico only getting Corvettes is a bit annoying when it has an inferior F value to the alternatives. The inferior ADV is fine, but overall I'm not sure it is actually worth 10pts more than a Constitution given the repair rule, as much as Arc weapons is very interesting. Need to give it a go but it feels like a straight swap. Not sure why the Akron is cheaper (presumably as it has 0 synergy) but I can't see me ever using it anyway. Texas, on the other hand, is absolutely worth the points as long as you didn't plan to switch your guns for rockets. Enterprise looks promising, I just wonder why it has rockets instead of heavy rockets when even the cruisers have heavy, but without seeing the model, maybe it makes sense. Defiant looks great, but the way that rule works means smaller units are technically better. Discovery looks better than the show. 50pts seems a bit of a hike from Intrepid for the Arc stuff though. Being a point more than a Lexington too? Nah, let's have this go down to 105 and see how it goes. Farragut looks perfectly serviceable. Intrepid looks better than the show.  Several options - for me, the flexibility makes it the best option in the M2 category. Lexington is marginally too much. 120 with the Rockets, eg 114 base, seems more like it to me but certainly a good vessel. Montgomery looks great fun but would be much better if it could be attached to other ships in a mixed squadron of some kind, or if Battlefleets allowed more than 4 units when all the Battleships are so very expensive that having multiple 'fleets is very difficult in small enough games. Reliant Monitor looks nice enough but until more subs are going to be encountered it is sadly a little redundant. Perhaps if the Akron could leave coherency it would help? Patriots look great. 5 is an odd max unit size though. Roanoke looks pretty good. Valiant looks nice but the Linear Dash kinda runs counter to the Rockets. Washington looks really nice indeed, but the Spotter rule should probably include Akrons, not just SRS. Yorktown is almost certain to take the place of the Lexington in virtually all lists with a 20pt difference. I can see why the gap exists, but it's just a little too much unless you are out of points and can't spend them another way.
    • Having built the models, I can safely say that while I like the frigate's gun, it feels like it might be more comfortable to paint on the sprue than after construction.
    • Basically, LoS is from your middle to their middle (or just their ship if you can't see middle, but they would be obscured). However, for fire arcs, if the line intersects the enemy ship at all, you are in both arcs that border that line. I actually hate that, but it's not terrible.
    • You can re-roll any dice that aren't explosions. for maximum effect, unless you reach , say, a citadel, re-roll all non hits and single hits and aim for explosions. Sustained is insanely good as a rule. For enlightened, their nation basically just has permanent re-roll card.
    • Yup, agreed to this. Just create a section for players to talk old rules. I like communities staying together but most of the content really should be new stuff.
    • All my prussian ships are done :    
    • i just finished  my Tempelhof Battlefleet : Tempelhof-Blitzen Fleet Carrier : Toten Heavy Destroyers : Konrad Support Carrier   all the models in my Tempelhof Battlefleet :
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