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    • May 4th 2018 Q&A: Blog & Video
      For those who didn't catch our latest Live Q&A, we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to watch (and read) all about it directly from us here at Warcradle Studios.

      Enjoy our latest update about Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus, Armoured Clash, Firestorm Armada et al. As well as our announcement about Warcradle Classics!

      Watch the video here:

      Alternatively, head over to our blog to get a quick overview or to read the full blog, including all images from the Live Q&A!
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    • May Pre-Orders: The Wayward Eight & Hex Beasts
      Let's take a look at the pre-orders for Wild West Exodus - due for release on May 31st - in time for the first day of UK Games Expo where those attending can purchase these new releases from the Warcradle Studios stand.

      The time has finally arrived, The Wayward Eight sets are now available to pre-order!

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      With the end of the month drawing near, it's time to reveal the next set of releases for Wild West Exodus!
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    • Warlord Games Distribution Announcement
      Warcradle Studios are very happy to announce that we have further expanded our global distribution range with the addition of Warlord Games to our ever-growing trade catalogue. Warlord Games are in good company alongside fantastic companies such as The Army Painter, Knight Models, Wyrd Miniatures, and Firelock Games.
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    • Paintin' the Town (insert colour)
      Here's a quick step by step on how I painted the awesome new Wild West Exodus terrain!

      To kick off, I undercoated the model black. No photo here (who needs a photo of a black building, after all).

      STEP ONE

      Build up 3D effects with grey.

      I use an airbrush but you can get very similar effects using a spray can. If you're using a brush, get a big ol' one inch round and stipple on the paint in thin layers.

      STEP TWO

      To increase the 3D effects, once again, I go in with white. 


      Glaze the entire model with a Sepia Wash (approximately 7 parts water to 1 part paint).

      I repeat this three times for a deep colour shift. I am still using the airbrush here but, if you do not have access to one, you can purchase weathering sprays which achieve a similar effect or go in with that big ol' brush - just don't let the glaze pool up.

      STEP 4

      Grab a decent sized brush and pick out individual planks with a selection of different brown washes.

      For this model, I used a red-brown, yellow-brown, dark brown and black brown. I tend to make my own washes from P3 paint but there are loads of great alternatives out there. Once again, don't let the wash pool up.

      STEP 5

      Pick out the metallic areas. Take your time as it's very difficult to clean off slips. All metallic areas were painted in P3 Pig Iron. 

      The Brass areas were painted in P3 Brass Balls. 







      These should look great on the table top for now! 


      I'll be looking at how to take things to the next level with weathering and detailing next time.

      Until then - happy paintin'!

      You can find all of the Red Oak terrain on our online store here, or from your regular FLGS or online stockist!





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    • Right folks seems we have a decent number of people to start with and yes Asuo this is the same guy who posted to the face book page.    So this is how I’m going to start things , I’ll post up a google doc spread sheet of every unit in Dystopian Wars that ever recived stats. I'll also post a tick beside each ship thats present in the wiki and whats missing.    As i didnt back the kickstarter I’d really apprecate the stats of the KS ships. I will message you all over the next day or so with a to do list but if could post below what factions you have acess too it would make working out where to ask you to start working much easier.   Regards   Braka
    • Hi, I'm also ready to help out with the wiki in whatever way I can
    • Other than Crew Loss or Hull Loss I would love to see every other situation represented by a “binary” token... either you have it or you don’t.  
    • I could stand getting rid of Hazard Markers and just flat out killing crew. Corrosives are a big pain to recieve but they are essential for the fleets that use them and I think they oughtta maintain a place in the game mechanics. Perhaps they can change to a single roll during the attack to see if the corrosive damage takes effect or not, rather than a marker and a repair roll. The repair crew idea I came up with was specifically for dealing with Corrosive or Decimator Warhead heavy fleets without getting overwhelmed with markers but maybe removing markers and making single repairs for internal systems would be enough of a change
    • In the space games I have developed over the years I have streamlined this more and more and concentrated more on the overall effect of damage than the specifics which is pretty irrelevant. In my latest version I made I basically had two values for ships... Status and Conditions. The condition could be Damaged, Devastated, Knocked Out or Destroyed. The Status could be Stressed, Suppressed, Chocked. Conditions was marked with a yellow, orange or red round small marker. Condition was marked with a white, grey or red cube marker. The status of the ship were temporary effects which the crew would be in based on damage and a variation of different reason from psychological to physical all in one. The status could obviously be fixed while a ships condition was permanent and could only be repaired in a repair yard. There really are no point in tracking things in much more detail since it is the overall effect you are after not exactly what is happening to a ship and exactly how many HP it has received... no ones know what the exact condition or status a ship is in during battle anyway, how it behave is what is important. The overall effect on battle will be quite impact-full but require minimal amount of record keeping. Crit effects might be fun for very large ships but in the end the effect are the same for all ships, or at least it should and it only take time and memory to deal with it for no good reason for the same result. You can use your imagination what a suppressed or chocked ship goes through in the same way if you like. In my opinion... in a game with the number of ships that you have in a typical FSA battle this type of complexity is not really needed. Just my opinion though...
    • Heh, I rarely express opinions in black and white terms, but here goes: Hazard Markers are the worst of all the critical effects.   Not because they are devastating, but because they are annoying.  All that bookkeeping all over the world every game for the possibility that maybe just maybe once in a blue moon someone will get a funny story about how your Dreadnaught got taken down by getting umpteen Hazard Markers that burned the crew alive and then the hull.  Yawn, I'm so over it.  Disorder and Hazards are a similar concept and should be combined.  Either your ship is generally going bonkers, sparks flying, venting to space, crew panicked or it isn't - it's binary.   And it's also completely different from a certain system (Shields, PD, etc) being offline.  There's simply no need to count numbers for 3 different ablative situations per ship that require a value 1,2,3,4: Crew Loss, Hull Loss and Hazards (don't get me started on Corroded) to retain the feel of space battle.    
    • @Hive I forgot about the 2 default damage. 1d3 and a hazard would work just fine for me.
    • I'd be down for the Hazard, and I could see 2D3 assuming that we're not doing what I was talking about with 2 damage being a default attribute of a crit. Honestly, the reason I'd rather have 2 and then add the 1d3 is that you'd be adding a whole column to your chart to accomodate a single result otherwise. It just makes sense to me to trim it down, make it more universal. The difference would be 3-5 damage rather than 2-6.
    • If this is in relation to what was put on Facebook im willing to help out where i can, if i can spare a few minutes. 
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