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    • Warcradle Classics: Maiden Voyage!
      Warcradle Studios are proud to announce the first wave of our Warcradle Classics range! 

      While our team has been testing some of the old masters and moulds we now have a number of products that have passed our rigorous quality control checks, and these will be available on general sale, albeit in generic, no-frills packaging. 

      Wave I of Warcradle Classics contains 19 items from the first two editions of Dystopian Wars, with many more waves coming in the future covering products all the way from Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall and more.

      The Warcradle Classics range will be produced in limited numbers so keep your eyes on our social channels to find out what's available, and when pre-orders go live, so you don't miss out. 

      Simply click on your preferred Faction, or scroll through, to see the items that have been released in Wave I.

      All items in this wave of classic miniatures are currently up for pre-order on the Wayland Games web store. 



      Chui Support Carrier


      Nu Frigate

      Yue Destroyer


      Boston Submarine - Surfaced

      Boston Submarine - Submerged

      Guilford Destroyer

      Springfield Escort

      Yale Heavy Destroyer


      Donnerfaust Support Cruiser

      Arminius Frigate

      Saxony Corvette

      Watcher Escort


      Chany Submarine - Surfaced

      Chany Submarine - Submerged

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      Galen Escort

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      Sui Heavy Destroyer


      Indus Heavy Destroyer


      Korsor Corvette


      Requin Corvette

      If your local game store is interested in stocking Warcradle Classics, ask them to get in contact with us.





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    • Version 1.08 Update - Rulebook and Cards!
      We’re very excited to announce that the latest version (v. 1.08) is now available to download! You’ll be able to find the latest version of the Wild West Exodus Rulebook online along with the updated Unit Cards, Faction Posse and Armoury Cards, and Common Rules.

      So, what's changed? You'll find a brief overview of changes right here, so keep reading!

      Core rules (v1.08) are now available online to download in German and Spanish.


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    • Red Beam Designs Now Available!
      Presenting the latest Red Beam Designs range of products now available for trade to pre-order from Warcradle Studios. The Dark Assembly Sci-Fi and industrial terrain is easy to assemble with full assembly instructions online, and the items range from large battlefield dominating buildings to networks of walkways, bridges and even a cathedral.

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    • July Pre-Orders: New Posses & Miniatures
      What day is it? Only the best day - Wild West Exodus pre-order day!

      It's time for the Enlightened and Lawmen to shine as we have two great posse boxes up for pre-order from today - and we know you're going to love them...

      Both the Dixie Resurrection Posse of Annabelle Hamilton, and Infernal Investigations Posse, lead by Helena Miller, are set to be released at the end of July.

      Oh, that's not all, we also have Legendary Rani Nimue, previously only available at events attended by Warcradle Studios, and the newly remastered Great Elk!

      Make sure to check the whole of this months pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.
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    • The First Gunslinger Masters Events at Gen Con 2018!
      Gen Con 2018 will see not one but two inaugural US GUNSLINGER MASTERS events for Wild West Exodus!

      Take part in one of our back-to-back Warcradle Studios officially run US Gunslinger Masters Events at Gen Con 2018 for a chance to win glory for your Faction, some epic prizes AND to meet the Trailblazer team (Daz and Craig cannot wait to meet you all).

      Make sure to book your tickets quick to take part in the first ever US Gunslinger Masters and get your name in the Wild West Exodus Hall of Fame.

      Follow the link to get more information: http://bit.ly/USMastersWWX
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    • as per 3) Dark council reads that the unit counts as friendly to THIS unit, so you can use an enemy model that has been compelled to shoot at one of its "friendly" models, you wouldn't be able to shoot the same unit but you could shoot units in the same posse
    • 1) Dark Council does not require line of sight, the target just has to be in range. 2) Taking advantage of the Dark Council rule is not an action. Furthermore there are many more occasions where you could spend action point without making an action, i.e. Shrewd Strategist, Shield Aura or the Creation Rule for doubling up the PRC value of a melee weapon.

      3) See the rulebook on p.3, Friendly Fire: friendly models cannot usually be nominated as the Initial Target of an attack.[...] 

      EDIT: For 3) that was a bit incomprehensibly written, what i meant was that a model can't target other (friendly) models from it's own unit, BUT of course other units from it's own force/posse/army during that free action.
    • Few questions regarding Dark Council: 1)  Dark Council says "...this unit may select a unit with the TAINTED trait..."; does the Dark Council unit require line of sight to the "selected" unit?  As far as I can tell, line of sight is only needed when making attack actions, per page 3 of the rulebook.  As such, it should only be needed if Dark Council is an attack action, which leads to question number 2:  2)  Is Dark Council an action?  It requires action points but it doesn't explicitly state that it is an action like other special rules such as Rebel Yell do. 3)  If a unit with Dark Council is able to use the ability to Compel an enemy hand unit or support unit, can models in the compelled unit select other models in the unit as initial targets of their attack action?  
    • A good deal of your questions would be resolved by remembering the following: It isn't like 40k or similar games where squads all roll dice together. While Units containing multiple models must take the same action, in every other respect you resolve them separately. Target an enemy unit with each separately etc. Roll die for each separately.  Hopefully that clears up quite a bit for you.
    • I’m having trouble working out targeting. 1. say I have a unit of 5 hands shoooting at another unit of 5 hands. Which units are removed if wounded?  2. If I have one model in the unit with an updated/alternate weapon, can they be targeted seperately or is it just whichever model is closest to the enemy is the first removed when wounded? 3. If i use the carpathogen rule, which models are reanimated? Can I pick one with an updated/alternate weapon? 4. If a heavy weapon cannot be used in the same activation turn as moving (unless on a vehicle), can I use dark council during another units turn to make the heavy weapon user shoot as a free action? 5. Can a unit with trail finder and rapid, focus their free move made after deployment but before activation?  
    • I should pull out my Relth fleet and do a full-fleet shot with them. I'm like less than halfway done painting them and tempted yet again to redo the whole thing.   In the meantime, I finished my second set of objective tokens after recovering from illness. Now that I've got more objective tokens than I'll ever actually need, time to get back to the Directorate.
    • Yes, this is some how why i asked in the first place. i only know the term "removed from play" from other games. and there it often means it is gone forever without the possibility to bring it back.  This is why i got a little confused here.   thank you all for the fast answers!  
    • Thanks @Overread My hope is to one day do a 3 on 3. Game with one each of the core faction s, and 2000 pts apiece even if i need to run the entire zenian side ill keep painting, and one day, that table will be full, I still have 1 works raptor patrol fleet 8 directorate frigates, 4 drones, 6 light frigates, 3 of the champian cruisers, 1 more directorate battlestation, 4 directorate defense platforms, 2 more turmoil cruisers to finish my directorate, and 2 relthoza carriers, 2 brood and 1 Nexus battleship, 6 heavy cruisers, 6 version 1 cruisers, 3 assassin's, 6 light frigates, 12 drones, 8 widows, 12 wolf, 4 nidus, 6 gunships/lightcruisers, 3 shunt cruisers, 2 bane shunt cruisers, 1 more Apex, 2 more venoms, 2 raptor battle cruisers, and 4 relthoza defense platforms left to go to finish my relthoza 
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